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Road Studs, Delineators And Signages

Road Studs, Delineators And Signages
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of road studs, delineators and signages.

Solar Studs

Solar Studs

Our company also manufactures Solar Studs used as an important road safety device. These are manufactured by using high grade material and latest technology & machinery. Solar studs are operated through sunlight, which saves energy and makes it an environment friendly device. These solar studs are durable, weather resistant and cost effective. Also, they require low maintenance.


  • Low maintenance
  • High visibility
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy charging
  • Robust
  • Durable

Product Specification:

  • Construction: Aluminum-alloy shell
  • 100% water proof design according to lp65
  • Dimension: 125mm x125mm x 25mm (shank60mm)
  • High Efficiency Mono - Crystalline Solar Panel 2.4V/0.3 Watt.
  • One Ni-Mh-cd Rechargeable Battery (1,2V /1600MA)
  • Six Super Bright LEDs with 10,000 to 18,000 mcd (Mill candela)
  • View Distance: up to 1000 meters
  • Flash Rate: 2Hz or according to customers’ requirements
  • Bearable Weight: 10 Tons approx
  • Color: yellow, red blue, green or white
  • Working Time: 3 to 4 days after fully charged battery
  • Charging Time: 5 to 6 hours from direct sun light
  • Working Temp: 100-750C
  • Life Span: three to five years
  • Easy installation, no maintenance
  • Unbreakable poly carbonate clear facing designed for maintenance free operation
  • Automatically turns on at night and turns off at dawn
  • High visibility LED's ensure easy and safe night driving

Road Studs And Delineator

Road Studs And Delineator

We manufacture a wide range of Road Studs and Delineators varying in specifications. Our range includes one way reflective and two ways reflective made of aluminum alloy and plastic body.

A tabular presentation of our product range is as follows:

Two way reflective

Two way reflective

Two way / One Way reflective

Dimensions 100x128x29.5 mm

Dimensions 100x120x2.3 mm

Dimensions 100x128x29.5 mm

Aluminum Alloy body

Aluminum Alloy body

Plastic Body

Reflective panel Amber. Red or White

Reflective panel-Amber, Red or White

Reflective panel -Amber. Red or White

The different models and their specifications are given as follows:

Model Specification

Butterfly Delineators


  • Two way reflective

  • Dimensions 120x70x50 mm

  • Galvanized ions Metal Clamp

  • Reflective panel-Amber/red/white


Avery Denisons


  • Two way/one way reflective

  • Dimensions80x115x18.5
  • Plastic body

  • Reflective panel-Amber/red/white


Flexi post Delineators


  • Dimensions 3ft x 70 mm

  • Flexible Plastic Body

  • Reflective Panel-Amber/Red




  • Two way reflective

  • Dimensions 100x100x18

  • Plastic body

  • Reflective panel-Amber/Red




  • Two way reflective

  • Reflective panel-Amber/Red



Installation Procedure:

Installation procedure of road studs depends upon its model. There are two procedures to install a road stud which are as follows:

For Model with stem

To install a road stud with stem first a hole is drilled according to the size of stud’s stem, surface is cleaned and epoxy adhesive is applied on the surface. Then stud is placed on the fixing area and pressed smoothly into the hole.

For Model without stem

For installing model without stem first surface is cleaned, appropriate epoxy adhesive is applied on the surface of the road and stud then stud is placed on the fixing area and smoothly pressed.

Road Delineators

Road Delineators

We manufacture an extensive range of Road Delineators available in different sizes, designs and shapes as per the clients' specification. These delineators are used to provide maximum reflective performance, which helps in seeing roads in day and night.

Two kinds of road delineators are available in our product range.

  • Bollards

Bollards are small vertical posts used to handle traffic operation. These are installed generally at the crossings, central verges and sharp & dangerous curves to avoid road accidents.

  • Flap Delineators

These delineators are perfect for separation of bus bay, side roads and on the roads not having permanent divider. Our flap delineators are highly durable, uniquely designed and made of special plastic which is capable to maintain its shape in case collision of vehicles. We use a reflective tape on both sides of flap delineators and double two way reflectors on both sides of base which ensures its clear visibility from quite enough distance.

Specifications of Bollards

The bollards consist of one plastic square plate, one MS round plate and one message plate fitted on 1825mm MS pipe dia 63 mm duly powder coated.

Plastic plate of 405 mm x 405 mm size is fitted with nine reflectors made of PMMA of 100mm dia, welded ultrasonically on plastic plate.

MS round plate of 405mm dia, is fitted below the square plate on the MS pipe with the clamps. HIG grade reflective tape in blue color is pasted on the round plate with directional arrow in white color.

Ms Plate of 305 mm x 75mm is fitted below the round plate for messages.

Road Signages

Road Signages

We are offering huge range of Road signages. These are extensively used on highways, roads, public places. Road signages are used to give information about roads, distances and places. Our products are highly durable and excellently visible.

Information Signages

Information Signages

Our clients can avail a range of Information Signages of high visibility and durability. Information signages are used to provide information and warning to the trespassers about construction site, work in progress, any traffic diversion and for many other purposes. These can also be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.



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