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Cement Dealers in Chennai and Tamilnadu

We provide high quality cement of reputed and reliable brands such as Coromandel Cement, Ramco Cement, Chettinad Cement ,Dalmia Cement,Jaypee Cement, Ultratech Cement, Zuari Cement,ACC Cement, Priya Cement,Penna Cement, Parasakti Cement, Bhavya Cement. 
Cement Dealers in Chennai and Tamilnadu
Chettinad Cement

Chettinad Cement

We are the Stockist of Chettinad cement. Chettinad cement is the most commonly used cement in all constructions. Available in 50 kg packages.

Specialty of Products.

Ordinary Portland Cement ( OPC ) - 53 Grade, 43 Grade.

Portland Pozzolana Cement ( PPC ) - Super Grade.

Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement ( SRPC )

Portland Slag Cement ( PSC )

Chettinad Cement's modern, flexible manufacturing plant produces a wide range of cements which can be delivered in bulk using reliable road tanker fleet.
Under its Builders Choice brand name, Chettinad Cement offers an extensive range of bagged products that includes Ordinary Portland cements and blended cements to suit most building and construction applications. Chettinad Cements are carefully proportioned, highly accurate blends of quality materials including blended cement& Portland cement are manufactured under controlled conditions assuring reliable performance, and providing consistent quality. Chettinad Cement has always strived for high quality production and maintained international standards. The company has won many laurels for its cement production and has ISO 9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004 and IS 18001/2007 certifications. It has grown steadily from time to time through its consistent quality and customer service.

Other Information

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Bags
  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Packaging Details: PPC - Super Grade - Paper Bags - 50 Kgs PPC - Super Grade - Polythene Bags - 50 Kgs, OPC - Polythene Bags - 50 Kgs

Ramco Cement

Madras Cements Ltd is the flagship company of the Ramco Group, a well-known business group of South India. It is headquartered at Chennai. The main product of the company is Portland cement, manufactured in five state-of-the art production facilities spread over South India, with a current total production capacity of 13.0 MTPA. The company is the fifth largest cement producer in the country. is the most popular cement brand in South India. The company also produces Ready Mix Concrete and Dry Mortar products, and operates one of the largest wind farms in the country.
Ramco Pozzolona Portland Cement ( PPC )
Madras cements company produced either by grinding together Portland Cement clinker and pozzolona with addition of gypsum or calcium sulphate, or by intimately and uniformly blending Portland Cement and fine Pozzolona.

Ramco Sulphate Resisting Cement (SRC)

Ramco SRC is manufactured as per IS 12330. This cement is used in marine conditions where soil or water contains excess sulphates. However SRC is weak in resisting chloride attack.
Hence, wherever chlorides are present in combination with sulphates, it is advisable to consider the usage of after a detailed examination.

The C3A phase of SRC is maintained at lower values <5%.

Ramco Cement

Coromandel Cement

Coromandel Cement

The India Cements Ltd was established in 1946 and the first plant was setup at Sankarnagar in Tamilnadu in 1949 . Since then it has grown in stature to seven plants spread over Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. The capacities as on March 2010 have reached 14.05 mtpa.

Company Highlights

  • The Company is the largest producer of cement in South India.
  • The Company's plants are well spread with three in Tamilnadu and four in Andhra Pradesh which cater to all major markets in South India and Maharashtra.
  • The Company is the market leader with a market share of 28% in the South. It aims to achieve a 35% market share in the near future. The Company has access to huge limestone resources and plans to expand capacity by de-bottlenecking and optimisation of existing plants as well as by acquisitions.
  • The Company has a strong distribution network with over 10,000 stockists of whom 25% are dedicated.
  • The Company has well established brands- Sankar Super Power, Coromandel Super Power and Raasi Super Power.

Coromandel Pozzolona Portland Cement ( PPC )

Coromandel Super Power, Sankar Super Power and Raasi Super Power are the premium blended cements from THE INDIA CEMENTS LIMITED. It is produced by intergrinding of OPC clinker alongwith gypsum and mineral admixtures. Dedicated to the end user after passing through stringent tests at our R&D laboratory, it ensures durable structures that lasts for generations.

Salient features:

  • Strength increases as time passes.
  • High durability concrete - protects from corrosion, coastal attack and extreme temperature.
  • Ideal cement for resisting aggressive environments like chemical, chloride and sulphate attack.
  • Best suited for high performance concrete.
  • High fineness - suited for plastering and finishing works.
  • Low heat of hydration - Ideal for mass concrete pours and machine foundations
  • Equivalent to 53 grade cement. 
Coromandel Ordinary Portland Cement ( OPC )
Coromandel King, Sankar Sakthi and Raasi Gold are high strength cements to meet the needs of the consumer for high strength concrete. As per BIS requirements the minimum 28 days compressive strength of 53 Grade OPC should not be less than 53 Mpa. For certain specialised works such as prestressed concrete and certain items of precast concrete requiring consistently high strength concrete, the use of 53 Grade OPC is found very useful. 53 Grade OPC produces higher-Grade concrete at very economical cement content. In concrete mix design, for concrete M-20 and above Grades a saving of 8 to 10% of cement may be achieved with the use of above mentioned 53 Grade OPC.

 Coromandel Sulphate Resisting Cement ( SRC )
 Sankar SRC can be used for structural concrete wherever OPC or PPC or Slag Cement is usable under normal conditions.Sankar SRC is particularly beneficial in such conditions where the concrete is exposed to the risk of deterioration due to sulphate attack. For example, in contact with soils and ground waters containing excessive amounts of sulphates as well as for concrete in seawater or exposed directly to seacoast. The IS 456 1978 (revised draft code ) has made elaborate provisions for use of particular type of cement against different percentages of soluble sulphate salts

Zuari Cement

Zuari Cement is made from a mixture of 80 percent limestone and 20 percent additives. These are crushed and ground to provide the "raw meal”, a pale, flour-like powder. Heated to around 1450° C (2642° F) in rotating kilns, the “meal” undergoes complex chemical changes and is transformed into clinker. Fine-grinding the clinker together with a small quantity of gypsum produces cement. Adding other constituents at this stage produces cements for specialized uses.

Zuari Cement

Jaypee Cement

Jaypee Cement

Jaypee group is the 3rd largest cement producer in the country. The groups cement facilities are located in the Satna Cluster (M.P.), which has one of the highest cement production growth rates in India.

The group produces special blend Cement under the brand name ‘Jaypee Cement’ . Its cement division currently operates modern, computerized process control cement plants with an aggregate installed capacity of 28 MnTPA. The company is in the midst of capacity expansion of its cement business in Northern, Southern, Central, Eastern and Western parts of the country and is slated to be a 35.90 MnTPA by FY13 (expected) with Captive Thermal Power plants totaling 672 MW.

Keeping pace with the advancements in the IT industry, all the 260 cement dumps are networked using TDM/TDMA VSATs along with a dedicated hub to provide 24/7 connectivity between the plants and all the 120 points of cement distribution in order to ensure “track – the – truck” initiative and provide seamless integration. This initiative is the first of its kind in the cement industry in India.

In the near future, the group plans to expand its cement capacities via acquisition and greenfield additions to maximize economies of scale and build on vision to focus on large size plants from inception.We provide Jaypee cement of different grades such as 43 & 53 grades.

Priya Cement

Rain Commodities Limited is a leading producer of cement in South India since 1986. The Company markets cement under the brand “Priya Cement” in Andhra, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. The Company is self-sufficient in all critical raw materials consisting of limestone, power and coal. The total cement capacity of the Company has recently increased to 3.16 MTPA with the completion of the capacity expansion of 1.50 MTPA.

Specialty of Products.

Ordinary Portland Cement ( OPC )

Portland Pozzolana Cement ( PPC )


Priya Cement

Dalmia Cement

Dalmia Cement

Dalmia cement plants in southern states of Tamil Nadu (Dalmiapuram & Ariyalur) and Andhra Pradesh (Kadapa), with a capacity of 9 million tonnes per annum. A leader in cement manufacturing since 1939, DCBL is a multi spectrum Cement player with double digit market share and a pioneer in super specialty cements used for Oil wells, Railway sleepers and Air strips. We also hold a stake of 45.4 % in OCL India Ltd., a major cement Player in the Eastern Region, and now control a cement capacity of 14.3 million tonnes & has a strong presence in Southern & Eastern Regions of the Country.

What makes us unique is our constant ability to innovate. On the key efficiency parameters, we rank right up there with the best in the industry. We have set up over 53 windmills in Muppandal (Tamil Nadu) to generate inexpensive and eco-friendly captive power for our plant. This power is wheeled through the State utility transporter for consumption at the plant.

With the plant located close to its source of raw materials, we keep our freight and transport costs low, giving it an edge over competition. Over 65 per cent of the cement consumption in India is catered to by the retail segment where branding and distribution are the critical drivers for leadership. And it is in this that we enjoy an edge over our competitors. We are the only single unit cement manufacturer to successfully market our brands in core markets at prices on par with those of large consolidated/national players. In our focus area of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, which are among the fastest growing in cement consumption, we enjoy a significant market share today. Our brands enjoy a very high recall among consumers and influencers while our relationships with our dealers are very strong. In fact, in some cases these relationships go back three generations.

Our USP is innovation, which has given us a leadership position in niche but fast-growing market segments.

Dalmia VAJRAM ( PPC )


Dalmia 'Vajram' cement gives you the 'cent percent' confidence to build a 'cent percent home'. Buildings are protected from the chemical effects of sulphates, chlorides, etc. as standard flyash is used in the manufacture of Dalmia Vajram. The higher level of Impermeability helps prevent corrosion in rods used in construction.

Vajram has a 28-day compressive strength of 480 Kg/cm2, vis-à-vis the required 28-day compressive strength as per BIS: 330 Kg/cm2.

Vajram is PERFECT:

For hot climatic Conditions

For Mass concrete due to a low heat of hydration

For plastering due to low heat of hydration as it prevents cracking due to heat A perfect combination of quality, strength and colour. Quality that you can trust. Tremendous strength that will never let you down. And colour that you recognize as the best. So much so, the home you build will perfect in everyway. Scoring CENT PERCENT!


DALMIA 43 GRADE , 53 Grade ( OPC )


The 43 Grade OPC manufactured at Dalmia units possesses superior level of quality. Our test certificates of the product depicts vividly that the quality level of Dalmia 43 Grade is far superseding the specified requirements of the product


The Sulphate Resisting Cement of Dalmia is a unique product specially designed to stand the challenges of aggressive environments leading to 100 years of life to the concrete construction.



Other Information

  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Bags
  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Packaging Details: PPC - Vajram Paper Bags - 50 Kgs ,
    PPC - Vajram Polythene Bags - 50 Kgs ,
    OPC - Super Roof Polythene Bags - 50 Kgs.

Ultratech Cement

Ultra Tech is considered one of the largest premium quality cement producer in India and produce quality cement that has a unique blend of durability and strength. The cement is widely used across different industries for the construction of all kinds of structures and buildings. Ultra Tech Cement is acknowledged for its strength and effectiveness and is known for its impeccable quality, is today changing the face of India.

  • Ordinary Portland cement (OPC)- 53 Grade
  • Portland Pozzolana cement (PPC)
  • Portland blast furnace slag cement

Ultratech Cement

Parasakti Cement

Parasakti Cement

Parasakti Cement (1.5 Million Tons Per annum capacity) was established in the year 1998.The brand is available in the Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka regions. Parasakti Cement is available in OPC 43 Grade and 53 Grade, PPC and SRC variants. Packaging options include HDPE and Paper. For batching plants we can also provide cement in Bulk Tankers.

Parasakti Cement is a professionally managed organization focused on delivering consistent quality to its customers.We manufacture 53 Grade and 43 Grade “Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)”, Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) and Sulphate Resisting Portland Cement (SRPC). Our Management team has decades of
technical and operational expertise in the cement industry and has been instrumental in establishing many major cement plants. We guarantee that our cement will withstand the test of time and harsh treatment meted out by the forces of nature.
Determined to provide excellent experience
We serve the Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala,Karnataka, Maharastra, Orisa, West Bengal & Nepal markets. Our marketing and sales professionals will help
you choose the right kind of product for you needs. Our team’s presence in all major towns and metropolitan cities ensures that you get the right product at the right time.

Penna Cement

Penna Cement Industriies Limited (PCIL) was formed in year 1991 by Mr. P. Prathap Reddy. First plant was commissioned in 1994 at Talaricheruvu village in Tadipatri Mandal of Ananthapur district of Andhra Pradesh with initial capacity of 0.2 mtpa.

Penna Cement Industriies Limited is an ISO 9001:2008 Company.

Penna is well positioned for continued growth and market dominance because of its vibrant leadership. Under the able leadership of founder promoter, Mr.P.Prathap Reddy, the management has taken significant steps to renew and refresh the core business of cement manufacturing for tomorrow, making the company achieve greater heights.

Penna Cement


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