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Surge Protection Devices

We offer Surge Protection Devices with following features:

  • Over 40 years of Perfect Protection

  • 20 years warranty.

  • Combined (Class B and C) protection.

  • Ready to Install

  • Patented “MICRO Z CABLE” for ultra low inductance technology (A better path to ground)

  • Event Counter

  • Surge Current capable to handle even max at 400kA or a 15 kA for 10,000 times.

  • NEMA4, power coated steel enclosure.

  • Potential free contacts for remote indication

  • Redundancy for continuous uninterrupted protection.

  • Superior 3-Stage Data Line Surge Protection Circuit

  • Standards: UL 1449 3hd edition, IEC 61643:1998, NEMA LS1.

Data Line Protectors

Data Line Protectors
Data Line Protectors

The DLP H series provides superior surge protection for data and signal line applications. Using higher capacity components, these units offer an improved level of reliability than other similarly priced products. To cover a broader range of applications, four different styles of protection circuits and ten standard voltages are offered to fine tune the protection to your equipment.


  • 2, 4, or 8 protected wires 
  • Hybrid or high power silicon avalanche diode technology 
  • Standard duty or heavy duty capability 
  • DIN rail mountable option 
  • Low profile enclosure 
  • UL497B Listed 
  • 20-year Warranty

Dlp-D-Dlp-4.0-Series: The MCG D-Sub series protects equipment with D-Sub style connectors. Protects 9-pin, 15-pin, and 25-pin configurations. Common surges affecting these ports are caused by differences in ground potential at each end of the data line due to nearby lightning strikes. The protector turns on instantly when an over voltage occurs and limits it to a safe level. Quick, easy installation and compact size allow use in tight spaces.

The MCG DLP-4.0 series protect communication ports using RJ11 connectors. These ports are affected by differences in ground potential at each end of the data line cable caused by nearby lightning strikes. The protector turns on instantly when an over voltage occurs and limits it to a safe level. The current is bypassed through the protector and away from sensitive equipment. The protector automatically resets, ready for the next transient.

The DLP-5.92 series are high speed single port protectors designed to protect category 6 (Gigabit Ethernet) based protocols such as 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T systems. The protectors prevent costly downtime by protecting NICs (network interface cards) hubs and relays. Using the latest protection technologies, units are virtually invisible to the high speed data path until a surge occurs. The DLP-5.92 reacts in nanoseconds causing the surge current to flow through the protector instead of the port. Installs in seconds.

The DLP-C6-DIN offers Category 6 protection in a compact DIN rail mountable device. The unit protects equipment running 1000BASE-T, as well as 100BASE-T and 10BASE-T. The device reacts in nanoseconds causing the surge current to flow through the protector instead of the port. At just under an inch wide, the device occupies minimal DIN rail real estate. Installation is plug- and-play using RJ45 connectors, as the ground connection is made through the DIN rail. If system uses a 19” equipment rack, consider MCG's optional DIN rail mounting system.

AC Power Line Protection

AC Power Line Protection
AC Power Line Protection

Category A Local Panel SPD:

We offer AC Power Line Protection of good quality. PT40-Family Surge Protective Device For Installation at branch and local panels. These specifications describe the electrical and mechanical requirements for a shunt installed AC power line surge suppressor. The specified surge protective device shall provide effective energy surge diversion for application in ANSI/ IEEE C62.41-2002 Location Category B3 environments. Testing per ANSI/ IEEE C62.45-2002 using ANSI/ IEEE C62.41 Category B3 waveforms and amplitudes. UL 1449 listed to UL1449 3rd Ed Safety Standard for Surge Protective Devices.

The specified surge protective device shall provide:

  • 40,000 transient amps, per phase, of surge protection.
  • Protection modes: L-N, L-G, L-L, N-G.
  • SCCR: 100kA AIC
  • In=5kA
  • MCOV (UL1449 3rd Ed): 115% minimum of nominal voltage
  • MCOV (Varistors): 125% minimum of nominal voltage
  • One Green, protection present LED per phase, on front panel.
  • Neutral-Ground Voltage monitor: Red LED on side of unit
  • Surge Protected 1 Form C relay with Green “Relay Energized” LED on side panel.
  • UL recognized 200 kAIC fuses. All fuses monitored, including thermal varistor fuses.
  • Filtering.
  • Thermally protected varistors. Surge event counter optional.
  • Twenty year warranty on entire system.

Category B Mid Building Entry Protection

  •  Ipeak: 160,000A/Phase (150M) Ipeak=160,000A / 120,000A / 80,000A, 120,000A/Phase (125M), 80,000A/Phase (90M)
  • Two times redundant surge paths per phase
  • Field-replaceable modules
  • Front panel LEDs for status indication
  • Audible fault alarm with mute switch. (Optional)
  • Easy installation - 30 minutes or less
  • Surge protected remote relay contacts
  • All modes protected: L-G, L-N, L-L, N-G
  • NEMA 1, Powder Coated Steel Enclosure
  • Optional outdoor non-metallic enclosure kit - NEMA 4X

Category C Service Entrance SPD
  • Powerful, redundant surge handling capability: Model 160M: Ip=160kA, Model 120M: Ip=120kA
  • Field-replaceable, high capability 40mm protection modules
  • High performance, low inductance Micro-ZTM installed cable
  • Event counter and front panel LEDs for status indication
  • LED internal diagnostics for on-site maintenance
  • Audible fault alarm with mute switch
  • Personnel safety deadfront disconnect. (Not available in Delta)
  • Surge protected remote relay contacts
  • All modes protected: L-G, L-N, L-L, N-G
  • Filtering standard
  • NEMA 4, Powder Coated Steel Enclosure

DC Protectors

The term SURGE is used to describe a transient over voltage on a power line that has duration of a few μ secs. A transient over voltage can exceed the insulation rating of the electrical equipment causing degradation of insulation and immediate damage to the equipment. Relatively low amplitude transient over voltage applied repetitively on the equipment will reduce its mean time before failure. The result will be that equipment will have to repaired more often, waste production time, increasing operating cost.


The three main types of damage are:

  • Destructive- Sudden incidents where equipment is destroyed. External surges are the primary cause.
  • Dissipative- Long-term damage to systems and electronics created by poor power quality. Internally generated surges are the main cause.
  • Disruptive-   Interruptions to industrial process, including downtime and/or loss of data. It is often difficult to identify the cause of disruptive                        damage.


Transient over voltages are generated:


  • Whenever a lightning strikes directly or in the near vicinity.
  • As a consequence of different faults in the power system.
  • Switching on and off of different loads, etc.


Hence, it is very important to protect the sensitive electrical and electronic equipments against these transient voltage surges.


The transient voltage surges are broadly classified into two types i.e.:


  • Lightning Surges (Handled by Class B or Type I SPDs)
  • Switching surges (Handled by Class C or Type II SPDs)


The lightning surges bring very high amount of destructive energy into the system and hence, are potentially very dangerous. The Class B SPDs are designed to handle the Lightning current surges.


The switching surges are relatively frequent than the Lightning surges. Although they bring in relatively less energy into the system, but however, still strong enough to damage the sensitive electronics. The switching surges are handled by the Class C SPDs.


In addition, Class D (Type III) Surge protectors are installed near to the sensitive / critical equipments. The Class D SPDs are meant to protect sensitive electronic equipments like measuring and control devices, critical instrumentation, signalling, etc. The residual voltage in these protectors is very low and is compatible with the respective electrical and electronic equipments connected. These are available for 230V AC and 7.5, 18, 60, 90, 240, DC applications.


The salient features of the MSPD system are:

  • Combined (Class B & C) protection – This enables protection against both lightning and switching surges originating from outside our power system to be isolated at the main incomer level itself.

  • Status indicator flag (local indication) – Since any SPD for the power supply line is always connected in parallel to the circuit, the status indication is very essential.

  • Potential free contacts for Remote indication – In addition to a local indicator flag, the MSPD also offers potential free contacts using which any form of audio visual alarm/ automation can be configured.


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