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Our Maintenance Services

Transformer Services

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We cater to the maintenance of all types of transformers. A thorough check is conducted to make sure the parts and components are in good condition. Various other performance tests are applied to ensure uninterrupted operations. Any required repairs and upgrades are performed accordingly. Some of the key features of our services are:


  • Complete maintenance for all types of transformers

  • 24-hours emergency services

  • Available at in-house and on-site

  • Completed within committed period

  • Offered at reasonable pricing

Cable Laying Termination Services

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Good quality cable laying services are in high demand in today’s market. We offer complete laying of cable by identifying the right place and ensuring minimal effect on the traffic system. Our quality controllers apply various measurements to ensure this service is conducted in a flawless manner. Important features of our services are:


  • Identify the right place for laying the cable

  • Ensure minimal traffic disturbance

  • Supervised and tested by quality controllers

  • Completion within the estimated period

  • Service available at reasonable pricing

Substation Work Services

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We undertake servicing of high tension substations of up to 220kv. Our servicing is very efficient and we periodically check the substations for any repairs or damages. Our employees identify any potential problems that may arise, and rectify it before it causes any further problems. Our clients have been happy with our round-the-clock services and reasonable pricing. Some of the key features of these services are:


  • Periodic check of substations

  • Identify potential problems

  • Complete maintenance and repairs

  • Round-the-clock services

  • Reasonable pricing

Ht Work Services

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We provide a wide array of high-tension work services, which is performed by our capable employees. We undertake installation of cables that are of drum lengths through the Hume pipes, trenches and excavations. We also offer laying of OH cables on cable trays. We have the right contacts and can take prior permission from the authorized authorities such as PMC, PCMC, MIDC and PCNTDC. Salient features of these services are:

  • Installation of cables through various sources

  • Prior permission taken from the right authorities

  • Performed by efficient employees

  • Completed within estimated period

  • Available at competitive pricing

Dg Work Services

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Our services include regular maintenance and repairs of various types of DG sets. We have a dedicated team who undertake these services and complete them within the estimated period. We use advanced tools & technology and upgrade the systems whenever necessary. Our pricing for these services are very reasonable. Few important features include:


  • Servicing available for all types of DG sets

  • Performed by a dedicated team

  • Utilize advanced tools & technology

  • Completed within committed period

  • Reasonable pricing

Fabrication Services

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Fabrication services involve high proficiency and a strong domain expertise. We have well qualified employees who have adequate experience in undertaking all types of fabrication services. They are well aware of latest tools and technology. Valuable contribution is provided in the designing stage, which helps the client in developing the right product. Some key features of our fabrication services are:


  • Proficient team of employees

  • Strong domain expertise

  • Undertake all types of fabrication services

  • Knowledgeable in latest tools & technology

  • Provide cost-effective solutions

Commissioning Services

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Our employees can provide complete commissioning services for new as well as existing projects. They apply various measures to check the designing, construction and performance. Backed by a strong domain expertise and latest tools & technology, we complete the services within the stipulated period. Few important features include:


  • Complete commissioning services

  • Applicable for new and existing projects

  • Thorough check of quality and performance

  • Utilize latest tools & technology

  • Complete within stipulated period

Erection Services

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We offer erection services for all types of products including substations. We have recruited a strong team of employees who have an excellent background in this domain. Our quality control unit applies stringent measurements to ensure good quality services. We strictly comply with industrial norms and safety standards. Key features of these services are:


  • Suitable for all types of construction including substations

  • Proficient team of employees

  • Stringent quality control unit

  • Strict compliance to industrial norms

  • Adhere to safety standards

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