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We manufacture purest triphala from the natural harad, baheda and amla, all mixed in precise proportions. Triphala is used for many ailments like constipation:

  • Gastrointestinal tract tonifier
  • Colon tonification
  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Digestive balancer
  • Food assimilation support
  • Better circulation
  • Serum cholesterol balance

Triphala Ras


We offer the purest extract of harad, baheda and amla in triphala ras. It offers following benefits:

  • Checks the harmful effect of diabetes.
  • Enhances digestive power.
  • Controls the blood pressure.
  • Improves eye sight.
  • Controls the premature aging and falling of hair.
  • Gives the body a perfect shape by making it slim & smart.
  • Raises the hemoglobin count blood.
  • Acts as a blood purifier and makes body healthy.
  • Effective food supplement before and after delivery (during breastfeeding also)

Shudh Amla Ras


We bring purest amla ras which keeps the ill effects of aging under control. It is a boon for sugar patients and also helps in physical and mental growth. Our shudh amla ras prevents premature aging and hair fall. Other benefits of our shudh amla ras are:

  • Controls blood pressure
  • Improves vision of the eyes
  • Gives a better shape to the body by making it slim and enhances the personality
  • It provides vitality before and after child birth
  • Increases hemoglobin count in the body
  • Acts as a blood purifier, and increases the beauty of the body
  • Useful all stomach disorders

Kesari Amla Rus


We present kesari amla ras with the purest extracts of kesar and amla. It offers various benefits like:

  • Checks the effects of increasing age
  • Improves body immunity against diseases
  • Vital Rasayan (Tonic)
  • Gives extra energy
  • Keeps you always young
  • Enhances complexion of face & body making it fairer and smart
  • Improves the production of RBCs and controls anemia
  • Improves the physical and mental development

Amla Sweets


Amla is a rasayan (tonic) in ayurveda and is a natural and rich source of energy, vitamin 'C and minerals. Its benefits are:

  • Improves physical & mental health
  • Develops personality and has very good effect on whole body
  • Increases immunity
  • Improves memory
  • It is a nutritious, tasty and delicious preparation
  • Can be used any time
  • Fights bad ageing effects
  • Increases haemoglobin
  • Is useful during fast also

Bel Sweets


We make perfect bel sweet which is a boon of Ayurveda for keeping the stomach fit. It improves digestion and increases appetite by keeping away various problems like loose motion, blood with stool, dysentery, mucus and amoebasis. It also treats abdominal pain and spasm. Bel sweet is highly nutritious, very tasty and a delicious preparation which removes constipation and treats acidity and gas. It enhances digestion and keeps the body healthy. Since bel sweet is made from bel fruit and sugar, it can also be used in fast.

Swarnprabha Vati


We offer energizing ayurvedic formulation which is highly useful for:

  • Diseases related to semen and urinal disorders
  • Strengthens and builds the body with youthful energy and vigour
  • Eradicates all disorders resulting from sexual intercourse
  • Treats lack of semen and mental despondency and energizes the body
  • For female diseases
  • Leucorrhea
  • Hip and back ache
  • Uterus and urinal problems

Shudh Neem Honey


We offer top quality neem honey which is a remedies for patients with sugar problems. Our purest neem honey is extracted naturally from the flowers of neem with all it's qualities and herbal powers.
It offers various other benefits like:

  • Enhances vision of the eyes
  • A Blood purifier and enhances beauty of the body
  • Acts as a body energizer for patients suffering from diabetes
  • Keeps the body slim and enhances personality

Badam Rasayan


We offer vitalizing tonic for physical and mental improvement. Our badam rasayan is best for enhancing stamina and vigor. It also increase immunity and sharpens the mind. This is a best tonic for growing children.

Amla Digestive Tonic


We present amla which is regarded as rasayan (tonic) in ayurveda. Amla is a natural rich source of energy, vitamin'C and minerals. It enhances physical & mental health. It also helps in developing personality as it rejuvenates the body by increasing immunity and enhancing memory. Amla chatpata is very nutritious, tasty, spicy and delicious preparation for any time use. It fights against bad ageing effects and increases haemoglobin.

Aloe Vera Juice


We offer aloe vera juice that has the following benefits:

  • Improves digestion & keeps stomach healthy
  • Activates Liver
  • Protects heart from various ailments
  • Improves immunity
  • Cures arthritis and joint swelling
  • Very useful for sugar patients
  • Heals operative and burn wounds fast
  • Regulates menstrual periods
  • Highly effective in thalassemia

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