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Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

Power Factor Control Panel is designed to save electrical power and energy. Power factor of an electrical installation is defined as the efficiency of utilization of electric power. It is measured as the ratio of real power to apparent power. APFC is also used to monitor the power factor of electrical systems.
APFC consists of a power factor controller that can accurately monitor reactive power in power systems in order to save energy
• They are provided with Capacitors, MCB, MCCB and Capacitors Duty Contactors along with built-in protective   devices to cut off power in case there is excess power in the system.
• Capacitors are provided with series reactors to minimize harmonic current that may alter system voltage and    current.
• These equipments are mould in a powder coated metal box.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

From 20 KVAR

SE Power APFC is used for LT User whose sanctioned load from 25 HP to 150 HP.
For the load of 40 Hp the Requirement is 18 KVAR.
For the load of 60 HP the Requirement is 25 KVAR to 30 KVAR.
For the load of 75 HP the Requirement is 40 KVAR.
For the load of 100 HP Requirement is 50 KVAR.
For the load of 125 HP Requirement is 60 KVAR.
For the load of 150 Hp the Requirement is 75 KVAR

We bring your world – class, highly efficient & reliable Automatic Power Factor Controller from 20 KVAR to 2000 KVAR.
Our Power Factor Controller is capable of maintaining target power factor round – the- clock and keeps a check on your electricity bill. It finds wide applications in factories, process plants, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals and LT & HT factories.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

From 150 KVAR

SE Power APFC is used for HT User Whose Sanctioned load is from 150 Hp to 2000 HP. For the load of 100KVA the Requirement is 75 KVAR. For the load 150 KVA to 200 KVA Requirement is 100 KVAR to 150 KVAR. For the load of 300 KVA to 400 KVA the Requirement is 200 KVAR to 300 KVAR. Above 500 KVA Sanctioned load it is customer Designed.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels

From 400 KVAR

We offer APF (Automatic Power Factor) Control Panel used for low tension & high tension factories and windmills. These panels are designed with the state of the art technology to suit the environment of the industry.
With auto-manual options, the panels are designed as per the IE rules and custom made to meet the site requirements.
Back up protections are MCCB with suitable breaking capacity (kA), which eliminates HRC fuse replacements. The entire panel is fuse less and hence has no running cost. It is highly reliable in maintaining PF from 0.95-0.99.
Our Panels are

• Fabricated in 1.6-3 mm thick CRCA sheet steel
• Pretreated and electrostatic powder coating /polyurethane coating
• Provided with aluminium/tinned electrolytic copper busbar as per International Electrical Standard
• Advanced design and development facility
• Competitive prices

Automatic Power Factor Control Panel

Automatic Power factor control panel

Electrical Control Panel

We offer electric panels that are used to supply power electrical motors and equipment’s. This range comprises of:

• Power and Lighting Distribution Boards.
• Motor Control Centers [MCC]: up to 2000 amps, 500 volts, certified for IP-55 and 50 KAshort circuit test for 1   minute at CPRI, Bangalore.
• Power Control Center [PCC]: up to 4000 amps, 500 volts AC are suitable for 1 incomer to 4 incomers for   synchronized and isolated runs.
• Power Factor Improvement Panel.

MV Control Panel Board

We are manufacturers of M.V. Panels. We manufacture Cubicle Medium Voltage change over panels up to 4000 Amps and Sub Switchboards outgoing up to 1200Amps. Switchboards are manufactured as per Standard IE Rules. The Switchboards are designed keeping in mind future expansion of the Industry.

MV PANEL – Low Voltage Control Panel
1.Double Tier Busbar Panel – EB and DG,
2.Single Busbar Panel - EB and DG Interlock
3.Double Tier Busbar Panel – Bus Coupler Panel Two EB and Two DG
4.Single Busbar Panel - Bus Coupler with Interlock EB and DG
All the enclosures are fabricated out of 16/14 SWG / 3mm CRCA steel sheets and they are also EPOXY Powder Coated Finishing.

Lighting Pole

We design a complete range of lighting poles for Our Project Works.

Control Panel

Control Panels, also known as power control centers (PCC) are generally used with integrated temperature controls and over temperature controls. These panels are used in Electronic & electrical equipment, Engineering unit, Process control units, Safety, alarm and lighting plants and machines.
It consists of a transformer and firing cards and is provided with high control limit, filter and ventilation fan and manual pushbutton switch. Supplied with a safety contractor of high limit these panels are available with control manual and wiring instructions

Power Distribution Board Panels

The electrical wiring is carried out to distribute current from a single source of supply to Various circuits, such arrangement of circuits is made inside an enclosure called Distribution Board. The Distribution Board is not merely an enclosure but a comprehensive system in itself, comprising of copper bus bars, brass neutral links, earth links to facilitate effective distribution of current. Manufacture of 1.0 and 1.2mm CRCA Steel Sheet, 7 Tank Processing Powder Coated finishing. It incorporates safety devices such as MCCB’s, MCBs, ELCBs, Isolators and MCB Type Change Over Switch, which serves to protect the installation. A wide range of compact, elegant & economical DBs with unique features, designed & engineered to provide user safety, convenience and operational / maintenance advantages are offered.

These are available in the following range:
• 1 to 4 pole (metal enclosure)
• SPN DB's upto 2+16 way (single & double door)
• TPN DB's 6+12 way (single & double door)
• Vertical DB's 6+12 way (single & double door)

Also Deals In

  • Electrical Control Panel
  • MV Panel Boards
  • Power Distribution Board

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