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Beta fishes which we imported are-

Crown Tail

Crown tail

The Crown Tail Betta has a striking, elaborate tail that differentiates it from other Bettas.



This Giant Betta Fish is a half moon plakat. He is over 2.5 from head to tail. This guy is large. He is a black and white marble male.

Half Moon

Half moon

This male betta fish is orange, which is a somewhat rare color for a beta fish. He has a caudal fin, or tail fin, that has over a 180 degree span – which makes this betta a over ahlf moon.

Siamese Half Moon

Siamese Half Moon

These fish are found in the Malayan peninsula and Thailand where they inhabit slow-moving waters with thick vegetation. They feed on a variety of plants and animals, including green algae and zooplankton as well as aquatic insects near the water surface.

Siamese Crown Tail

Siamese crown tail

Crowntail betta fish or simply known as betta is a popular species of freshwater fish. It is also known as the Siamese fighting fish or the Betta spenders.These colorful fish are very much in demand because of their beautiful structure,



Butter fly  is a fish that looks like a butterfly.

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