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Emerson Liebert Online UPS

Our UPS systems are ideal for Telecom applications, IT applications, Hospitals, Manufacturing units, Educational and Research Institutes and Hospitality industry. We are authorized Business Partner of Emerson Network Power India Pvt Ltd for entire range of our products  from 600 KVA to 4800 KVA.

Liebert GXT-MT Series

Liebert GXT-MT Series
We offer Liebert GXT-MT Series UPS, are Redundant configurations and dual bus capabilities ensure continuous operation for critical systems.


  • Small Size Data Centers
  • Server Room, Server Rack
  • Telecommunication, VoIP
  • Data Warehousing


  • IEC 62040-2 comply for EMI Standards
  • GB 4943-2001/IEC 62040-1 safety Standard
  • Communication Ready with RS 232 port
  • Web Power Card, win power 2000 software for effective monitoring

Liebert NXE UPS

Liebert NXE UPS
Today’s advanced digital computing, communications, process control and medical systems require power protection that is just as innovative. These systems, however, face many of the traditional threats to their availability - foremost among them is a lack of high quality power required to operate sensitive electronics.

Our goal is solving these challenges with a power solution that combines high performance, compact size, reliability and cost-efficiency. Emerson Network Power Liebert NXE is the Next Generation of true-online, double conversion digital UPS. Designed to meet the high availability power needs of a wide variety of applications, the Liebert NXE combines innovation and simplicity and low cost of ownership. The result is a power system that delivers both reliability and a return on investment beyond what has been traditionally offered. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.

Liebert NXA UPS

Liebert NXA UPS
Liebert NXa (30KVA, 40KVA, 60KVA, 80KVA, 100KVA, 120KVA, 200KVA)

Liebert NX units are next generation, true online, double conversion digital UPS systems designed to address quality power needs of B2B and B2C businesses. Innovation, simplicity and low cost of ownership are the hallmarks of Liebert NX, offering businesses high capital investment return.

Liebert NX units provide high nines quality power for critical business applications.  Liebert NXa UPS comes in six popular ratings: 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 200 kVA (380/400/415, 50/60 Hz).  This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • Server Rooms and Mid-sized data centers
  • Telecommunication (fixed, WLL and mobile) billing and reporting Systems
  • Networks (LAN, MAN & WAN), Info Com and WiFi hotspots
  • Industrial process and motion automation for mid-sized plants
  • Medical diagnostic/imaging equipment


  • Stratified cooling techniques
  • Versatile and simultaneous communication facilities
  • Compact active and passive footprints
  • Capability to handle 0.9 leading power factor loads
  • Capability to handle 100% unbalanced loading
  • Back feed protection
  • User flexibility in selecting effective configuration for the application
  • Large and user-friendly LCD display in twelve different languages
  • Compatibility to VRLA (SMF), LATB, Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • Black start facility

Liebert Hipulse UPS

Liebert Hipulse UPS
Liebert Hipulse (80KVA, 120KVA, 160KVA, 200KVA, 300KVA, 400KVA)

Liebert Hipulse is three-phase input, three-phase output intelligent online UPS. Hipulse range has six models with ratings of 80kVA, 120kVA, 160kVA, 200kVA, 300kVA, 400kVA, and can be paralleled up to six single units. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • Flexible operation options: single unit, paralleled 1+1 operation and paralleled N+1 operation (up to 6 units with or without Main Static Switch Cabinet)
  • High efficiency: > 97% when in ECO mode
  • Front access maintenance. Compact design with small footprint
  • Zero-phase-shift isolated transformer reduces harmonic current and neutral-to-ground voltage
  • Can be configured with LBS "Load Bus Synchronization" system
  • Can be monitored remotely via SNMP


  • Three-phase input, three-phase output rating from 80-800kVA
  • Applicable to large IDC, large industrial equipment, telecom exchanges, network control centers and satellite control centers, etc.

Liebert Itrust UPS

Liebert Itrust UPS
Liebert Itrust UPS 30 KVA 40KVA 60KVA

The Liebert Itrust 3-phase is a true on-line sine wave 3 x 3 UPS system that provides the user with clean computer grade power for continuous operation of his critical load, regardless of any disturbance on the upstream AC power. The system offers many innovative features to give the user maximum reliability and flexibility at the lowest operating cost. With Liebert trust 3-phase UPS system, you have complete peace of mind. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.

Ideal Applications:

  • Data processing
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Industrial process equipment
  • Laboratories



  • Parallel for redundancy or capacity for up to 4 units
  • Full digital signal processing using the latest DSP technology
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Low current harmonic distortion of less than 3%
  • High input power factor
  • High overload and short-circuit capacities
  • Intelligent Battery Management
  • Large LCD display and mimic panel for real time information

Powerbank Rackmount

Powerbank Rackmount
We offer high quality Liebert Power-bank Rack-mount (gxt-mt+ 1kva, 2kva, 3kva) online

Liebert GXT-MT long run model (L) deploys adaptive battery architecture to maximize your valuable rack space utilization. Application specific battery configuration and placement ensures optimal performance.This UPS is available in a compact tower configuration making it easily deployed in an office or a light industrial application.  This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • Fully meets your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply
  • Satisfies international safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • Offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions

Liebert NXR UPS

Liebert NXR UPS
The Emerson Liebert NXR (30 KVA-160 KVA) presents an efficient, space-saving and flexible solution for the network. With an above industry standard efficiency rate of up to 96% in a compact, low footprint UPS, Liebert NXR keeps your network protected while saving on cost and data center space. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • High efficiency rating of up to 96% on true online double conversion mode
  • High power density with 160kVA load in <0.5Sq. meter space, Floor space can be saved
  • NXR with its unity power factor (kVA=kW), offers more real power to support customer's mission critical load
  • The Liebert NXR provides the cleanest level of upstream power with lowest level of input current THDi<3% in the industry, low THDi will save the electricity bill and investment cost i.e CAPEX
  • Advanced digital signal processor (DSP) and digital control technology to ensure system reliability
  • Power output overload and short circuit capacity enhancing system stability and system safety under extreme conditions
  • Intelligent battery management for automatic battery maintenance and prolonged battery life
  • 6-Inch LCD display available in 12 different languages

Liebert Hipulse E Online

Liebert Hipulse E Online
Liebert Hipulse E Online (120KVA - 800KVA)

The increased sophistication of critical and hyper-critical applications in today's digital world and the enhanced dependence of businesses on such applications have led Emerson Network Power to design the Liebert Hipulse E UPS Systems to provide customers with high-availability quality power. Having extensively captured the customer needs and thoroughly mapped the same through 360° value analysis, Liebert Hipulse E has been carefully designed to deliver high value-investment ratio. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • With true online double conversion topology
  • Comes in eight popular ratings, ranging from 120 to 800kVA (400V, 50/60 Hz)
  • High “availability-to-price” (ATP) ratio

Impulse Inverters

Impulse Inverters
We offer high quality Impulse Inverter (30kVA). Emerson Network Power introduces breakthrough inverter technology in Pulse is a secondary back up source that can substituted conventional diesel generators. It provides hassle free operations as well as freedom from air and noise pollution.  This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • Pure sine wave output with constant voltage and frequency
  • Run heavy duty appliances
  • Scalable run time(30 min to 6 hrs.) 
  • Input unity PF (KVA=KW no penalty to the customer)
  • DSP based control (Quick Power Switching)
  • Remote monitoring(HTTP, SNMP, MODBUS)
  • Selection of no. of batteries (from LCD Display)
  • Support of SMF, LATB, Nicad, PLANTE Battery (Flexibility to support type of battery)
  • Selectable input voltage range (In view of load voltage)
  • Very high efficiency (98% normal mode)
  • LCD display

Liebert Hipulse UPS Systems

Liebert Hipulse UPS Systems

The Liebert Hi pulse offers a reliable, scalable and user-friendly solution to ensure availability of various types of networks. The liebert hi pulse offers protection to your investment and lower cost of ownership through its digital architecture and range of options which you can customize specifically for your needs.  This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • Features to protect your network
  • Built in investment protection
  • Selected configurations
  • Power communication options
  • Selected power options

Liebert Series KVA

Liebert Series KVA

Item Code: 7400D

Liebert 7400D (10KVA - 750KVA)

The Series 7400 UPS offers True On-line Field Proven UPS system to maximize Up time of your Critical Application. The Series 7400 offers a wide range from 10 kVA to 750 kVA single phase systems. The Series 7400 UPS System has a proven track record of unmatched reliability to support your sensitive and costly equipment, offering maximum availability to virtually any application. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.


  • Information Technology Applications(Server Farms, ERP etc.) 
  • Telecommunication Applications(- Basic and Wireless in Local Loop (WILL), Cellular, Broadband, VSAT Hub stations, Satellite Up linking Stations etc.)
  • Industrial Equipment and Process Applications 
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment (CT Scan, MRI, Cath Lab) 


  • In-built output isolation transformer 
  • Battery Circuit Breaker (BCB) 
  • RS-232 Serial port 
  • Compact foot print 
  • High Performance IGBT
  • PWM(Pulse Wave Modification) Technology for pure sine wave output
  • LBS Configuration for Super Critical Loads
  • Stabilizability up to 6 modules
  • Net com kit for Remote Monitoring
  • BMS Connectivity through Mod bus
  • Remote Alarm Monitor (RAM)
  • Hardware for Fault Diagnostic Unit (FDU), Data Logger and Power Monitoring Software
  • Communication Card for Dial-up Monitoring

Emerson Online UPS

Emerson Online UPS
We offering EMERSON Online UPS 20 KVA at a good Price. This is a high availability Emerson UPS System.


  • BMS Connectivity through Mod bus
  • Remote Alarm Monitor (RAM)
  • Hardware for Fault Diagnostic Unit (FDU), Data Logger and Power Monitoring Software
  • Communication Card for Dial-up Monitoring




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