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PLC Systems (K200S)

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  K200S Features
Small- and medium-scale control with 384 points
High-speed processing (0.5§Á/step)
On-line editing
Change I/O value by force
Small- and medium-sized manufacture line control by network
Various special modules: analog, HSC, positioning, etc
Built-in flash memory
  K300S Features
Small- and medium-scale control with 1,024 points
High-speed processing: 0.2§Á/step
On-line editing
Change I/O value by force
Small- and medium-sized manufacture line control by network
Downsizing and high performance
Various special modules: analog, HSC, PID, positioning, etc


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K120S Features
High-performance and various block type
Economic type: 10/14/20/30 points (10/14 points: 2points built-in Analog Timer)
Standard type: 20/30/40/60 points
Various expansion modules: input, output, mixed modules
P area extended for SMART I/O application (P000~P63F)
High-speed processing speed: 0.1§Á/step (standard type)
Battery-less backup
  ¡¤ Program backup: EEPROM backup while online editing
¡¤ Data backup: Super capacitor
Various input handing: Input filter, pulse catch
Enhanced communication functions
Built-in RS-232C (Ch0) and RS-485 (Ch1) support *1)
Transmitting data monitoring support: KGLWIN
Various option modules
  i - Cnet (RS-232C, RS-422) Fnet/Rnet (master module)
ii -Profibus-DP/DeviceNet (slave module)
Powerful built-in functions
High-speed counter: 32-bit signed operation
  i - Counter range: -2,147,483,648 ~ 2,147,483,647
  ii - Function: ring counter, latch counter, comparison (equal/zone/task), RPM
Positioning function (DRT/DT type)
  i - Control axis: 2 axes (100kHz)
  ii - Operation method: single, repeat
  iii - Operation mode: end, keep, continuous
  iv - Additional functions: return to origin, JOG operation, PWM output
PID operation function
  I - Relay/PRC auto-tuning, SV ramp, delta MV, PWM output, position/velocity algorithm
Various expansion modules
7 Digital I/O modules: G7E-DR(08/10/20)A, G7E-TR10A, G7E-DC08A, G7E-RY(08/16)A
9 Analog I/O modules: G7F-ADHA(B/C), G7F-AD2A(B), G7F-DA2I(V), G7F-AT2A, G7F-RD2A
6 Comm. modules: G7L-CUEB(C), G7L-DBEA, G7L-PBEA, G7L-FUEA, G7L-RUEA
2 Option modules: G7E-RTCA, G7M-M256B

Automation Systems (83ns/step)

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83ns/step processing speed and floating-point arithmetic with
on-board CPU
Max. 10 expansion modules, Max. 704* I/O point control:
PLC systems for Small- and medium-scale applications
Max. 5-ch Communication with built-in functions and expansion
  * With 64-point I/O modules (due in 2009)

Variable Frequency Drive (IG5)

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We offer a wide variety of functionally viable Drives. These are known for their robust manufacturing and are made with high quality materials. The IG5 drives offered by use come with a variety of standard and optional features making them suitable for all our customers. These features are:


  • Space Vector PWM technology
  • 0.75~1.5kW 1 Phase 200V Class
  • 0.75~3.7kW , 3 Phase 200 / 400 Voltage Class
  • Conformity to global Standard : CE, UL, cUL
  • Digital MMI, Trip-free operation
  • Optimal acceleration and deceleration
  • 150% Torque at 0.5Hz
  • Enclosure: IP00 - IP20
  • Much smaller size compared to the previous model
  • multi-function, stable operation
  • Built-in RS485
  • Built-in PID control
  • Built-in ModBus-RTU
  • DIN rail base for easy installation (Option)
  • Cable for Remote Keypad Operation (Option)
  • 8 preset speeds
  • 3 Multifunctional Inputs, 1 Multifunctional Output
  • Manual/Auto torque boost
  • 1 to 10kHz carrier frequency

Variable Frequency Drive (IG5A)

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Standard Features
Selectable V/f, sensorless vector control
Motor parameter Auto-tuning
Powerful torque at overall speed range
0.1 ~ 400Hz frequency output
-15% ~ +10% input voltage margin
Fault history: Last 5 faults
0~10Vdc / -10 ~ +10Vdc analog input
IP20 enclosure, UL Type 1 (Option)
Selectable manual/automatic torque boost
Selectable PNP/NPN input signal
2nd motor control and parameter setting
Built-in Dynamic braking transistor as standard
Enhanced process PID control
Built-in RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU) communication
Cooling fan On/Off control & Easy change
Remote control using external keypad * RJ45 cable(Optional)
Upgraded functions: Sleep & Wake-up (Energy savings)
KEB(Kinetic Energy Buffering) protection
Low leakage PWM algorism
Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)

Variable Frequency Drive (IC5)

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Standard Features
Sensorless vector control
  The iC5 adopts sensorless vector control algorithm, and it improves not only the torque control characteristics, but the speed controlability in an uncertain condition caused by the load variation as well.
Auto Tuning
  The auto tuning algorithm in the iC5 sets the motor factors automatically that brings the traditional commissioning difficulties mainly in low speed by the load variation and the low torque generation to a settlement.
Highly efficient DSP chip
  The iC5 adopts highly efficient DSP(Digital Signal Processing) chip to improve processing speed, flexibility, stability and etc.
PNP, NPN Dual Control Signal
  The iC5 provides PNP and NPN signals for outside controllers.
It works with 24Vdc regardless of the type of PLC or control signals.
Communication interface, Modbus-RTU
  The iC5 provides the most popular communication interface, ModBus-RTU for remote control by PLC or other devices.
PID Control
  PID process control is used in iC5 to make speed corrections quickly with a minimal amount of overshoot and oscillation for the control of flow, temperature, pressure and etc.

Variable Frequency Drive (IS5)

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Standard Features
kW/Voltage Ratings:
0.75 ~ 55kW, 3 phase, 200 ~ 230VAC
0.75 ~ 75kW, 3 phase, 380 ~ 480VAC
Selectable V/f, Sensorless vector, Sensored vector control (Optional)
Built-in process PID control
Optimum acceleration & deceleration for a maximum torque
APP parameter group for special operations;
Traverse, Multi Motor Control, DRAW
Multi-function I/O terminal:
Input: 27 functions / Output: 21 functions
Multi Motor Control (Up to 4 motors: Optional)
Motor parameter Auto-tuning
Parameter Read/Write function using a detachable LCD Keypad
8 Preset speedsl
Extension I/O boards (Optional) : Sub-A, Sub-B,l Sub-C
Communication options:
Modbus RTU, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, RS485(LS Bus), Fnet(LS PLC link)
Built-in Dynamic braking transistor (Up to 7.5kW [10HP])
Monitoring & commissioning PC based software tool (Drive View)

Variable Frequency Drive (IP5A)

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Standard Features
Dual PID
  When additional PID control or Cascade PID control is required, Dual PID provides users various uses of the system with only iP5A.
Multi Motor Control
  The built-in algebra control function enables an inverter to control many motors without a controller so that user can take advantage of energy-saving and cost-down.
Sleep and Wake-Up
  The built-in energy saving function makes inverter stop automatically when the capacity is very low.
Pre Heater
  The pre heater function is built-in to prevent motor damage and inverter break-down caused from humidity.
Flying Start
  When the inverter drives many ventilators or when the fan in a big load system turns due to a natural convection, iP5A operates the motor by searching the motor speed automatically.
Auto energy saving
  iP5A provides the auto energy saving function by the optimal flux control which minimizes an energy loss caused by a change of the load.
Improved Management from Instant Power-off and Power Dip Generation
  During the power Dip or instant power-off, which is generated by lightening, ground fault and power-failure, loads still keep the mechanical energy and this energy flows back to inverter by regeneration. The power-failure guarantee time is extended by using this electrical character of inverter.
Constant and Stable Performancel (24 hours 365 days)
  Regardless of outside alteration such as input voltage variation by load change or weather effect, iP5A can handle moter and load with best performance.
Safety Stop
  When unexpected power-failure blocks power supply, inverter stops motor by using inertia energy of load that prevents unexpected second accident (Parameter setting is required).

Variable Frequency Drive V/F Control

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  • V/F control
  • 0.1 ~ 200hz frequency output
  • 1-10 khz carrier frequency
  • IP 20 enclosure
  • RS 485(L.s bus/MODBUS RTU) communication (built-in option)
  • PI control
  • updown and three wire operation
  • automatic restart after instantaneous power failure
  • built-in potentio meter
  • self cooled


Variable Frequency Drive

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  • selectable V/F,V/F PG, sensor less vector, sensored vector
  • constant torque/variable torque dual rating
  • 150% torque @ 0.1hz
  • 1:1000 speed control range with encoder
  • speed/torque control selectable
  • 150MIPS high speed DSP
  • droop control ( automatic torque balance)
  • kinectic energy buffering protection
  • ride through protection
  • PMSM sensor less vector function
  • power brake & flux brake function
  • easy to control. easy start mode, user and macro group
  • multi function key
  • second motor sensor less control and parameter setting
  • available IP 54 enclosure (0.75~22KW[1~30HP]) as built-in option
  • built-in RS 485(LSBUS/MODBUS RTU) communication
  • built-in dynamic braking transistor
  • wide graphic LCD( 128*64 pixel) keypad
  • PLC board(optional): master-k platform:14max.inputs and 7max.outputs
  • extension I/O boards(optional):11max.inputs 6max outputs
  • communication boards (optional):profibus- DP, devicenet, modbus TCP, RNET lonworks, CAN open


Variable Frequency Drive V/f Control

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  • flux vector closed loop control
  • advanced speed and torque control
  • precise speed and position synchronization operation
  • static/rotation type motor parameter auto tuning
  • draw/droop/process PID control
  • specialized functions for various applications
  • load balanced function
  • dameter calculation / taper function
  • splicing inertia compensation function
  • quick stop function
  • built-in dynamic braking transistor
  • 2 line. 32 character detachable LCD keypad
  • extension I/O boards
  • EL I/O( for elevator application)
  • encoder divison( open collector)
  • synchronisation option ( speed/positon control)
  • sincos encoder
  • communication board
  • profibus:DP
  • device net


Variable Frequency Drive (PWM)

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  • space vector PWM technology
  • constant torque/variable torque dul rating
  • precise torque calculation through current control( high troque performance)
  • 2 line. 32 character detachable LCD keypad
  • built-in process PI control
  • 150 % starting torque
  • 2 ~ 10khz carrier frequency
  • recovery from momentary power failure ( flying start)



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we offer various options to our clients by providing services for precision manufactured plc. These are available in xgb and xbm models. Both are highly compact models that have powerful functions and performance. Plc offers suitable user interface with various network diagnosis and monitoring functions & back-up function. The key features and technical specifications are as follows:


  • with its high-speed processing and system capability, xgb offers utmost efficiency xbc (h-type)
  • 83ns/step processing speed and floating-point arithmetic with on-board cpu
  • max. 10 expansion modules, max. 704 i/o point control: plc systems for small- and medium-scale applications
  • max. 5-ch communication with built-in functions and expansion modules, with 64-point i/o modules (due in 2009)


xbm (s-type)

  • 160ns/step processing speed and floating-point arithmetic with on-board cpu
  • max. 7 expansion modules, max. 480* i/o point control
  • plc system small- and medium-scale applications
  • max. 5-ch communication with built-in functions and expansion modules
  • with 64-point i/o modules (due in 2009)



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Xgr:redundancy system

  • cpu processing speed:42ns/step
  • i/o point:max. 23,808(131,072 with remote i/o)
  • total memory:32 mbswitching overtime:min. 4. 3ms/max. 22ms
  • built-in 256 pid loops
  • max 12 ch. Communication


PLC XGC Series

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XBC:block Therma type

  • Programming language:Ladder,IEC standard,SFC
  • cpu prossing speed :120NS/step
  • 32/64 points main unit
  • program capacity :15K steps
  • floating point arithmatic
  • expantion Cnet, ethernet
  • download port :serial,USB
  • max 5 ch communication


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