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Friulair Dryers

Air Dryers


We are engaged in trading and supplying an excellent range of Air Dryers. A complete range of refrigeration compressed air dryers covering flow rate from small to very large.

Dryers For High Pressure


Makes the most of manufacturing and functional advantages of brazed plate heat exchangers, which are more suitable for high pressure working conditions.

Dryers For High Temperatures


We are engaged in trading and supplying of Dryers For High Temperatures to our customers. Two different refrigeration air dryers with integral after coolers.

Dryers For Cold Air Outlet


Are dedicated to specific manufacturing divisions, where it is necessary a compressed air temperature equal to Dew Point, as injection moulding industry or food cold pressing process, etc.

Heatless Adsorption Dryers


We are engaged in trading and supplying an excellent range of Heatless Adsorption Dryers to our customers. Compact heatless dryers with pressure Dew Point of down -70°C.

Compressed Air Filters


Three different ranges with each with four filtration grades with drain and pressure drop indicator options.

After Coolers


We are engaged in trading and supplying of After Coolers. Airblast aftercoolers supplied with centrifugal condensate separators to pre-cool compressed air and remove some moisture.

Condensate Separators


We are the leading supplier and trader of Condensate Separators. High efficiency centrifugal separators without moving parts for condensate removal from compressed air streams.

Condensate Drains


We are leading supplier and trader of Condensate Drains. Timed solenoid, float operated or intelligent zero loss drains to suit all applications.

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