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Traditional Musical Instruments

Bhangra Dhol


We are one of the leading manufacturers of Bhangra Dhol. It is manufactured using fiber. With nuts and bolts fitted on the skin, it is quite a stable kind of drum. It comes with decorative ribbons attached to it because of its usage in many wedding ceremonies. These dhols come in different sizes to suit the varying demands of customers.

Hand, Zika, Manjira


Manjira are basically hand cymbals which are struck together to produce sound. We are one of the prominent manufacturers of this musical instrument which is widely used during the festivities like bhajans and keertans in the Indian Culture. Made of brass, these manijiras are mainly used in temples. Manjiras have different local names such as jhanj, mondira, kafi, tala and others.



We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Khanjari which come in different styles and attractive colours. The head of the Khanjari is made form wood. It is painted with vegetable dyes. Our Khanjari are widely used in Indian ceremonies and are so lifgt in weight that they can be easily used by children.



We are one of the prominent manufacturers of Khol, a musical instrument which originated in West Bengal. Mainly used for devotional and folk music, Khol is a two-headed drum which is most commonly known as mrdanga. We manufacture different types of Khols which are made of brass and clay. The body of khol is made of fiberglass.



We manufacture musical instruments like Mridangam, which have been used to play carnatic music in the ancient times. The Mridangam is double the size of a drum and is made from hollow wood of jackfruit tree. The wood is about an inch thick. A small wooden block along with a heavy stone are used to tune the Mridangam.

Musical Harmonium


Harmonium is one of the oldest musical instruments from the ancient India musical culture. We manufacture Harmoniums with advanced technology and modern machines. Fine quality timbre wood, metal tongues other materials are used in its manufacturing. The scales are adjustable. Harmoniums come in different sizes and are available with us at competitive rates.

Musical Nakkara


We are one of the leading manufactures of Nakkare, a large musical drum with only one head made of hide. The back of the drum is rounded and fixed on the ground. The instrument is struck with small wooden sticks to produce sound. Apart from being used in India, this musical instrument is used in Turkey, Iran, Georgia and Azerbaijan. This instrument has different local names in different countries.

Pakhawaz Beat


One of the percussion instruments, Pakhawaz is manufactured by our company and supplied to clients all across the country and abroad. It is similar to the tabla and has two different skins that produce music. The Pakhawaz is most commonly used in the Northern Indian states. The tuning of Pakhawaz is done in a similar fashion as the tabla.

Wedding Shehnai


We are engaged in manufacturing different variety of Shehnai, an aerophonic instrument which belongs to the woodwind family. It comes in different sizes and looks like a long tube. Playing of the shehnai is considered auspicious because of whi9ch it is widely played in marriage ceremonies and processions. The Shehnai comes in variants with six and nine holes.

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