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Western Musical Instruments

Drum Kit

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We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Drum Kits which comprises of all kinds of percussion instruments like drums, cymbals, triangles, wood block and tambourines. The drum kit is designed in such a way that it can be easily played by a single person by hitting on all the instruments by sticks, brushes and mallets. The drum kits also come with foot operated bass drums and hi-hat cymbals.

Woodwind Saxophone

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The loudest of the Woodwind instruments and most versatile of the brass instruments, our Brass Saxophone is used most popularly in military bands and orchestras. Commonly associated with blues, big band music, early rock and roll, jazz etc, our Professional Alto Saxophones have found a niche in all genres of music. Being one of the leading Suppliers of Saxophones, our Classical saxophone comes in various sizes in alternating transpositions.

Electronic Keyboards

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An electronic keyboard (also called digital keyboard, portable keyboard and home keyboard) is an electronic or digital keyboard instrument.

The major components of an electronic keyboard are:

  • Musical keyboard: The plastic white and black piano-style keys which the player presses, thus connecting the switches, which triggers the electronic note or other sound. Most keyboards use a keyboard matrix circuit to reduce the amount of wiring that is needed.
  • User interface software: A program (usually embedded in a computer chip) which handles user interaction with control keys and menus, which allows the user to select tones (e.g., piano, organ, flute, drum kit), effects (reverb, echo, telephones or sustain), and other features (e.g., transposition, an electronic drum machine)
  • Rhythm & chord generator: A software program which produces rhythms and chords by the means of MIDI electronic commands.
  • Sound generator: An electronic sound module, typically contained within an integrated circuit or chip, which is capable of accepting MIDI commands and producing sounds.
  • Amplifier and speaker: a low-powered audio amplifier and a small speaker that amplify the sounds so that the listener can hear them.

Wood Winds

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A wood wind instrument is a musical instrument which produces sound when the player blows air against a sharp edge or through a reed, causing the air within its resonator (usually a column of air) to vibrate. Most of these instruments are made of wood, but can be made of other materials, such as metals or plastics.

Recorders And Pianica

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We are engaged in offering Recorders And Pianica.Our range is made as per the need and requirement of the customers.

Drum Set

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We manufacture a wide variety of western music instruments that are used for playing carnatic music. Our ranges of Drum Set instruments are made of high quality raw material. We offer our superior quality instruments to our valued customers at extremely competitive prices.

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