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Soda Ash


tata chemicals is the world's second largest producer of soda ash with a global capacity of around 5. 5 million tonnes per annum, of which 60 per cent capacity is from natural soda ash deposits at wyoming, usa and lake magadi, kenya.

Sodium Bicarbonate


tata chemicals' sodium bicarbonate business focuses on global markets and new business applications. The company makes sodium bicarbonate for pharmaceutical and industrial use, and as a food additive. Tcl's sodium bicarbonate plant has a capacity of 50,000 tonnes per annum. Its products sell in india, the middle east, africa and bangladesh.



alkakarb, the first animal feed grade sodium bicarbonate in india, is tcl's first step towards value-added bicarbonate business. The company desires to use the bicarbonate brands already conceived by brunner mond so as to have homogeneity across its business geographies.

Allied Chemicals


tcl is able to deliver low-cost caustic soda to the market due to its adoption of energy-efficient, membrane-cell technology and the captive availability of salt and of power at the mithapur facility. As a versatile alkali, caustic soda is used in a variety of industries, the major ones being rayon, cellophane, soap, pulp and paper.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate


sodium tripolyphosphate (stpp), a key product in tcl's product portfolio, is made in two technical grades ntr and htr.

uses: stpp is used as a builder in detergents, cleansing agents. It is also used as an agent in the manufacturing process for textile processing, etc.

stpp is made at tcl’s haldia complex at west bengal. the product competes favourably with the only other product available in the segment — zeolite — in terms of cost as well as performance as it is a more effective binder and needs to be used in smaller volumes as compared to zeolite.



today cement is a major success story for tcl. What makes it interesting is that this product was born out of an environmental initiative.

tata shudh cement is an example of how the company's philosophy of 'avoid, reduce and recycle' operates. The cement plant at mithapur was set up solely to consume the solid waste generated during the manufacture of soda ash. The plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 tonnes per day and manufactures three varieties of cement under the brand name shudh cement:



nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are key agro-nutrients for crops. In india tata chemicals is present in all three crop nutrition groups through its fertiliser product base that spans:

urea (a nitrogenous fertiliser)
dap (contains both nitrogen and phosphorus)
npk complexes (contains all three nutrients)
ssp (phosphorus based).

additionally, the company imports and sells mop and dap and supplies organic materials and other specialty fertilisers such as calcium nitrate and zinc sulphate.



tata chemicals is the market leader in packaged salts in india with more than half the total market consuming tata brands. The reason: tata salt and its fellow brands go far beyond taste to target health initiatives such as iodine deficiency and low sodium requirements.

tata salt has won accolades as india's most trusted food brand for several years. New brands i-shakti and tata salt lite are also creating waves in the market.

Tata Salt - Desh Ka Namak


tata chemicals pioneered the iodised branded salt movement with its launch of tata salt in 1983. This has transformed into a national movement over the past two decades. Tata salt is the first salt in india to be manufactured using the vacuum evaporation technology.



tata chemicals launched i-shakti free flow solar refined salt in october 2006. Quality analysis of ordinary salt available in markets had brought to light that there was a variation in the level of iodine present in them.

Tata Salt Lite


tata salt lite is a low sodium salt from the tata salt brand franchise. It has been specially formulated to provide 15 per cent lower sodium than ordinary salt. It is generally accepted that lower sodium in diet assists in management of blood pressure.

Fresh From The Fields


tata chemicals, through its new business venture khet-se, has set up a state-of-the-art facility for fresh fruit and vegetables sourcing, packaging and distribution. The first centre has already opened in malerkotla, punjab; the next will come up in mumbai.

Bio Fuels


tata chemicals' biofuels business has grown out of its extensive expertise in chemicals manufacturing, the agriculture and crop-nutrition space, and its research capability through the innovation centre. Its product portfolio includes


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