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Pasteurized Toned Milk/Standardized Milk

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Selling price of the different types of milk

The State government on Monday announced an increase of Rs.2 a litre in the price of toned milk supplied to consumers through monthly milk cards. It would go up to Rs.17.75 from Rs.15.75 a litre. For milk sold to non-card holders through ‘Aavin’ (Tamil Nadu Milk Producers’ Federation) depots or retailers, the increase in price of toned milk is Rs.2.5 a litre. The revised maximum retail price will be Rs.20.50 against the existing MRP of Rs.18.

Standardized milk

In the case of standardized milk sold through automatic vending machines, the rise would be Rs.2 for half a litre for non-card holders. The new price would be Rs.12 (current rate: Rs.10). In the case of cardholders, the difference would be Rs.1.50 for half a litre with the existing rate of Rs.9.25 going up to Rs.10.75.

FAT 3.0% SNF 8.5%
FAT 4.5% SNF 8.5%
FAT 6 % SNF 9.0%
FAT 1.5 % SNF 9.0 %

Ghee Varieties

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Ghee in 500 Ml and 1000 ml packings.
Aavin Ghee is manufactured and packed in tins, and pet bottles in Madurai, Krishnagiri, Erode and Salem dairies.. Ghee in carton is manufactured only in Erode Dairy.

  • GHEE (TIN) 15KG
  • GHEE (TIN) 500ML
  • GHEE (JAR) 500ML
  • GHEE (JAR) 200ML
  • GHEE (JAR) 5KG
  • GHEE (JAR) 1KG
  • GHEE (JAR) 500GM
  • GHEE (JAR) 200GM


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The package consist of 10 cubes of 25 gms each.


Flavoured Milk

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aavin flavoured milk is manufctured in bottles and tetrapak. It is in 5 flavours (200 ml)

  1. strawberry
  2. pista
  3. cardomum
  4. chocolate
  5. pineapple
  • tetra pak & bottles 200ml
  • strawberry
  • cardamom
  • chocolate
  • pineapple
  • pista.


Uht Milk

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UHT milk is exclusively manufactured by Salem Dairy. It comes in 1 lit and 500 ml package. Both Standardised (fat 4.5% and snf 8.5%) and toned milk (fat3% snf 8.5%) are available in this package. It is called Tetra Brik.The shelf life of this product is 120 days.

  • 1000 ml (Tetra Brik Aseptic Package)
  • 500 ml (Tetra Fino Aseptic Package)


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Aavin Ice creams are very popular in the metro city Chennai and sub urban. There are 25 flavours moderately priced available in all milk parlours and Franchise Retail outlets which are more than 150 in number.

Aavin introducing sugar free ice cream in cups for health conscious consumers. It is calorie conscious product.

Aavin ice cream is very well accepted by all segment people due to its high quality. The calorific value of Aavin ice cream is 116 Kcal per 100 ml and it contains 5g Fat, 3.1g Protein, 5.4 gm Carbohydrate, 0.6 g minerals and 8 g added sugar. Due to high content of sugar, diabetic and calorie conscious people are deprived of taking ice cream and hence it is highly essential to develop alternate product to cater the need of all the people. Hence Aavin has proposed to introduce Sugar- free ice cream. It contains unique Sucralose at 320 ppm level which is an artificial sweetner, derived from cane sugar. It does not affect the blood sugar level.


It is safe for children and pregnant women. It is non toxic, non-carcinogenic. The majority of ingested sucralose is excreted unchanged. It is approved by United States Food and Drug Administration and also approved by Prevention of Food Adulteration Act – 1955 (allowed maximum 750 ppm level for Milk Product based sweets) It is highly stable even at 230oC
unlike other artificial sweeteners.


The Calorific value of the sugar free ice – cream is only 80.0 Kcal per 100 ml. It contains all the ingredients as in ice cream but only 16 mg of Sucralose is available instead of 8000 mg sugar to get the same sweet taste. It is important that Sucralose content is 500 times lesser than sugar.

Since it is less calorific value and also no sugar in the product, it is so safe for diabetics and calorie conscious people.

Milk Sweets

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Aavin has now entered in milk sweet division and periodically launch newer varieties. The recent one is Mysurpa in 500 Gms and 1 Kg packings. These sweets are manufactured in very high highly quality standards. Aavin also manufacture Kalakanth & Gulabjamoon etc.


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Plain Butter 500 Gms is being manufactured in feeder balancing dairies and marketed all over the State.

Masala Butter Milk-Lussi

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Aavin Butter milk

Aavin is now manufacturing and marketing spicy butter milk throughout the city. It is being sold at Rs 2.00 economic type & 3.50 premium type per 200 ml pockets through all parlours, FROs and retailers.

Mango Drink-Maavin

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Aavin mango drink (200 ml ) is popular among of its kind. It is packed in tetrapak package. It has a shelf life of 180 days. It is manufactured in Salem dairy.

Aavin Curd

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aavin curd is superior in quality and hygienically manufactured in
ambattur product dairy , packed in heat sealed cups . It is available in all the leading super markets and aavin parlours and franchise retail outlets. Content is 200 ml.

Aavin Skimmed Milk Powder

Aavin manufacture and market ISI quality Skimmed Milk Powder in 500 gms carton and 1 kg polypack. It is manufactured in all our product dairies viz Erode, Salem, Krishnagiri and Madurai and marketed throughout the State.

  • Carton - 500gms.
  • Poly Bag - 1 kg.
  • Bulk Bag - 25 kg.

Milk Khoa/Paneer

Aavin millk khoa is king of all sweets. It is more dearer to the people of Chennai. It is available in small packing like 25 gms, 50 gms and 100 packets and also in 500 gms and 1 Kg bowls.

To,Tamilnadu Co-Operative Milk Producers Federation Limited

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