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Earth Station Equipment Repairs Services

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When we service offshore oil and gas platforms, repair equipment for NATO missions overseas, or charter aircraft for repairs in the Arctic, Telesat field personnel have confidence that the spares they install will work. This is because for over 30 years Telesat has relied on the highly trained and experienced technologists at the Allan Park Repair Center to service this equipment. We specialize in:

Vsat Equipment Repairs Services

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Telesat currently repairs over 250 VSAT items a week. Our facility is equipped with the latest RF and telecommunications test equipment. We offer over the air ranging and BER testing, power and frequency tests, and equipment cleaning and refurbishment. Our technicians have many years experience with:

  • RF Heads and Block Up-Converters (C, Ku, Ka Band)
  • VSAT Modems
  • Distance learning equipment (Site Controllers)
  • Telephony equipment
  • Ka modem/transceiver test and verification
  • Data communication cards and satellite routers
  • Commercial satellite radio repeater equipment

We offer large volume repairs, spares storage, asset tracking, and customized repair services.

Repair Services

Service Solutions Repair Services

Telesat provides depot level maintenance services for satellite earth station, baseband, network, and peripheral equipment. As a communications service provider in some of the world's most hostile and isolated environments we know the value of expertly repaired and tested communications equipment. To maintain these crucial services we rely on our own depot maintenance center to troubleshoot, repair, calibrate, and test satellite earth station equipment. Our customers are military, government, and commercial, and they all have confidence that equipment maintained by Telesat will work in the field.