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Ultratech Cement

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UltraTech is India's largest exporter of cement clinker. The company's production facilities are spread across five integrated plants, five grinding units, and three terminals two in India and one in Sri Lanka. All the plants have ISO 9001 certification, and all but one have ISO 14001 certification. While two of the plants have already received OSHAS 18001 certification, the process is underway for the remaining three. The company exports over 2.5 million tonnes per annum, which is about 30 per cent of the country's total exports. The export market comprises of countries around the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Export is a thrust area in the company's strategy for growth.

UltraTech's products include ordinary portland cement, portland pozzolana cement and portland blast furnace slag cement:

  • Ordinary portland cement
  • Portland blast furnace slag cement
  • Portland Pozzolana cement
  • Cement to European and Sri Lankan norms
Ordinary portland cement

Ordinary portland cement is the most commonly used cement for a wide range of applications. These applications cover dry-lean mixes, general-purpose ready-mixes, and even high strength pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete.

Portland blast furnace slag cement

Portland blast-furnace slag cement contains up to 70 per cent of finely ground, granulated blast-furnace slag, a nonmetallic product consisting essentially of silicates and alumino-silicates of calcium. Slag brings with it the advantage of the energy invested in the slag making. Grinding slag for cement replacement takes only 25 per cent of the energy needed to manufacture portland cement. Using slag cement to replace a portion of portland cement in a concrete mixture is a useful method to make concrete better and more consistent. Portland blast-furnace slag cement has a lighter colour, better concrete workability, easier finishability, higher compressive and flexural strength, lower permeability, improved resistance to aggressive chemicals and more consistent plastic and hardened consistency.

Portland pozzolana cement

Portland pozzolana cement is ordinary portland cement blended with pozzolanic materials (power-station fly ash, burnt clays, ash from burnt plant material or silicious earths), either together or separately. Portland clinker is ground with gypsum and pozzolanic materials which, though they do not have cementing properties in themselves, combine chemically with portland cement in the presence of water to form extra strong cementing material which resists wet cracking, thermal cracking and has a high degree of cohesion and workability in concrete and mortar.

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Applications of sall TMT HCR

Sall TMT HCR rebars are suitable for construction of RCC structures in coastal areas and in areas with high rainfall.

Sall has also developed earthquake-resistant and corrosion-resistant tmt nomenclatured as sail TMT EQR HCR. This tmt is suitable for construction in earthquake & tsunami-prone areas. This grade (sail TMT EQR HCR) apart from having the same corrosion resistance properties as explained above also guarantees a uts/ys ratio of minimum 1. 18 and the percentage elongation is further enhanced to a minmum 18% with this the bars, apart form combating the corrisive elements in the atmosphere, are also able to more sudden loadings which are encounterered during earthquakes, tsunamis etc.

Electrotherm Angles

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Something which many aspire to but very few actually achieve. For, success comes not through mere toil but by having a clear-cut vision, a constant striving for excellence and the unshakeable determination to reach one's objective by putting in the hard work that's needed to climb the summit. As the famous saying goes, "Success is not a Destination but a Journey".
Success - Its Many Angles

One such company which embarked on this journey to success in 1983 was Electrotherm (India) Ltd. Its aim was to offer total metallurgical solutions by designing, manufacturing and commissioning Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces, Metal Refining Converter (AOD), Ladle Refining Furnaces, Induction Heating and Hardening Machines and other metallurgical equipments.

The farsighted vision of the management and the relentless pursuit of excellence has transformed Electrotherm into a company that has become renowned for its unparalleled domain expertise in steel making. Today, around 22% of India's steel is produced on equipment made by Electrotherm. The company has executed many turnkey projects for its clients for producing Structural Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel billets in around 20 countries around the Globe.

But Electrotherm is not resting on its laurels. It has transformed itself into a well diversified company. The company has set up a state-of- the-art Steel and Ductile Iron Pipe making facility at Kutch (Gujarat) with an installed capacity of 3,50,000 TPA. The Company has recently set up another state-of-the-art Manufacturing facility for making Electric Vehicles which were launched two years back in India under the brand name of YO Bykes. Electrotherm runs an ultra modern Engineering College Indus Institute of Engineering and Technology, a Pilot Training Institute, an Aviation Engineering Program and an Air Charter Service.
In a very short span of time, Electrotherm has left behind indelible footprints on its road to success.
Steel Division
Fully Integrated Manufacturing Plant The Angle Of Steely Progress   
Taking rapid strides on its path to progress, Electrotherm set up a state-of-the-art, fully integrated manufacturing plant at Samakhiyali, Kutch with a total installed capacity of 3,50,000 TPA and an investment of more than 500 crorers. The steel plant consists of 4 Induction Furnaces of 20 Ton capacity, one DC Ladle Refining Furnace, two 6x11 Continuous Casting Machines, a 30 Ton AOD Converter, sponge iron kilns, a 30 MW Captive Power Plant and 2 rolling mills for production of high quality TMT bars and structures.

The Angles Of Superiority
Superiority is the result of never settling for mediocrity. The Angles produced by Electrotherm are the end result of using superior raw material, superior process and superior & stringent quality control systems in a fully integrated manufacturing plant.
The Angles are made from billets that are manufactured in-house using sponge iron produced from 350/200 TPD Sponge Iron Kilns, 20 T Induction melting furnaces and a 6/11 Continuous Caster. The larger heat size results in billets with better chemical consistency. The high quality Iron ore used for making the Sponge Iron results in lower Phosphorous levels while the very high proportion of the Sponge Iron in the charge mix ensures lower tramp elements in these billets. The Ladle Refining Furnace ensures homogeneous liquid metal, lower sulphur levels and lower inclusion levels.

Corrosion Resistant TMT Bars

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Corrosion : The enemy of construction

Corrosion is a deadly enemy of concrete structures. Corrosion is a slow killer, attacking houses, bridges, dams and industrial plants. Bridges and buildings have collapsed within 10 years of them getting built in costal areas and areas with high humidity. Humidity is the reason for corrosion. Wherever there is humidity, corrosion starts setting in. Humidity can come from costal breezes, sea water, saline subsoil as well as gaseous emissions in industrial areas. The fundamental reason why metals corrode is that the products of corrosion are more stable than the metal themselves. Rust is more stable compound than iron and nature tries to convert all metals to their oxide form. Once corrosion sets in, the volume of the steel increases due to rust and exerts pressure on the concrete, leading to cracking and ultimate failure of the structure.

The Product

TMT Rebars is an example of "innovation meeting with product excellence". Striking a fine balance between the life of the structure and its cost, these corrosion resistant rebars help in reducing the rate of corrosion from the time of construction and thus enhances the life span of the structure

The Process

Captively produced billets ensure that high quality input is available for production of CRS bars. Even these captive billets are produced using high quality sponge iron produced in-house. The steel is made to an accurate chemical composition. Spectrometer testing ensures that the chemistry is precisely controlled in every heat of billets produced. Corrosion resistance elements like copper, phosphorus and chromium are added in the correct proportion to make the steel resistant to corrosion. The quenching technology used after rolling ensures that there is a presence of self tempered layer over martensitic layer. This ensures high strength with high ductility. The distribution of corrosion resistance elements is homogeneous from the core to the surface. The high strength enables the steel to resist applied forces. The high ductility ensures the steel can under go permanent charges in shape without rupturing.

TMT Rebar : Guarantee of Quality

At Electrotherm, quality is a result of state -of -the- art manufacturing facilities and uncompromising attitude to ensure stringent quality control measures at all stages of manufacturing. All the inputs are tested before they are used in the process. Direct typed out reading vacuum Spectrometer is used which can measure 27 elements in steel with great accuracy. Metallographic microscope with photo-micrographic attachment ensures that the microstructure of the steel is as desired. Electronically controlled Universal Testing Machine ensures that each batch has the correct tensile properties. Weldability and bendability tests ensure that the bars can be butt welded and bent without difficulty. Salt spray test and atmospheric exposure tests ensure that the corrosion resistant properties are within the desired range.

Demonstrated Performance

ELECTRO CRS gold Rebars have been subjected for corrosion resistance evaluation as per ASTM standards, comprising Alternate Immersion Test, Atmospheric Exposure Test, Sulphur Dioxide Test, Potentio Dynamic Test and have demonstrated resistance to corrosion.

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Electro TMT Plus

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Advantage parentage

Electro TMT  plus reinforcement bars are a result of a relentless drive, research led innovation and obsession with quality of a world-class organization that is known for its ‘excellence in metallurgy’. Electrotherm (india) ltd. India’s largest manufacturer of induction melting furnaces.
Advantages raw material

Electro TMT plus bars are made from billets that are manufactured in-house using 350 TPD sponge iron kilns, 20 t induction melting furnaces and a 6/11 continuous caster. The larger heat size results in billets with better chemical consistency. The high quality iron ore used for making the sponge iron results in lower phosphorous levels while the very high proportion of the sponge iron in the charge mix ensures lower tramp elements in the billets. The ladle refining furnace ensures homogeneous liquid metal, lower sulphur levels and lower inclusion levels. All in all, giving electro tmt plus bars an edge over others in terms of superior quality billets.

Advantage integrated manufacturing process

Electro TMT plus reinforcement bars are produced using a fully integrated manufacturing process. With all in-house equipment such as sponge iron kilns, induction melting furnaces, ladle refining furnace, continuous caster, fully equipped chemical laboratory with 24 channel spectrometer, 1,50,000 TPA rolling mill with ac variable drives and a state-of-art physical testing laboratory – seamlessly integrated in a loop of quality at the world-class steel manufacturing plant at kutch.

Advantage strength

Eectro TMT plus bars possess an unbeatable combination of strength and ductility that is far superior as compared to the minimum values specified by is : 1786 standards.

Refer pdf for technical specifications:

M.S Beam

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The Mild Steel Beams, which we offer, are extensively used for construction purposes for making steel-frames for buildings and bridges.MS Beams exported by us are highly durable and have tensile strength.They are made in our advanced manufacturing unit by skilled quality conscious engineers.


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Our range of M S channels is widely used in construction/ automotive industries. Its durability, reliability, robust construction and corrosion resistant is highly appreciated by the clients. We provide customization to meet the requirements of clients to achieve attain utmost client satisfaction.

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