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Fly Ash Brick

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We supply Fly Ash Bricks which are environment friendly. Considered as the self-cementing bricks these bricks are cost effective and eco friendly. We make sure that these bricks are treated properly to save energy and mercury pollution. The bricks we supply are cheaper comparing the traditional clay bricks. We make sure that only fine raw materials like fly ash, sand or stone dust, lime gypsum and cement are sued to make these bricks. Due these reasons the bricks we provide are strong and there is absolutely no breakage and wastages. The uniform size of the bricks makes the cost of the bricks reduce to almost 50%. Moreover plaster can be directly applied to these bricks without a backing coat of plaster. These bricks save water as it need not be soaked in water for longer hours unlike other bricks only sprinkling of water will be enough.

Red Brick

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Though Red Bricks are common and necessity in most constructions, we supply only quality red bricks which are durable and have high strength. The conventional red bricks which we provide are weather resistance and corrosion resistance. We emphasize on the fact that these bricks should have been manufactured using the latest technology than the traditional method because of which they have long life and is maintenance free. We have skilled manpower to take care of these minute details. We pay attention to the fine finish and shape which are custom made as per the customer’s requirements.

Cement Bricks

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Widely used in construction companies, we provide/supply high grade and highly durable hollow Cement Bricks. These are light in weight and have improved insulation. We provide these bricks in different sizes and dimensions which are of international standards. The cement bricks which we supply can supplement to steel beams and most of the commercial buildings use only these bricks due its strength. These are cost effective and more durable comparing to other bricks. We customize these bricks as per the customers’ specification.

Concrete Bricks

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We supply wide range of Concrete Bricks which are commonly used for the look of the building. The range of concrete bricks we use in different houses and other projects makes the owners proud about the impression it creates. These bricks have more benefits when compared to other bricks. It is sound proof and one can peacefully stay inside without external noise and disturbances. These bricks are very safe and act as a fire protectors. They are cost friendly and improve the thermal mass qualities of the external walls. We supply cement bricks in various colors and patterns. We provide them with different finish like smooth, sandblasted, stone patter, etc.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

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We supply exclusive rang of Ceramic Floor Tiles which are made with high quality materials. The type of tiles we supply definitely enhances the beauty and quality of the floor as it is available in different patters and color combinations. Our customers definitely get the value for money. It is long lasting and maintenance free. We supply in different sizes as per customers’ / project’s requirements.

Ceramic Tiles

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 The beauty of the house or office gets enhanced with the variety of Ceramic Tiles we supply. These tiles are durable and stain resistance. We have elegant designs and vibrant colors tiles. These tiles are customized to suit kitchen, bathrooms of any wall of offices. We are well known for providing these tiles with excellent finish. They are maintenance free and durable.

Omega Tiles

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We cater to the needs of the people who prefer traditional houses by providing Omega Tiles. These tiles are used to enhance the interior decoration of the houses. We provide them in different colors and sizes. These tiles give ancient look to the house. They are cost effective and economical.

Vitrified Tiles

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We are the solution for conventional flooring. We supply wide range of Vitrified Tiles. These are very economical yet looks like marble floors. We offer vitrified tiles which are strain resistant and maintenance free. These tiles are much in demand as it saves lot of time for professionals who cannot afford time for cleaning the floors. The tiles which we provide are far superior than marble or natural granite and are affordable. They have much better mechanical strength, scratch resistance, resistance to acids, chemicals.

Glossy Ceramic Tiles

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We supply Glossy Tiles in wide range which are manufactured using high grade raw materials. We provide them in different shapes and sizes as per the clients’ requirements. We have a wide range for wall as well floors. We can offer them in fascinating designs and colors. With in-depth understanding of the changing market demands we aim to offer tiles that are at par with the popular trend. These ceramic tiles enhances the look of the walls and floors, giving associated space an appealing appearance.

Travertino Tiles

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The Travertino Tiles we supply are the preferred choice among the architects and interior designers. These tiles are preferred by the younger generation who prefer to have western look to their houses and building. The tiles which we provide are esthetic. They give sophisticated look to the floors. It is maintenance free and gives value for money.

Window Shutters

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Having spend huge amount of money in construction, protection becomes the priority and we have a solution to our customers by providing wide range of wooden Window Shutters. They protect the building from sunlight, wind and water. We use only treated and superior wood which are termite proof and temperature resistance. We guarantee for the quality of the wood. The polish is long lasting and gives a fresh and new look for a longer time. We provide these shutters in different ranges.

Wooden Window Frame

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We supply Wooden Window Frames made from pure teak wood and is durable and strong. They are termite proof and temperature resistance. We suppluy the frames in different sizes as per the customers’ requirements. The frames provided by us are elegant and are lifetime investment.

Paneled Internal Door

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We supply Paneled Internal Doors for main entrance or to balcony. They are available in different patterns keeping the safety in view. We supply only superior quality wooden doors which are durable and long lasting. We take utmost care regarding the finish and the look. They have smooth finish and everlasting shine. We make sure that the doors will have glossy finish and are laminated. Available in different sizes and are customized to suit the requirements.

Door Frame

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We are one of the leading suppliers of Doors Frames. These frames are known for their western aesthetics. They are made with high class teak wood. We customize the door frames as per the customers choice.

Wooden Door Frames

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Wooden Door Frames which we supply are made with imported wood which is durable and long lasting. These door frames suits to both household as well as commercial constructions. These customized frames are available in different sizes and thickness. We give utmost importance to the finish and look. We never compromise with the quality of the material.


The kind of materials we supply speak the quality of our organization. This is the reason we are dominating the real estate domain since past ten years. Further more we offer after sales services to our customers. Our team regularly gets in touch with our customers and do regular follow ups thus taking care of good customer care.

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