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Gold Flakes & Foils


Twinkle twinkle little flakes. Adorn desserts with the twinkle of pristine gold.
Offered as gold and silver flakes
Flakes are available in two sizes
Gold spread. Spread gold over sweetness or any delicacy.
Foil available in gold and silver
Dimensions of gold sheets 109mm x 109mm
Dimensions of silver sheets 115mm x 115mm
Available in packs of 10 sheets

Gold Sprinkle


Sprinkle some twinkle. Indulge in desserts and delicacies with the twinkle of pure gold, silver or platinum on the top.
Very easy to use as the foil and edible pullulan film are bonded together
Any complex designs are possible. The two types available are water soluble pullulan type which can be made as different designs, and the shellac type which don’t dissolve in water, but adhere to chocolate.
This product is available in pure silver and pure platinum. Gold and silver in series, gloss and matt.
Platinum is provided in stardust, coarse or fine.



Roll an SMS. Float short messages in gold and silver with letters or symbols.

Any design can be achieved in pure gold or silver
The edible film dissolves leaving the pure gold or silver design afloat
Provided in a triangular transparent case
Should be stored in a dry environment
Over 40 different designs available



Spray the mist in gold. Present dishes with gorgeous designs sprayed in pure gold and silver.
Anti-clog spray
Easily adjustable spraying nozzle
Does not scatter
Foil powder does not flake off

Gold Pen


Pen down your sweetest thoughts in precious gold.

Gold dust mixed with an edible gel
Suitable for small art work and writing words
Write approximately up to 180 letters (2cm/letter)
Easy application on chocolates, mousse, cakes, etc

Gold Candy


Eye candy. Enrich the way food looks. Garnish them with pure gold.

Sugar candy homogenously coated with a thin layer of pure gold or silver
Maximum size limited to 3cm.
The coated surface is resistance to friction and alcohol



Alcohol that’s healthy!

For direct consumption
Solid gold that floats in liquid
High medicinal value

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