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Vapour Absorption Systems

Ammonia Vapour Absorption Machine


Thermax Ammonia vapour absorption machine can utilise various heat sources like steam, hot water, fuel and exhaust. These machines are used for serving the negative chilling demand (below 0ºC) and can achieve chilled water temperature as low as -60ºC. The capacity of these machines ranges from 50 to 450 TR for standard packaged units and up to 1000 TR for custom built design units.   Thermax Ammonia vapour absorption machine find applications in industries like: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dairies, ice production, food processing and cold storages, to name a few.   Ammonia as a refrigerant has zero global warming potential and therefore these absorption machines, like Lithium bromide machines, are based on an eco-friendly technology.

Fuel Driven Vapour Absorption Machine


Fuel driven direct fired machines, unlike steam or hot water driven machines, have a furnace where a variety of liquid or gaseous fuels can be fired to drive the vapour absorption cooling process.

Operating Range:

  • Capacities: from 40 to 1500 tr
  • Chilled water temperature: up to 3. 5ºc (0ºc for brine)
  • Heat Source: natural gas, liquid petroleum gas (lpg), compressed natural gas (cng) & high speed diesel (hsd)


Direct fired vapour absorption machines find their application in hotels, restaurants, cineplexes, offices, shopping malls, school buildings or industries where steam or hot water is not generated.

Steam Driven Vapour Absorption Machine


Thermax steam-driven vams are available in single effect and double effect modes. In steam-driven chillers, the source of heat is saturated steam at pressures in the range of 0. 5 kg/cm2 to 10 kg/cm2. Single effect steam driven machine in the single effect machine, the gain in concentration of the absorbent is achieved in single step, i. E. , it has only one generator.


Operating Range:

  • Capacities: from 50 to 2000 tr
  • Steam pressure: from 0. 6 to 3. 5 kg/cm² (g)
  • Chilled water temperature: up to 3. 5ºc (0ºc for brine)
  • Heat source: steam

Heat Pump

  • Heat pumps drive heat from a lower temperature to medium temperature, using high grade energy.
  • Thermax heat pumps utilise steam, hot water, exhaust, fuel, geothermal energy or any combination of these heat sources, to pump heat. Heat pumps save approximately 35 % of heat energy.
  • Thermax heat pumps are extensively used Scandinavian countries for heating applications. Heat pumps are also used in industries like: textile plants, edible oil, food, auto & white goods, etc.
  • Heat pumps can also be used for feed water applications, for furnace oil fired boilers. Thermax has over 100 MW capacity of heat pump installations to its credit, installed across the globe.

Solar - Based Cooling

As a B2B solution provider in the core areas of energy and environment, Thermax is committed to the development of sustainable alternatives for the industry to manage resources productively and without waste.

The radiative energy from the sun that keeps our planet warm exceeds by far the current primary energy supply used by mankind for its comfort, leisure and economic activities. It also exceeds vastly other energy sources at ground level such as geothermic or tidal energy, nuclear power and fossil fuel burning.

Indeed, the prospects of climate change and, eventually, fossil fuel depletion, trigger a growing interest in renewable energies in general, solar energy in particular.

Solar parabolic concentrators generate hot water at temperature as high as 140oC and saturated steam at 3-4 bar pressure.


Thermax's core strengths in heating can offer single point optimised solution to meet total requirements with turnkey execution for various applications.

  • Boiler feed water preheating.
  • Washing in laundry.
  • Space heating.
  • Oil preheating.
  • Paint shop metal pretreatment.
  • Milk pasteurisation.
  • Steam cooking.

Super Large Vapour Absorption Machine

Thermax super large vapour absorption machines can utilise various heat sources like steam, hot water, fuel and exhaust individually or simultaneously in any combination.

Operating Range:

  • Capacities: From 2000 to 4000 TR.
  • Chilled water temperature: Up to 3.5ºC (0ºC for brine).
  • Heat source: Exhaust gas, steam, hot water & liquid/gas fuels (individually or in combination).

The super large vapour absorption machine is especially designed to address large cooling needs arising from rapid growth, urbanisation and district cooling. The unique design of these machines are based on the Twin shell concept.

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