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Split Air Conditioner


Features in Split Air Conditioner:

  • Auto Timers: With the help of this functionality the system will turn on or off according to the time you have set. This is beneficial for those who want to use the system for a specific number of hours. 
  • Auto Sleep Mode: This feature reduces the cooling effect during the night automatically once you have set it. This is useful since you do not need the same cooling in the night as you do in the day. With the automatic setting you stay comfortable without chilling in the night and the low power bills will help you keep your cool in the day too. 
  • Auto Restart: A feature useful to those who face frequent power cuts. This feature will start the system in the same mode after a power failure. 
  • Remote Controls: Most of the split air conditioners come with a remote control. With the help of this the user can access and change the settings from several feet's distance.

The types of split air conditioners:
  • Wall Mounted Air Conditioners: For those who have wall space to fit the air conditioner, wall mounted air conditioners are the best option. These are designed to fit in small rooms and have the ability cool the surrounding quickly and evenly. 
  • Floor Mounted Air Conditioners: This type of split air conditioner is suitable for those who have a large room to cool but have no or not enough wall space to mount the unit. 
  • Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners: This is the ultimate option for all those who have no space both on the floor and on the wall. This type is also capable of uniform cooling.

Cassette Air Conditioner


Cassette Type Air Conditioner are slim and compact in design, provides clean fresh air with versatile airflow. All our Cassette Air Conditioners are available at low cost with various other benefits. Capacity Technology 18K Btu/h 1.5 Ton 24K Btu/h 2.0 Ton 36K Btu/h 3.0 Ton 48K Btu/h 4.0 Ton 60K Btu/h 5.3 Ton.

Roof Top Air Conditioner


We are renowned  Dealer for ETA  Roof Top Air Conditioners, which are available at leading market prices and can be installed in a Open to Sky to save  lot of floor space. These types of air conditioners are commonly used in open spaces like auditoriums, factories, conference rooms, food processing, Marriage Halls
and laboratories.

Packaged Air Conditioner


We supply sleek designed Packaged Air Conditioners that are known for their excellent cooling performance, high reliability, longer functional life, energy efficiency, and low noise level. Further, we have upgraded our range of products using latest technology to meet the dynamic demands and requirements of our clients.

Ductable Air Conditioner


Features of Ductable A/c:

Heavy duty

  • These heavy-duty units are designed for use with ducted air system. They may also be used with an accessory plenum and grille for free flow applications.
  • The units are equipped with quiet, large volume air movement forward curved fans, with large outlet areas to minimize air movement noise.

  • Imported Hermetic Scroll compressor.
  • Robust engineered design meets heavy-duty & critical Applications also
  • Higher efficiency, lesser electrical consumption, more cooling.
  • Less prone to damage due to liquid not entering the compressor.
  • Less wear due to fewer moving parts.
  • Side glass for checking of oil level.
  • Silent operation.


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