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Nylon Sewing Threads

Technical Threads


We have for our clients our Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) sewing threads that is available under the brand TENARA. These sewing threads are highly resistant to UV rays, chemical and atmospheric agents. We offer these specialty or technical threads with 15 Years guarantee against U.V. Radiation.

Durable in quality, the threads manufactured by us find their application in various industries. The technical threads available with us includes:


Our 100% Continuous Meta-Aramide Bonded Sewing Threads are good resistant to abrasion and heat. These threads have high resistivity to high temperatures (370°C) and known for their resistance to non-melting and self extinguishing properties.

Nylon Filament Threads


We offer a wide range of nylon filament threads that are offered under the following brand names:

Our premium quality polyamide 6 ( nylon 6 ) sewing threads are offered under the brand name QUARTZ. Made from 100% continuous Nylon 6 (Polyamide 6) yarn of high tenacity, these threads are manufactured on the latest machines. The different features of these threads are:

  • Micromolecular lubrication that helps in minimum wear and tear of machine parts.
  • Alkali resistance.
  • Owing to high tenacity & controlled low elongation, these threads give regular seams without any skipped stitches.
  • Resistance against abrasion.

We offer our nylon filament threads under the brand GARNET. These are made from pre stabilised 100% continuous polyamide yarn of high tenacity. The different advantages of our range of threads include:
  • Controlled low elongation
  • High tenacity
  • Even and regular seams

Payment Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Bank Transfer)

Resin Bonded Threads


manufacture and offer nylon filament resin bonded threads that are of
two types that are:

from 100% Continuous Polyamide 6 high tenacity yarn, our premium
quality polyamide 6 (nylon 6) threads are available under the brans
NYBOND. The manufacturing process of these threads include twisting,
dyeing and then coating with especially made bonding finish. The
features of these threads include:

Excellent performance of
multi-directional sewing operation

Resistance against abrasion

Low stretch

Excellent recovery
properties helping in neat seams


from 100% Continuous Polyamide 6, 6 high tenacity yarn, the bonded
nylon threads available with us are offered under the brand BONDEX.
These threads are manufactured after twisting, dyeing and coating of
specially formulated bonding finish. The bonded nylon threads
available with us come with the following advantages:

  • Excellent performance of
    multi-directional sewing operation

  • Very high abrasion

  • High Melting point of above
    260° C, thus preventing thread melting at needle eye while sewing

  • Low stretch

  • Excellent recovery
    properties helps in neat seams.

bonded nylon threads BONDEX find their usage in ladies shoe uppers,
shoe lining, uppers, leather garments, footwear, wallet, sports
goods, gloves, bags, light leather goods, mattresses, upholstery,
automobile seats, industrial filters, carpets and many other

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