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Industrial Processing Equipment

Industrial Aiphone


  •  Two color doors, three inside monitor stations (3. 5" LCD).
  •  Total handsfree communication, auto-voice actuation.
  •  Instant voice call-in with image .
  •  Press-to-talk operation available.
  •  White led illuminator turns on in low-light conditions.
  •  Door call-in led lights in red.
  •  Different chimes to indicate which door is calling.
  •  Transfer of door station call to other inside stations.
  •  Optional audio sub station (JF-2SD).
  •  Audio door station in lieu of JB video door station.
  •  Talk led lights in red while speaking.
  •  Selective door release control (with RY-3DL).
  •  Visual monitoring with audio, 30 seconds.
  •  Video output via supplied connector (NTSC)
  •  Built-in picture memory (JF-2med only)
  •  Sensor connectable with alarm and pictograph on monitor (JF-2med only).
  •  Outgoing messages can be recorded and sent out at the door station.
  •  Voice memo feature to stay in touch with family

Cyclone Dust Collectors


Our clients can avail from us a wide variety of cyclone dust collectors that manufactured using qualitative raw material and provide optimum performance. Acknowledged for being durable and corrosion resistant, these cyclone dust collectors can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.

  • Designed for collection of granule or short-fibered dust from air or flue gas.
  • For large gas flows several cyclones can be assembled in series (multicyclones)
  • To ensure satisfactory operation, the dust must be relatively dry and must not be tacky or adhesive.

FRP-Engineered Products


We offer our clients with a precision engineered assortment of blowers that are built using superior quality FRP-Engineered Products.

Features :

  •  Low specific gravity-weight
  •  High Strength & stiffness
  •  High dimensional stability
  •  Acid & chemical resistant
  •  Non-electrical conductivity
  •  Ease of repair
  •  Possibility of molding complicated shapes


  •  Aerospace
  •  Land transport
  •  Building construction
  •  Marine vessels, structures
  •  Chemical plants
  •  Electrical, Electronics & communications
  •  Bio-medical rehabilitation
  •  Sports Goods
  •  Customized products.

Plastic Shredders


We supply plastic shredder used to crush hospital waste like glucose bottles, syringe, plastic medicine containers and many more.

Capacity : 20 kg/hr to 100 kgs/hr Features

  • Suitable for treated infectious plastic waste and industrial plastic waste.
  • Robust design with minimum maintenance.
  • Hopper with hinged plate to avoid spillage.
  • Hopper designed to feed waste conveniently.
  • Special rotar design produces uniform granules.
  • Rotary blades made of HSS/ spring steel for tough operation.
  • Low RPM motor with guard, bi-directional motion to avoid jamming.
  • Collection tray of large capacity to accommodate shredded waste.
  • Convenient feed and discharge height.
  • Easy to clean, as the cutting chamber can be fully opened.

SS Needle & Syringe Bins


In our wide range of products, we are supplying optimum quality ss needle & Syringe Bins. This range of needle valve is widely appreciated in the market by our clients for its durability, sturdy construction, perfect finish and long lasting nature.

  • Designed for safe & efficient on-site disposal of needle & syringe head to avoid viral & bacterial infections.
  • Specifications
Size: 200 * 165 * 130 in mm weight: 4 kgs approximate voltage: 230 V, 5A, 50hz, Step 1: Switch on the supply. Insert the needle into the aperture, press and rotate gently. Needle heats upto 1000 c and melts. Step 2:Insert the syringe head into slot, slide in the direction of the arrow. High speed motor with HSS thin cutter actuates by microswitch and cuts the syringe head and stops. Burnt needle ashes and cut syringe heads collects in the tray.

Stainless Steel Scrubbers


Scrubbers offered by us are known for its effectual functioning, long service life and low maintenance cost. These are used for scrubbing the obnoxious fumes such as silicon tetra-fluoride, super phosphate, phosphoric acid and fluorine. Manufactured using quality raw material these are available in various dimensions and specifications.

  • Designed for removal of particulates, gaseous contaminants and to minimise the flue gas temperature.
  • Available with special material of construction as SS316L, SS310, SS304 and of mild steel with lining ceramic Acid Proof tiles to avoid corrosion.
  • Principle of precipitation is co-agglomeration at the venturi section where through atomizing is achieved by a deferential pressure.
  • Re-circulation of scrubbing medium (water with 5% caustic) with a chemical SS pump.
  • Multi-type Systems with venturi throat, packed Towers and mist eliminators,configuration to suit pollutants in emission.
  • Design enables ease installation and maintenance.
  • Emergency spray system to cool the hot gas and clean the system.

Industrial Sterilizers


We offer an assortment of technically superior sterilizers that are widely used in various industries. Our high performance sterilizers are widely used in food processing industry where absolute hygiene is strictly needed. Our sterilizers are capable to consistently work for longer period efficiently.

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