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Thrive Energy Technologies Private Limited

Established in the year 2006, we, Thrive Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (TET), are an independent Renewable Energy Solutions & Technology provider. Our primary focus is to offer optimum quality range of Solar LED Lighting Systems for the Solar Photovoltaic applications. Over the years, we have been able to built a significant track record in implementing Solar Projects, across the globe.

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Basic Information
Year of Establishment
Legal Status of Firm
Private Limited Company
Nature of Business
Number of Employees
101 to 500 People

Quality Assurance

Quality being our forte, our endeavors are directed towards attaining it at every level of our business activities. We have developed an advanced quality management department, which is equipped with all the requisite facilities. Our entire range of LED Lighting Systems is manufactured as per the international standards and is dispatched after complete assurance from the in-house R&D unit. Furthermore, our team of quality controllers tests the products based on well defined parameters. To ensure the complete quality assurance of our products, these are also certified by UN agencies and GOI.
Some of the International Awards we have received are:
  • 2006 Development Marketplace
  • 2008 Lighting Africa
  • 2009 Lighting Tanzania

Our Quality Assurance

All the products offered above were developed through in-house R&D and refined over several versions before being released to the consumers and they have been certified by UN agencies and GOI.


Certified by UN agencies and GOI spacer.

Core Values

Over the years, the reputable position that we have attained is due to our expertise in serving the customers in the best possible manner. Our high quality products have made us stand ahead our counterparts in the market. Our organization works on the following core values:
  • Serving lighting products to the needy located in forests, villages and towns
  • Providing high quality lighting products at affordable prices
  • Employment generation through energy entrepreneurs in every village
  • Reducing pollution through kerosene replacement with solar lights
  • Giving higher value to various partners and stakeholders

Our product Range

We are one of the prominent organizations involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting an extensive range of LED Lighting Systems. Our range includes Low Cost Study Light, Accendo Mini Light, Accendo LED Portable Home Light, Solar LED Home Lighting System, and Solar LED Street Light to Rural Villages, Farms, & Institutions. Apart from this, we also meet the requirements of Solar Panel Based Power Back Up Systems which are installed in Banks, Schools, & Hospitals, and Solar Panels. Manufactured at par with the latest technological advancements, these lights are known for their clean lighting and are accredited to reduce carbon emissions.
Our product range encompasses the following features:
  • Can be charged using any mobile charger or solar based simple
  • Uses the world's best LED and advanced lCs
  • Full-bright mode for more convenience and energy saving


Apart from offering optimum quality range of LED Lighting Systems, we also provide consultancy services to ensure great energy efficiency. As energy efficiency (lighting) is useful for commercial buildings, industrial plants and homes, our trained professionals provide solutions to replace the conventional lighting products. While providing our services, we focus on reducing the carbon emissions and aim to increase awareness on green lighting among our customers.
New Coverage
THRIVE ENERGY launches the Solar Hawkers light to improve the productivity of millions of street hawkers and reduce kerosene consumption for commercial purposes. Details are to be updated soon.

Why Thrive ?

Our organization has emerged as a leading name in the field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting LED based products and solar based power systems. We are involved in providing innovative lighting solutions to small rural/forest households and urban institutions. Some of the attributes that set us apart from our competitors encompass the following:
  • We are renowned as the only organization which is engaged in offering a complete range of LED lighting products, starting from Indian Rs. 250 study light for the poor and Rs. 450 for mini light for children, along with offering solar panels to large mega watt solar power plants. We have 14 types of lighting products to serve our clients' needs.
  • These lighting products are based on innovative designs, wherein the shape, size, reflection and handling are all based on users' requirements. Furthermore, these products are designed from never adopted from a CFL lantern or from a hand torch.
  • Except for the LEDs and batteries, we manufacture most of the parts in-house and the casing moulds are all owned by the company.
  • We are backed by state-of-the-art, manufacturing divisions for community projects, carbon credit’s related work, street lighting, and solar power packs among others.
  • We are committed to manufacture the best quality lights using high grade components (Nichia LEDs, microchip processors)
  • We also provide excellent services and have always upgraded and repaired the lights supplied by us.
  • Backed by rained manpower and service center
  • Before we sell or distribute any of these lights, either it is Haiti or Kenya or Afghanistan, we always establish the service support before its actual sale/distribution
  • Our customized financing mechanisms help the poor to acquire the lightning facilities. It works mostly with micro finance organizations, women groups, rural banks, NABARD, SIDBI and host of other organizations committed to working with the poor. As such TET does not sell the lights in shopping malls or in home depots in metros
  • Our organization is supported by social entrepreneurs having rich background in public health, environmental management, renewable energy, entrepreneur development, medicine, and Marketing. They have also achieved great success in their respective careers with 20 years of experience before joining our company. Besides this, our senior management belongs to the age group of 40- 45 years and possess complete process knowledge

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being one of the leading organizations, involved in manufacturing and supplying Renewable Energy Solutions & Technology provider focusing primarily on offering LED Lighting System, we have also realized our responsibility towards society. In this competitive market, our organization has set an example in CSR by adopting urban slums in Hyderabad and providing lights to them at subsidized prices, so as to improve their standard of living. Over these years, we have realized the fact that, “The business of business is no longer just business” and aimed towards community development with the purpose of working for the well-being of mankind. Considering social responsibility as an important objective, we are working towards attaining it by following sound business strategies. Our organization endeavors to develop the next generation of ideas and markets.
Commitment to improve the society and integrate the business operations with social and environmental concerns is the prime motto of our Corporate Social Responsibility. World business council has described CSR as “Business commitment to contribute to sustainable economic development working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of life”. Our tremendous potential to build upon corporate reputation is an important intangible asset for us. With the help of CSR activities, corporations have recognized and realized the opportunities for bottom-line benefits including corporate goodwill.
Some of the major benefits that an organization avails after getting through CSR activities are:
  • Can build goodwill
  • Win customer loyalty
  • Attract talent
  • Conduit for bringing positive change in the community


LED based technology – The future of lighting industry Light Emitting Diode, known as called LED, which is fast emerging technology in lighting. It is considered as a brilliant technology breakthrough. Manufactured using semi conductors, these LEDs are tough, do not fail, and ensure to last for 100,000 hours. In addition, these lights also consume low currents of electricity either from the grid or from battery DC sources. Many reputed organizations are investing huge amount of money in developing better LEDs and LED based products. The LED applications mainly include home lighting, decorative lighting, street lighting, automotive lighting, and specialized lighting. These products are gradually replacing the conventional lighting products everywhere and providing a reliable, economical and energy saving lighting solution to the customers worldwide. LEDs can be developed by large firms, wherein the packaging and custom installation requirements of the product are vast.
We bring this technology to the needy:
  • Our expertise in the respective domain enables us to bring energy technology to homes of poor and middle class that are otherwise preferred to be employed in lighting a Boeing aircraft, or back lighting the high end televisions.
  • We use 0.2 watts for study light, 0.4 watts for mini light and 1.0 watt for portable home light and 4 watt for tube light replacement light for homes and 12 watts for a powerful street light
  • The measures adopted by us ensure complete energy conservation at the same time providing 20 times more light than the kerosene wick lamps or equal light of a 40 watt tube light for street light applications.
  • We deploy crystalline solar cells 0.6 watt for study light 1.0 watt for mini light and 3 watt for portable light and 37 watt for street light. This achieves 10 hrs of continuous light in study light, 10 hrs in a mini light and 30 hrs in a portable light and 7 days of continuous light in a street light.
  • In addition, we also make use of state-of-the-art micro processors from microchip in all our products and make these lights work the right way. This ensure saving energy and imparts long life to the LED, battery and other electronics.


We are run by a group of social entrepreneurs, which is the backbone of our organization. They are committed to work for improvisation of energy access in the world through sustainable means. Our team comprises:
  • Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Quality controllers
  • Sales and Marketing executives
  • Consultants

All our professionals are highly qualified and hold rich industry experience in public health, environment management, renewable energy, entrepreneur development, medicine and marketing. All these professionals possess 20 years of experience and have achieved great success in their respective careers. Their hard-core professional commitment has helped us to provide complete sustainable energy solutions to our customers.

Innovate Business Model

From the very beginning, we believe in delivering an innovative and sustainable solution at the root level. These include supply chain as short as possible by avoiding middlemen. We also believe in providing customized financing mechanisms to help the poor to acquire lightning solutions. Thus, we generally work with micro finance organizations, women groups, rural banks, NABARD, SIDBI and host of other international organizations and like-minded NGOs. These organizations are committed to work with the poor for their development. We don't sell the lights in shopping malls or in home depots in metros. The initiative taken by the communities has resulted in the high success rate of projects undertaken by us.
We help numerous business organizations for reducing the use of energy intensity by providing them our customized solar LED solutions. Besides, we also support the communities in gaining access to the clean lighting through CSR initiatives.

Projects Executed

We have been able to undertake crucial projects for our clients and have provided them with the sustainable energy saving solutions. With our capability to understand the customers specific needs, we have been able to successfully execute diverse projects for reputed organizations.
Some of the important projects that we have accomplished so far are as follows:
Partnerships With Local and International Funding Agencies
  • We have worked closely with many organizations like World Bank (Disaster Relief project in Haiti), UNDP (Kenya), UNIDO (Kenya and Eritrea), UNAMA (Afghanistan), CHF International, and FWWB- Ahmedabad.
Partnerships with NGOs
  • Our organization has completed projects for ESAF, Swetcha, Gram Vikas, Vignan Ashram, S3idf, Ankuran for various village level programs.
Partnership with organizations
  • Worked with reputed organizations like KSK Energy, Pepsi co, ONGC, Wipro, Jindal steels, and Infosys have distributed Accendo lights under CSR activities.
  • Village outlets of Coromandel Fertilizers were provided with solar backup for their MIS.
Partnership with Micro Finance Institutions
  • We have completed crucial projects for many organizations like MFIs like SKS, WSDS, Chanura, Ori, Machelaima, IDPMS, and VVD have collaborated with TET for empowering their members.
Partnership with Government agencies
  • TET has implemented “LED Village Campaign” in Pagidipalli village (AP) in collaboration with BEE and NEDCAP.
  • We have provided solar power packs to Sapthagiri Grameen Bank at Vadamalapet village in Chittor Dt. AP to make it one of the first solar banks in the country.
  • Solar based street lights and study lights are provided for the Social Welfare Hostels in Andhra Pradesh
  • Allahabad Grameen Bank (formerly, Lucknow Kshetriya Bank) is distributing solar based home lighting systems for their kisan credit card holders
Solar Lighting Project (Solar Urja Abhiyan)
  • We have also undertaken important projects in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.
  • The project is aimed at providing a set of Accendo home lights to 120,000 Self Help Group members in 1200 villages in Raebareli and Sultanpur districts in Uttar Pradesh in a span of 2 years.


We have successfully positioned ourselves in this competitive market for providing valuable energy saving solutions. This has been possible due to our global reputation, sustainable partnerships with our esteemed clients. The optimum quality range of LED Lighting Systems and products offered by us are reliable and have high battery backup and are available at most affordable prices. Backed by advanced manufacturing unit and dexterous team of professionals, we have developed 14 types of LED based lightings for rural and urban application. Furthermore, realizing our responsibility towards society, we have effectively provided green solution to rural India. It is due to our all round excellence that we have supplied our products to various government agencies. We also conducted "LED Village Campaign" in Pagidipalli village (AP) in collaboration with BEE and NEDCAP Lighting for social welfare Schools and Hostels in Gowlidoddi, Hyderabad.
Some of the names of our prestigious clients include:
UN Agencies
  • UNAMA, Kabul
  • UNIDO, Nairobi
  • World Bank for Haiti Earthquake relief work
  • Lighting Africa project, Kenya
  • GRAM VIKAS, Berhampur, Orissa
  • MALGHAT MITRA, Maharashtra
  • Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Maharashtra
  • Kisan Mahasabha, Ranchi
  • CCN for tribes, Visakhaptnam
  • S3IDF, Bangalore and Hyderabad
  • Vimala Sankar Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Technology for People, Koorg, Kerala
  • WASAN, Tarnaka, Hyderabad
  • Ankuran, Koraput
  • Timbaktu, Anantpuram, AP
  • SAHARA, Koraput, Orissa
  • IDPMs, Bangalore
  • Zindal industries
  • Keltron
Microfinance Agencies
  • FWWB, Ahmadabad
  • Solar power packs to Sapthagin Grameen Bank at Vadamalapet village in Chittor Dt. AP to make it one of the first solar banks in the country
  • Allahabad Grameen Bank (formerly, LucknowKshetriya Bank) is distributing solar basedhome lighting systems fortheir kisancredit card holders
Developmental Initiatives
  • Proseed project, Cambodia
  • Earth institute, Kenya and Malawi, Africa
  • Surf, Rwanda

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