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Indian Paintings

Oil Paintings

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Our oil paintings comprises a rich collection of many styles of art from classic to abstract, through impressionism, art deco, cubism, surrealism and naturalism.

You'll be sure to find the affordable solution with our collection of oil paintings. Whether you're looking for a floral still life, abstract or modern artwork, landscapes, seascapes, paintings of figures or animals, sports items, we are confident you'll find what you are looking for at this one-stop address for oil paintings and picture frames.

Rajasthani Paintings

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We follow the true spirit of the paintings of this region. Traditionally these Rajasthani paintings were done on the freshly plastered mud walls of huts but now they are done on paper, canvas, cloth, bone.. The colors used in the miniatures were mainly derived from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver

Relief Painting

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We excel in Relief Painting. Our Relief painting work is greatly appreciated by art connoisseurs. Relief painting is something which is embossed from the real surface of painting. A mural work on plywood can be seized as an instance for relief painting. Relief painting can be something that is in fact embossed or also it can have a delusion of pressure painting. .


Relief paintings are inspirational and uncomplicated. In spite of their amazing designs, they never cease to intrigue. In some paintings, only a few lines can portray the whole sense. The most common feature of a relief painting is that it is fully painted by hands.

Tree Of Life Paintings

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With their amazing designs, they never cease to intrigue.

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