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Industrial Chemicals

Our clients can avail from us a wide gamut of Chemicals, specifically formulated as per their composition. These chemicals are renowned for their remarkable features like eco-friendliness, non-toxic, longer shelf life, non-corrosive and precise PH value.

Clients can avail a wide range of Silver Nitrate, which is available as silver nitrate crystal, silver nitrate powder and water soluble silver nitrate (lunar caustic). It is a kind of soluble chemical compound with chemical formula AgNO3. Some of the similar compounds are used in the photography, but it is comparatively far less sensitive to light than the halides. We are instrumental in providing this compound in bulk and relatively smaller packagings to our clients.
We have the proficiency in offering a wide array of Titanium Dioxide that is procured from authentic vendors of the market. Our range also includes anatase titanium dioxide, rutile titanium dioxide and is extensively used for coloring as well as printing paste in the Chemical Fiber. The titanium dioxide chemical offered by us is used in industries like Rubber, Paint and Cosmetic. These are very helpful in assuring visual brightness to the finished products.

We are instrumental in offering a wide range of Liquid Paraffin, which is formulated in conformation with industry standards. Paraffinic in nature, our range is processed using a pure mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbon, which is obtained from petrol. Furthermore, when this paraffin comes in contact with cold and free environment, it becomes transparent, colorless, tasteless and odorless. 

 We offer paraffin wax 58-60 c to our clients. The Paraffin Wax, we are offering are known in the markets due to its unique features that are improvised by us. The supplying of Paraffin Wax with great quality of raw material assures their durability for a long time. The assimilation of different chemicals with accuracy that support clients to smoothen up their industrial functioning. For the supplying of supreme quality Paraffin Wax, we are nurtured in the global markets as the most trusted trader of Paraffin Wax.
We are catering pure and effective range of ammonium acetate which is formulated with the help of our chemical engineers. The ammonium acetate offered by us is available in extra pure and pure forms. Owing to its salient features, the ammonium acetate is white crystalline hygroscopic compound with least assay in it. Apart from this, ammonium acetate possesses low chloride, sulphate and iron content.
Calcium citrate is the calcium salt of citric acid. It is commonly used as a food additive, usually as a preservative, but sometimes for flavor. In this sense, it is similar to sodium citrate. Calcium citrate is also used as a water softener because the citrate ions can chelate unwanted metal ion.
We are engaged in offering Hexamine that is known as hexamethylenetetramine. It is a heterocyclic organic compound having the chemical formula of (CH2)6 N4. It is a white crystalline solid, which is highly soluble in water and other organic solvents. Hexamine offered by us sublimes cleanly in a vacuum at 280 °C and have the reminiscent of adamantine & other symmetrical organic compounds.
We offer silver chloride extrapover the years, we have successfully served the requirements of our clients, offering silver compounds and salts that are highly authentic and free from all probable impurities. Our range includes silver chloride that is white crystalline solid having low solubility in water. Ure to our clients.

We offer superior quality Sodium Hydroxide, which is also known as Lye and Caustic Soda. Having a caustic metallic base, it is widely used in several industries such as in the production of pulp and paper, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents. Apart from this, it is also used as a drain cleaner. Pure sodium hydroxide is a white solid.

We offer di-sodium tetraborate ar borax to our clients. This salt of boric acid usually occurs as a white powder composed of soft colorless crystals that readily dissolve in water. Being a versatile chemical it is used as a component of many detergents, cosmetics and enamel glazes.
Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, an organic acid that has been used extensively as a fungistatic agent for foods. Potassium sorbate is used to inhibit molds, yeasts, and fungi in many foods, such as cheese,, and baked goods. Potassium sorbate is effective in a variety of applications including food, and personal care.

Avail from us a superior quality range of sodium lauryl sulphate that finds application in many cleaning and hygiene products. Our range of sodium lauryl sulphate is widely appreciated for its accurate composition, high purity and longer shelf life.

Potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is used to control acid gases, nitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds and light molecular weight gases (See table below for a list of gases which can be effectively removed with potassium permanganate).Typical installations where these gases are present include waste water treatment plants, pulp and paper mills, airports, chemical plants, refineries, air dryers, scrubber tanks and compressor intake systems.

We offer silver Nitrate to our clients. These are made from high quality material and procured from reliable vendors. These are available at reasonable prises.

In order to satisfy the varying needs of our clients, we are engaged in offering a wide range of premium quality Sodium Dichromate. This have bright orange in color and look like needle or granular crystal in shape. When exposed to air, these are deliquescent and are also easily soluble in water into solutions of acidic orange. When it is combined with an acid medium, Sodium Dichromate is an immensely oxidizing toxic liquid.

We offer to our clients high grade potassium iodate chemical, which is fabricated by reacting a potassium-containing base such as potassium hydroxide with iodic acid. Our range of Potassium iodate is used for iodination of table salt and also as a maturing agent in baking. Moreover, Potassium iodate is also used as an ingredient in baby formula milk. Available in various configuration, this compound can also be custom made as per clients requirements.

The commonly known table sugar is basically Sucrose Powder, which is the organic compound and sometimes called saccharose. It is a white, odorless, crystalline powder with a sweet taste and is best known for its important role in the human nutrition.
We offer zinc dust extrapure to our clients. Zinc dust is a pure metal powder, which is grey in colour and is produced by condensation of purified zinc vapors. The particle shape is spherical. Zinc dust is suitable for use in many binder formulations for the manufacture of zinc primers and shop primers, for example inorganic ethyl silicate and epoxy primers.
We offer quality and accurately composite range of butyl acetate that are known as good solvents for a broad range of resins as they are miscible with almost all common organic liquids. Due to their powerful solvency, high volatility and mild odor, butyl acetates are widely used in the manufacture and in the processing of paints, coatings, adhesives, and printing industry. They have a very low solubility in water and used as extraction solvents for fine chemicals particularly for certain and are also used as chemical intermediate to manufacture pharmaceuticals, synthetic flavorings, cleaners, and other organic compounds.
We are engaged in offering Diethylene Glycol which has properties such as odorless, hygroscopic, poisonous clear liquid. It is generally used as a solvent, coolant and as a humectant for glue, tobacco, printing ink and cork. Further, we also provide Diethylene Glycol as per the specific requirements of clients.
Mercuric Nitrate also known as mercury nitrate; mercury pernitrate are white crystals with acetic odor that decompose when heated. Mercuric Nitrate is  soluble in water and nitric acid and insoluble in alcohol.
Cobalt sulphate is a red crystalline granule powder, which can be blended with fertilizer to increase herbage cobalt levels for animal health and is also an animal remedy used to prevent and treat cobalt deficiency in livestock.
Magnesium Sulphate is sourced from reliable manufacturers to ensure purity and effectiveness. We test our chemical before delivering it to our clients for different quality parameters. Magnesium sulphate finds its application in printing and other industries such as in agricultural.
We manufacture superior quality ferrous sulphate dried in powder for which is used in variety of applications. Our range of ferrous sulphate dried meets the chemical requirements of various industries. Our range is properly packed so that its purity and efficiency is maintained till it reaches the clients end.
We offer saccharin (insoluble) to our clients. he basic substance, benzoic sulfilimine, has effectively no food energy and is much sweeter than sucrose, but has an unpleasant bitter or metallic aftertaste, especially at high concentrations. It is used to sweeten products such as drinks, candies, biscuits, medicines, and toothpaste.
We are supplying a highly purified range of Industrial Grade Sulphur Powder, which is used for various industrial applications such as Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Rubber Industries, Pyrotechnic Industries and Matchsticks Manufacturing Factories. These types of Sulphur are manufactured keeping the various applications area into the consideration and is accurately composed.
We are the major supplier of the Trichloroethylene. Our Trichloroethylene is a well formulated chemical which is obtained from the reputed manufacturers and is therefore tested on the strict industry norms. We provide special leak proof packaging for better storage and transportation. Our Trichloroethylene is available in affordable prices.
We supply premium grade zinc oxide used extensively for applications in electroplating. It is available in amorphous white or yellowish powder. When used as an electroplating agent it improves the flexibility and hardness of the coating.
We are offering our clients high quality zinc carbonate that is imported from some of the reliable vendors of international market. It is used as an astringent and excipient in beauty care & cosmetic products. It is also used as a transparent activator in rubber and plastics. Our range is appreciated for its precise composition, purity and safe usage. In addition, we provide these in proper packaging and at most affordable prices.
We offer triethylamine for synthesis to our clients Backed by the team of our industrious professionals, we are engaged in offering a superior quality range of Triethylamine Liquid, having the formula of N(CH2CH3)3. Commonly abbreviated as Et3N, it is easily encountered in organic synthesis. Some of the reasons for its easy availability can be the simplest symmetrically trisubstituted amine, that is, a tertiary amine, that tursn into liquid at room temperature. Its major feature is that it releases a strong fishy smell that resembles ammonia.
We are extensively engaged in offering Potassium Iodide having the chemical formula KI. It is a white salt and an inorganic compound that is less hygroscopic than sodium iodide. Old, Spoiled and impure form appears yellow due to the oxidation of iodide to iodine. It has the most commercial uses as nutritional supplement in human & animal feeds and is medicinally used in the tablets.
We are instrumental in providing excellent Phenol Crystal, which is also termed as Carbolic Acid. It is a toxic and white crystalline solid with chemical formula C6H5OH. Having minimum solubility in water, this chemical is widely demanded in Construction, Steel & Beverage Industries.
We provide premium quality and effective potassium chloride which is procured from reliable and trusted partners in the manufacturing industry. Our potassium chloride is used in various industrial applications.
We procure and supply a premium quality range of Ferric Chloride to our clients, based all across the domestic market. Owing to its purity and higher shelf life, Ferric Chloride is widely used in several industrial applications.   Some of the applications are as follows:  

* Used in used in sewage treatment and drinking water production
* Used as a leaching agent in chloride hydro-metallurgy
* Used as catalyst for the reaction of ethylene with chlorine, forming ethylene dichloride
Cetylstearyl alcohol is a mixture of fatty alcohols, consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols and is classified as a fatty alcohol. It is used as an emulsion stabilizer, opacifying agent, and foam boosting surfactant, as well as an aqueous and nonaqueous viscosity-increasing agent.
Iodine and its compounds are primarily used in nutrition, the production of acetic acid and polymers. Iodine's relatively high atomic number, low toxicity, and ease of attachment to organic compounds have made it a part of many X-ray contrast materials in modern medicine.
Hydrogen peroxide is the most eco-friendly and versatile oxidising chemical available in today's world. Our products are specially designed to meet the demands of the end user applications. Asian peroxides ltd. Produces hydrogen peroxide exclusively by the auto-oxidation process, the "state of art" process for producing hydrogen peroxide.
We offer calcium carbonatre extra pure. These are procured from reliable vendors and are made from high quality material. These are hihly demanded by our client and are available at reasonable prices.
We have in store with us Carbon Tetra Chloride, which is sourced from reliable vendors of the market. Our carbon tetra chloride is of superior quality meeting the criteria stated by national and global market. This chemical is further tested under different parameters by our procuring agents to ensure flawless performance of the product. This chemical is also widely acclaimed by our customers for their exact composition and purity and are available at affordable price.
We offer petroleum ether to our clients. Our clients can avail a quality range of Petroleum Ether from our organization at the most affordable prices. Being highly flammable and dangerous, it is recommended that clients should use it with extreme care.
Procured from the reliable manufacturers Potassium Hydroxide Powder supplied by us ensures superb quality. Augmented demand of Pure Potassium Hydroxide is the proof of its unparalleled quality. Finding application in various industries we make them available at very legible rates.
Nickel sulphate used as a common source of nickel sulphate in the laboratory and in electroplating baths, our nickel sulphate is a chemical compound available in blue colored salt.
We bring forth for our clients Mercury Metal that is also known as quick silver. The metal is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It is the only metal available that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure; further, the only other element that is liquid under these conditions is bromine.
Pine oil is an essential oil obtained by the steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones from a variety of species of pine, particularly pinus sylvestris. Pine oil is distinguished from other products from pine such as turpentine, the low-boiling fraction from the distillation of pine sap, and rosin, the thick tar remaining after turpentine is distilled. Pine oil is a phenolic disinfectant that is mildly antiseptic. Pine oil disinfectants are relatively inexpensive and widely available.
We are instrumental in offering a wide range of Liquid Paraffin, which is formulated in conformation with industry standards. Paraffinic in nature, our range is processed using a highly pure mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons, which are obtained from petrol. Furthermore, when this paraffin comes in contact with cold and free environment, it becomes transparent, colorless, tasteless and odorless.
We provide a wide range of high quality Potassium Chloridethat is in huge demand in the national and international markets. We have carved a niche as one of the booming Potassium Chloride exporter and supplier based in India. Our Potassium Chloride Chemical is highly appreciated for excellent chemical and physical properties.
Ammonium molybdate is an odorless crystalline compound ranging in color from white to yellow-green. Also called molybdic acid hexammonium salt tetrahydrate, ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate, and ammonium heptamolybdate tetrahydrate, it finds application across diverse range of industries.
We are a highly acknowledged offering of finest quality Potassium Carbonate. Potassium Carbonate is a white salt that forms a strongly alkaline solution. Potassium Carbonate is a very important chemical and is used for a variety of purposes in various industrial segments. We pack Potassium Carbonate in safe packaging and deliver to the customers on time.
We bring forth for our clients Dimethyl Formamide whose formula is (CH3)2NC(O)H. Apart from high boiling point, it is a polar aprotic solvent. As far as its odor is concerned, its pure composition is odorless whereas substandard dimethyl formamide has a fishy odor because of taint dimethylamine. In order to satisfy the varying needs of our clients, we offer these chemicals in several specifications.
We supply magnesium chloride. It is a natural mineral. Magnesium chloride serves as precursor to other magnesium compound. Magnesium chloride is used for a variety of other applications besides the production of magnesium the manufacture of textiles, paper, fireproofing agents, cements, and refrigeration brine.
We are amongst leading traders of Buffer Tablets and Buffer Capsules, which are extensively used for the calibration of pH meters and for chemical testing. These are formulated using superior chemicals and other material under stringent quality process. Thereafter, these are tested on various parameters. Our Products are of superior quality and have various industrial applicatons.These are available on affordable prices. 

We offer a comprehensive range of Benzene, a light yellow and flammable liquid with high melting point. It is a by-product of crude oil, which ranks it upto top 20 chemicals in production volume.Our range is widely appreciated as it easily Evaporates in air, is Non-soluble in water. These are available at leading market rates.

We offer menthol extrapure (crystals) to our clients. Menthol crystals are made by the fractional distillation of menthol oil. The distilled oil yields pure menthol as a fraction, that is gradually cooled and crystallized. It is Manufactured by extraction of menthol from menthol oil. The oil is chilled to a temperature of -40°C to separate the menthol, which is later crystallized by slow cooling.
We offer N-Butyl Alcohol (F-Butanol). We are one of the renowned suppliers of prime quality butyl alcohol which is used in clear colorless solution. Butyl alcohol is widely used in various industrial applications   like paints, plastics, nitricellouse cotton, thinners etc. Butyl alcohol is tested through various parameters for their untroubled and harmless use.

Sorbitol is basically comes in a form of powder and widely used as artificial sweetener whose basic substance is benzoic sulfinide. This powder is widely used to sweeten various products, such as drinks, candies, medicines and toothpaste. Appear in the form of colorless crystals, our range is highly demanded in the market. 

Aluminum Hydroxide Gel is pharmaceutical products that show vivid usage in diverse applications. The area where these gels are applicable, ranges from glass manufacturing to antacids. Our range is also formulated under the guidance of complete panel of experts and is offered at cost-effective rates. 

Widely demanded in pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic industries, Acetone is one of the most accepted products available with us. This colorless, flammable liquid serves as an important solvent, typically for cleaning purposes in the various laboratories. Besides, this acetone is also used in a variety of general medical and cosmetic applications. 

Our clients can avail from us a premium quality range of Starch, which is formulated using the best quality ingredients by our associated vendors. Acknowledged for their accurate composition, freshness, purity and high pH value, these are widely used in the applications of pharmaceutical, textile, food and paper industries. Offered at cost effective rates, our range is delivered in safe and hygienic packaging. 

Ammonium Bromide Ammonium bromide, NH4Br, is a substance used in manufacturing photographic chemicals and emulsion. It is also used as a flame retardant. Ammonium bromide can be prepared by the direct action of hydrogen bromide on ammonia. The chemical crystallizes in colourless prisms, possessing a saline taste; it sublimes on heating and is easily soluble in water. On exposure to air it gradually assumes a yellow colour and becomes acid in its reaction.
With the help of our skilled professionals, we are engaged in offering an impeccable range of Mercuric Chloride, which is also known as corrosive sublimate. Available in white color, the Mercuric Chloride is odorless. Owing to their form of heavy powder, this chemical is widely used as an antiseptic & disinfectant and in insecticides, preservatives and batteries.
Tri sodium citrate is one more important chemical used in industries, colleges and in medicinal laboratories.  These chemicals are very bitter in their taste and are available in white crystalline powder in the market.
We offer dextrin white extra pure. This is a white powder processed by hydrolysis or heating of starch. Dextrin white is a mixture of polymers of D-glucose units and completely soluble in water. This powder is also available in other colors like yellow and brown. White dextrins are extensively used in Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals and Paper units.
We offer thiourea extrapure to our clients. Thiourea include production of flame retardant resins, and vulcanization accelerators. Thiourea is used as an auxiliary agent in diazo paper (light-sensitive photocopy paper) and almost all other types of copy paper.
We offer xylene sulphur to our clients. The sulphur dust should be handled very carefully as it gets ignited very easily and are prone to explosions. Due to this reason the Xylene Sulphur dust available from our company comes with proper packaging as it can react with any alkaline substance.
We offer sodium benzoate to our clients. It is used as anticorrosive agent and as a nerve stimulant in combination with caffeine. In addition, sodium benzoate is used as a diagnostic reagent for liver functions in the pharmaceutical field.
The chemical compound potassium nitrate (KNO3) offered by us is manufactured using the best quality drugs. Also known as saltpeter, it is used in different chemical industries and increasingly demanded globally owing to its oxidizing, water solubility and low cost that makes it an ideal short-term rust inhibitor. Moreover, these days it is increasingly used in several toothpastes for treating sensitive teeth.
We offer silver acetate to our clients. These are procured from reliable vendors. These are highly demanded by our clients and are available at reasonable prices.
Our organization is engaged in formulating and offering a wide range of Stannous Chloride to our clients. Processed using quality compounds and ingredients, it is in compliance with industry standards and norms. It is primarily a colorless crystalline solid, which is extensively used as a reducing agent in acid solution and for tin-plating in electrolytic baths.
We have been listed among the top most Ethyl Acetate importer and exporter from Maharashtra, India. The Ethyl Acetate provided by us is made from superior quality base materials which give it superb chemical and physical properties.
We offer high quality of potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate exra pure, which is procured from reliable vendors. These are highly demanded by our client and are available at reasonable prices.
Being a client-centric organization, we are engaged in offering sodium hydroxide pellets to our customers. Formulated in compliance with the international quality standards, these pellets are white in color, strongly alkaline and corrosive. Being an acidic solvent, it is recommended to our clients, that do not let the skin come in its contact as its highly corrosive properties can cause burns.

We provide Diethyl Ether to our clients, which is a clear color less liquid. It is used in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Chemicals and others. Further, we use high quality raw material and follow strict quality policy to ensure that we provide optimum quality to our client.

We are pleased to offer MAGNESIUM CARBONATE from our ready stock at most competitive prices . Magnesium carbonate as a raw material for manufacturing Tobacco products and pharmaceuticals products and also widely used in the manufacturing of various henna products , mehendi etc. We assure you of our best services of all time.
Naphthalene is an organic compound with formula C10H8. It is a white crystalline solid with a characteristic odor that is detectable at concentrations as low as 0.08 ppm by mass. As an aromatic hydrocarbon, naphthalene's structure consists of a fused pair of benzene rings. It is best known as the traditional ingredient(s) of mothballs.
Nickel Sulphate Used as a common source of nickel sulphate in the laboratory and in electroplating baths, our nickel sulphate is a chemical compound available in blue colored salt.
Nitrobenzene 20% is a combination of nitrogen and plant growth regulators that are extracted from sea weeds. Our range is used to prevent detritions and is responsible for highest penetration of hormones in plant. Owing to all these attributes, our Nitrobenzene 20% are appreciated by our valued clients.
We offer superior quality Cobalt Nitrate which is derived from reacting metallic cobalt or one of its oxides, hydroxides or carbonate with nitric acid. This cobalt nitrate is commonly used in dyes and inks as well as common source of cobalt in metal organic frameworks and polymers.
We are engaged in offering a quality range of Cobalt Chloride that finds its application in various industries and is widely appreciated for its superior quality, purity, safe usage and precise pH value. It is also used to indicate desiccant products and poses health risks and environmental issues.
Our potassium bromide is synthesized by using high graded raw material as per the industrial standards. These are provided to our clients after they are passed through various stringent quality tests based on crucial parameters. Offered at highly competitive prices, these find their application in the following areas:

* Regenerating bleaching baths for Colour Stock
* Paper and Pulp Industry
* Printing Industry
* Pharmaceutical Industry
We are a highly acknowledged Manufacturer and Exporter of finest quality Potassium Carbonate. Potassium Carbonate is a white salt that forms a strongly alkaline solution. Potassium Carbonate is a very important chemical and is used for a variety of purposes in various industrial segments. We pack Potassium Carbonate in safe packaging and deliver to the customers on time.

Features :

* White in colour
* Appears as a damp or wet solid’
* Melts at boiling point
* Soluble in water
* Insoluble in alcohol and acetone
We hold in-depth expertise in offering calcium Phosphate, which is insoluble in water and is used in poultry feed. It is formulated from active ingredients and is mainly used as a dietary supplement in preparing breakfast cereals, dog treats, enriched flour, and noodle products.
Benzyl alcohol, also called phenyl methanol or phenylcarbinol,  is a clear,  colorless liquid with a mild pleasant aromatic odour;  melting at -15o C and Boiling at 205 C. It is a primary alcohol with arene group. It is insoluble in water and readily insoluble in alcohol and ether. Benzyl alcohol is prepared by the alkaline hydrolysis of benzyl chloride. Benzyl alcohol has properties of strong polarity and limited water solubility.
Leveraging on our huge experience in the domain of Ethanolamine Chemical, we bring forth a large assortment of Liquid Ethanolamine. Our Ethanolamine Chemical is procured from the trustworthy vendors who lay special emphasis on the quality. Prepared from the qualitative base materials, our Ethanolamine Chemical is of high quality and utility.
We offer pure ammonia solution lr/ar grade. These highly effective chemical products offered by us find widespread application in the fertilizer manufacturing industry. In order to ensure safely delivery of ammonia solution, we provide it in appropriate packaging.
We offer toluene rectified extrapure to our clients. hese rectifiers are widely used in the electronic industry for the purpose of converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). These are also used for the purpose of enhancing voltage supply. Clients can avail our range at industry leading price.

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