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Moisture Meter Fiber Testing Instruments


to determine the moisture content percentage in fibre, yarn and fabrics.

measuring range is up to 13% for cotton, 20% for viscose and1. 4% for polyester. Can also be supplied as per the user specification

high frequency resistance principle enabbles strict moisture measurement.

Wrap Block Fiber Testing Instruments



wrap block - 1

hand operated with 1 yard circumference

reings bell before competion of 15 yards


wrap block - 2

hand operated with 1/2 yard circumference

reings bell before competion of 15 yards


Fibre Strength



precise and similtaneous determination of strength and elongation of fiber bundle.

strength is measured from 2. 0 to 7. 0 kilograms and elongation range is upto 50 %

constant rate of loading (crl) principle, ranging between 1 kg/sec. And 7 kg/sec.

proven concept, elegant design and assorted accessories makes the test easier and quicket.



Product Code: fst-01

Fiber Strength Tester Fiber Testing Instruments



precise and similtaneous determination of strength and elongation of fiber bundle.

strength is measured from 2. 0 to 7. 0 kilograms and elongation range is upto 50 %

constant rate of loading (crl) principle, ranging between 1 kg/sec. And 7 kg/sec.

proven concept, elegant design and assorted accessories makes the test easier and quicket.


Product Code: fst-02

Yarn Appearance Tester Fiber Testing Instruments



motor operated

auto-stop with reverse forward facility

suitable for boards : 10"x6", 11"x7" and 12"x8"

optional :

different sizes of rectangular and tapered board


Product Code: fst-02

Wrap Reel Yarn Testing Instruments


automatic wrap reel with electronic counter.

motor operated.

makes 10 leas at a time.

auto stop after completion of leas.

available in british and matric system


Product Code: fst-02

Yarn Twist Tester


We provide high quality yarn twist tester

Product Code: fst-02

Lea Strength Tester Yarn Testing Instruments



vertical type accommodated easily on wall

constant rate of traverse (crt) prinicipal

strenght measurement only, available in 100/200/300/500 lbs capacity with 0. 5/1. 0/2. 0 readability


Product Code: fst-02

Bessely Balance Yarn Testing Instruments



features :

to estimate linear density of yarn

obtain from small pieces of fabrics

principle of moment method, supplied

with a set of hook weights and

template in a cabinet.


Product Code: fst-02

Abrasion Tester Fabric Testing Instruments


Martindale type fabric abrasion tester

motor operated

with electronic counter and auto off facility

Product Code: fst-02

Pilling Tester Fabric Testing Instruments



With 2 wooden boxes duly lined with

rubbersed cork sheet.

(Internal Size : 9" x 9" x 9" )

With Electronic Counter & Auto Off Facility


Product Code: fst-02

Tearing Strength Tester Fabric Testing Instruments



To determine the ballstic tearing strength and work factor of fabrics

Elmendorf method supplied with calibration weights and augmenting mass to test upto 6400 grams


Product Code: fst-02

Light Fastness Tester Fabric Testing Instruments


To determine the colour fastness and degradation due to the effect of sunlight

mercury blended tungsten lamp with presettable timer and time elapsed counter.

provision for humidity control by using sturated salts.


Product Code: fst-02

Gsm Cutter & Scale Fabric Testing Instruments


for accurate and rapid cutting samples of sqc m from vitualy any type of materials including kint/woven textiles etc

Product Code: fst-02

Colour Matching Cabinet Garment Testing Instruments



visual assessment to maintain colour consistency quality.


color matching with artificial daylight,tungsten, filament light

ultraviolet blacklight, tirphosphor fluorescent light




Product Code: fst-02

Laundro Meter Garment Testing Instruments


rugged type - ergonomic design.

suitable for samples of yarn of fabric.

thermostat for pre-heating bath


electronic timer provided for motor to

stop at any desired time upto 200 mts.


suitable for cotton, wool, silk, linen,

viscose, acetate, polyamide and

acrylic and polyester




Product Code: fst-02

Crock Meter Garment Testing Instruments


with fully automatic system.

sleek - single driving system

re-settable stroke upto 99.

3 digit electronic down counter.

automatic stop at desired stroke.


Product Code: fst-02

Perspirometer Garment Testing Instruments


this equipments is specially designed for determine the colour fastness of textiles to water and human perspiration, provided with 16 acrylic sample holders all parts are made of ss as per iso 105 / aatc 15, 106, 017, 165.

Product Code: fst-02

Gsm Cutter & Scale Garment Testing Instruments


For Accurate and rapid cutting samples of SQC M from Vitualy any type of Materials including kint/Woven Textiles Etc

Product Code: fst-02

Hot Air Oven Garment Testing Instruments



these are designed to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus sterlize surgical instruments, glasswares etc by application of dry heat with temperature ranging between 30c - 250c with and a accurancy of +/-1c, supplied with cord, plug suitable to operate on 230 v single phase, 50 hz ac supply.

purpose: perspiration and saliva fastness


Product Code: fst-02

Incubator Garment Testing Instruments


We offer high quality incubator garment testing instruments

Product Code: fst-02

Project Microscope Garment Testing Instruments


polarising projection microscope for examination and analysis of textile fibres.

Product Code: fst-02

Beaker Dyeing Machine Garment Testing Instruments



suitable for samples dyeing of yarn and fabric

temperature upto 135 c by digital electronic temperature controller

modern compact design

the bath and jars are all constructed from high grade stainless steel

digital electronic temperature controller

highly verstle with option from 8 to 16 jars available.

advanced powder coat painting technology

suitable for cotton, wool, silk, linen, viscose, acetate, polyamide and acrylic and polyester

designed to meet iso or aatcc soecifications


Product Code: fst-02

Rota Dryer Dyeing Lab Instruments


miicro processor based temp. Control

22 rpm

heating medium - water ( 99 c. Max )

available in standard tow models 12 x 250 ml. And 18 x 250 ml. , and cutom design also

Product Code: fst-02

Glycerin Bath Dyeing Lab Instruments



h. T. H. P. Beaker dyeing

micro processor based temp. Control and cyclic timer.

23rpm with reverse-forward facility

heating medium-glycerin(135 c. Max)

available with 12 beakers of 250ml. With lead and teflon ring & also as per custom design.


Product Code: fst-02

Lab Dipping Machine Dyeing Lab Instruments



Suitable for Sample Dyeing to Yarn & Fabric

Modern Compact Design

The bath and jars all are constructed from High grade stainless steel

12 to 24 jars available


Product Code: fst-02

Lab Stirrer Dyeing Lab Instruments



light & medium duty stirrers, available an

1/20 hp , 1/8 hp , 1/12 hp motors is suitable for general laboratory applications


Product Code: fst-02

Ph, Tds Meters Dyeing Lab Instruments


ph, tds meters


ph meter

1 to 14 ph

tds meter

0. 10 ppt to 10. 00 ppt

conductivity meter



Product Code: fst-02

Tds Ph Meter Table Top Dyeing Lab Instruments


TDS Meter 651E (Ranges)

0 to 200 ppm

0 to 2.000 ppt

0 to 20.00ppt

0 to 200.0ppt

0 to 1000ppt


Temprature Compensation

Manual 0 to 500 C


Product Code: fst-02

Pc Spectro Photometer R.O. Plant Lab Instruments



benefits :

spectrophotmetric instrument (330-900nm)

wide range of pre-progrmammed methods from ammonia to zinc with application from drinking to waste water

wavelength scanning from 330 to 900nm

multifunctional sample chamber (16and24 mm round vials; 10-50mm rectangular cells without adapter)

rs 232 interface to transfer data from and to the pc update of new methods and languages via the internet memory for 760 data sets


Product Code: fst-02

Bod - Measurement System R.O. Plant Lab Instruments



Benefits :

Direct display of BOD values in mg/I

Manometric measurement system

Selectable measuring period 1-28 days

(BOD5, BOD7, OECD...)

Result memory for up to 28 days

Measuring ranges from 0-40 mg/I to 0-4000 mg/I


Product Code: fst-02

Pc Checkit Cod Varior.O. Plant Lab Instruments


Benefits :

Complete COD - Measurement Set-up

(PCCHECKIT COD Vario Photometer; COD

thermoreactor; vario vial tests )

Accurate and easily performed detemination

of chemicals Oxygen Demand

COD ario vial tests are available for 3 measuring ranges :

0-150mg / IO , 0-1500mg/IO, 0-15000mg/IO

Product Code: fst-02

Lovibond Turbidity Measurement R.O. Plant Lab Instruments


PC CHCECKIT : Laboratory and Field use :

Lab IR and VIS : laboratory use

Range : 0,2-2000 NTU (PC CHECKIT)

0,01-1000 NTU (lab VISand IR) from drinking to waste water

Infrared light souece for colourless and coloured samples

Complete unit including accessories and calibration standards

Product Code: fst-02

Water Distillation R.O. Plant Lab Instruments



Basic / Ph 4



Conductivity      (Using Raw water)

Conductivity      (Using treated water)


Distillate quality

4Lr / hr

                      3.0-4.0 us / cm

                      1.5-2.0us / cm

5.5 - 6.0

Pyrigen free

Product Code: fst-02

Qualigens Mn Test Kits R.O. Plant Lab Instruments



Instant Quantitative Analysis of

Peroxide dueing textile processing

Qualigens MN Peroxide 25 accurate

results within seconds


Product Code: fst-02

Filter Papers R.O. Plant Lab Instruments


WE offer high quality Filter Papers R.O. Plant Lab Instruments

Product Code: fst-02

Qualigens Chemicals Laboratory Chemicals


WE offer high quality Qualigens Chemicals Laboratory Chemicals

Product Code: fst-02

Stain Removers & Chemicals Laboratory Chemicals


WE offer high quality Stain Removers & Chemicals Laboratory Chemicals

Product Code: fst-02

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