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Ring Vacuum Pumps


We are instrumental in offering a wide assortment of Ring Vacuum Pumps, which is fabricated using cast iron, complete S.S., partial S.S. or partial bronze construction in consideration with the nature of the gas to be handled. Reckoned for robust construction, low starting torque and no internal lubrication, these products are widely used for varied industrial applications.


  • Vacuum upto 50 mm HG. Absolute using service liquid as water at 300 C and higher (with water having less than 300 C)
  • A higher vacuum can be obtained by making use of using special oils and other service liquids. Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump when used as a backing pump in series with mechanical booster, also creates a high vacuum
  • The pump impeller is available with shaft has no connection with the casing and is the only moving part, ensuring easy overhauling and high resistance to wear & tear
  • These machines are comparatively noiseless and vibration-free due to the sealant ring and non-pulsation flow of gases
  • Can handle small quantities of liquids and large quantities of vapors in the suction stream without causing damage
  • Continuous flushing action permits handling of various solid and fibrous particles
  • Sealed with a water lubricated asbestos rope and other mechanical seals for special applications
  • These machines assure circulation of service liquids in the pump with open system, partially closed system or completely closed system
  • The service gas when saturated with water vapor is causes condensing effect of the sealing ring
  • Liquid Ring Pump functions as a compressor
  • When pump is used as compressor, the gases delivered are absolutely oil free

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


Our proficiency enables us to offer a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps to our clients spread across the globe. Available in various models and specifications, these pumps are optimum in quality and are known for rugged construction and durability. These superior quality vacuum pumps find extensive application in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing and allied industries


  • Max. vacuum attained 710 mm of mercury
  • 30 degree C inlet water temperature
  • Barometric Pressure of 760 mm of mercury

for more details refer to the attached pdf file

Cone Type Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


We are a noted manufacturer and supplier of a high quality range of Cone Type Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. Fabricated using premium quality raw material, these pumps are at par with the international standards of quality. With the aid of our skilled technicians, these pumps are rugged and are known for low maintenance requirements.

VACUUM PUMP SPEED MOTOR 100 mm Hg. 300 mm Hg. 400 mm Hg. 500 mm Hg. 600 mm Hg. SEALING WATER 
MODEL RPM KW M3 /Hr. KW M3 /Hr. KW M3 /Hr. KW M3 /Hr. KW M3 /Hr. KW LPM
LRV-700 1320 30 740 17 735 22 730 22 680 23 610 24 50
LRV-1100 1050 37 1170 26 1160 27 1150 28 1100 28 990 29 67
LRV-1700 820 55 1742 37 1734 38 1708 40 1683 40 1666 40 90
LRV-3500 600 110 3700 105 3550 92 3550 93 3400 94 3350 94 118
LRV-5000 500 150 5400 117 5200 115 5100 115 5000 117 4700 116 168