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Hydraulic Operated SPM Machines

Heat Resistance Machine (25 To 250 Kva)


The range of Heat Resistance Machine offered by us is made up of high quality raw material and has unique features. It is noise-free and environment friendly. Acknowledged for its high strength and durability, the range is actively used in various industries. Our clients completely rely on the kind of superior products that we offer.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Operated SPM Machines


We are a eminent manufacturer and supplier of high grade All Types Of Hydraulic & Pneumatic Operated SPMs that are provided with the option of either operating it manually, semi automatically or fully automatically. These are known for high efficiency, durability and reliability. Our customers can avail from us these high qaulity SPMs that are made in compliance with industry standard.

Hydraulic Cylinder & Hydraulic Power Pack


We are engaged in the manufacture and supply of a wide array of Hydraulic Cylindrical & Hydraulic Power Packs. These machines are provided with specific features as per the client's specifications to meet their varied needs. The exquisite designing of these machines makes them suitable for both manual and automated operations.

Hydraulic Metal Gathering Machines


Specifically designed as per the requirements, our Hydraulic Metal Gathering Machines guarantee high efficiency. These machines are welded with high grade steel to ensure their long term durability. Provided with advanced features, these machines are suitable for minimizing the deflection in closed framing of various hydraulic machines.

Hydraulic Operated Drilling, Milling & Boring Machine


We offer a quality range of Hydraulic Operated Drilling, Milling & Boring Machine (SPM). Extensively designed by our expert professionals, these machines are suitable for moving the job, clamping the job and other hydraulic processes. Moreover, these machines are also suitable for drilling hole by moving the drill head up and down.



  • Easy to maintain
  • Longer operational life
  • Simple to use


Hydraulic Operated Facing & Centering Machines


With the help of our experienced professionals, we are manufacturing the best quality of Hydraulic Operated Facing & Centering Machines. Fabricated with high quality materials, these machines assure efficient performance and sturdy construction. Owing to their advanced designing, these machines help in minimizing the deflection in closed framing, from all sides.

Hydraulic Operated Pipe Bending Machines


We provide our customers with a wide range of Hydraulic Operated & Manual Operated Pipe Bending Machines. These machines consist of a series of tube bending machines, which are of the best quality and assure long term durability. Owing to their functional utility, these machines are widely used for producing components with multiple bends in a single plane.



  • No. of multi-plane bends settable = 8 (POB & DBB) [in NCXR series]
  • Minimum 1.5D / 2D bending, based on model
  • User-friendly microprocessor based numerical controller 'SMARTBEND 410' with colour LCD monitor and keyboard access, advanced on-line diagnostics, display of on-going process, status of inputs/outputs and error messages
  • Bend angle range = 5 to 180 degrees (DOB)
  • Programmable DOB in automatic open loop control
  • Pre-selectable POB [in NCXR series]
  • Memory capacity of 1000 programs with 15 bends per program
  • Precision bending tooling to suit your component
  • Manifold style hydraulics
  • Perfect quality bends by programmable bending an^e and preset bending sequence


Note: D = tube outside diameter; t = tube wall thickness; Q£ = centre line radius; DOB = degree of bend; POB = plane or bent DBS = distance between bends


Application Areas:

  • Furniture industry
  • Chemical and boiler plants
  • Automobile and automotive component suppler industries
  • Moulded luggage manufacturers


Other information:

  • The NCX tube bending machines have a clamping die, pressure die, mandrel and bend head, which are all hydraulically operated
  • To enhance the usefulness of these NCX machines, Electropneumatics has developed the NCXR Series
  • These tube bending machines have a pre-settable linear and rotary indexing facility for multi-plane bends, in addition to the clamp, pressure die, mandrel and bend arm
  • These hydraulic, semi-automatic machines can handle tubes from 6 mm to 325 mm outside diameter, ft is possible to bend tubes of a variety of materials with round, square or rectangular sections and different profiles, which eliminates the need for locating fixtures on the machine
  • A carriage with a manual/hydraulic chucking arrangement that is capable of traversing the length of the machine is provided
  • Electropneumatics user-friendly programmable microprocessor based numerical 'Smart bend 4101 series controllers are specially designed for these machines
  • With these machines, all operations of the bending process are done automatically, while rotation and linear orientation of the component between two bends is done manually by the operator against pre-settable stops

Sintering Hot Press Machine (25 To 75 Kva)


Sintering Hot Press -RANGE: 25 TO 75 KVA: Sintering presses for single piece and volume production of diamond tools like dress­ing tools, Hollow drills, Honing tools, Saw segments and bit segments, etc.

Salient Features:

  • Rugged design and Robust construction.
  • The entire cycle is automatic except for loading the job
  • Consistent product quality
  • Least maintenance cost
  • Precise temperature control
  • Import Substitute Machine

Typical Sintering Process:
Sintering process changes as per the composition of sintering material as well as the end results required. One of the typical sintering process can be of following nature. Mould is kept on lower graphite electrode duly filled in with requisite composite powder.
  • Initiation of cycle brings lower graphite assembly to move up and get clamped with upper graphite assembly at lower system pressure
  • Heat cycle gets ON till predetermined temperature is achieved wherein a'solenoid
  • valve gets operated and higher compacting force is generated
  • Higher temperature is achieved wherein PID controller automatically takes
  • over. At the predetermined temperature setting, synchronous timer gets ON. PID controller now maintains the temperature within ±1 °C for the required time
  • After end of the soaking cycle, cooling time through second synchronous timer starts
  • End of this cycle brings lower graphite assembly back to original position to take the mould/sintered components out and the press is ready to take on the next change



TSN 25 TSN 50 TSN 75
Electrical Power (KVA) 25 50 75
Electrical Supply (A.C.) 2 phase of 50Hz 415 V 415 V 415 V
Switch Fuse (Amps) 60 120 180
Current Taps 6 Nos 6 Nos 6 Nos
Maximum Hyd. Pressing force kg. 100-8,000 100-10,000 150-12,000
Adjustable Sintering & Cooling time (min.) 0-3/30 0-3/30 0-3/30
Temp. Regulation & Reading Range (0°C) 0-1200 0-1200 0-1400
Programmable Temp. Controller PID - ATHENA, USA MODEL X T16
No. of Pressure Levels 3 3 3
Stroke (mm) 200 200 250
Cooling Water @ 2.1 kg/cm2 (lit/min) 16 30 40
Weight (Kg) 1000 Approx. 1600 Approx. 2000 Approx.

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