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What is “Vastu” ?..

“Vastu”, is one of the most ancient sciences of Traditional Indian architecture and is composed of specific rules, regulations perfectly mentioned in “Vedas”.  (Set down by sages of the vedic times).

According to vastu, a residential building or premises is a living organism and can be designed in harmonic resonance with the underlying energy structure of the universe. Such a building or premises becomes a generator for the occupants to the universal laws and increasing aver all prosperity like, health, wealth, happiness etc.

Ancient scholars were more efficient than today's scientists, because they had limited facilities. They saw the world as a unique in which 'the life-force energy' was one of the important energy.

Vastu essentially deals with two energy sources the solar energy / flux and geomagnetic energy /  flux. We cannot see energy with our naked eyes but we can realize and see its application in different forms. The aim is to control the flow of these energies by selecting proper direction and alignment and by understanding the directional energy flow one can easily relate North & South to geomagnetic organic flow & East & West are related to solar Energy flow (Pranik). . Vasthu uses these forces of natural energies and aims to restore the balance between the home (the microcosm) and the cosmos (the macrocosm). If there were an imbalance between the directions or the energy flow, the resultant energy would be negative energy, which would then result into environmental aggression, creating disharmony among humans residing at that particular space.

The Three important factors of “Vastu” are 1)* Geomagnetic Field / Flux. * Magnetic Flux / Field of the Human Body. * Magnetic Flux / Field of a Constructed Structure. 2) * The Good and Bad Energies / Effects of the Sunlight.  3) * Controlling them by the Orientation of the Building with the Space and Form Arrangement.  

These Three Magnetic Flex / Fields are to be synchronized in a Harmonious way.

The Magnetic Field or Flux of a building is as per the Shape and Perimeter of a building.

Just try to observe yourself!!!!!... Whether:

*        Would your happiness or unhappiness conditioned by Vastu?

*        Would wrongly applied “Vastu” make you stressful and crazy?

*        “Vastu” and its impact on business make success or failures?.

 *       Could it possible for a person to shine in his Profession by fallowing         “Vastu” Principles...

*        Could it possible for an industry to emerge stronger, by following     “Vastu” principles?

The capacity to observe these factors depends the mentality & Intellectual level of a Person.    

Vastu Villa

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A Perfect Vastu Villa

Designing Of Perfect Plans Of Houses

Designing of perfect Plans of Houses

Also Deals In

  • Vastu Corrections Of Res. Buildings
  • Vastu Corrections For Industerial Buildings.
  • Designing Of Commercial Buildings
  • Designing Of Residential Buildings
  • Vastu Rectification Of Industries
  • Vastu Rectification Of Residential Building

To,Traditional Vastu Research Center

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Approximate Price - Rs 500 per Person(s)
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Rs 10,000Square Meter
Approximate Price - Rs 10,000 per Square Meter
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Rs 1.33 LakhSquare Feet
Approximate Price - Rs 1.33 Lakh per Square Feet
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