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Industrial Resins And Powder

Phenolic Resins


Our clients can avail from us an extensive range of Phenolic Resins to our clients. The range, which we provide is high in demand in several industrial products and mainly used in manufacturing circuit boards. Our product range is well-known and highly appreciated by our clients as it is corrosion and heat resistant. Furthermore, these Phenolic Resins are also used in:

  • Friction product
  • Foundry
  • Abrasives
  • Rubber reinforcing
  • Molding material

Phenolic Moulding Powder


We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying high-grade Phenolic Molding Powder. This powder or phenolic molding compound is manufactured using some of the novolac resins. It is manufactured in the presence of fillers like wood flour, fabric, glass, mica, etc., along with those plasticizers, catalyst and colorants can also be incorporated. These molding powder sets with both heat and pressure but unlike thermoplastics, if these gets set, then the cycle cannot be repeated. Therefore, this powder can be molded into a permanent shape and can also be hardened under heat and pressure by a chemical reaction. When the molding thermosetting has been hardened, the part becomes infusible, insoluble, and dimensionally stable and also has very hard impervious surface. Furthermore, the phenol formaldehyde molding compounds come under phenolic category.

Bakelite Powder


We manufacture and supply quality Bakelite Powder as per the requirements of the customers. This powder is also known as P.F Molding Powder and used in various applications. Our range is a kind of thermosetting plastic polymer that is capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure. These products are further used in:

  • Pressure cooker handles
  • Wood bonding
  • Rice rubber roles
  • Rubber adhesives
  • Electrical panel items


Various applications of these powders are as follows:

  • Paper and cloth impregnation
  • Electrical accessories
  • Varied switches
  • Auto electrical parts
  • High impact cotton or glass filled compound

Phenol Formaldehyde (P.F) Resin


Our customers can avail from us quality Phenol Formaldehyde Resin (PF). This range includes synthetic thermosetting resins, which get obtained through reacting phenols with formaldehyde. Often, the precursors also include other aldehyde or other phenol. Phenolic resins are basically used for producing circuit boards. Along with that, these are also known for the production of molded products, such as pool balls and laboratory counter tops. These resins are used as coatings and adhesives and considered to be the earliest commercial synthetic resins in the form of Bakelite. Our product range, as a group, is formed by a step-growth polymerization reaction, i.e., either acid-base or catalyzed.

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