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Jaswand Phool

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Jaswand is a refrigerant, emollient, demulcent and . It stimulates hairgrowth and hair thickness. Hibiscus helps in the reduction and prevention of graying, balding, hair-loss, dandruff, split-ends, and many scalp disorders. It is also an excellent natural conditioner.

Palas Phool

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In the olden days people would use the natural colors of the Palash flowers, kumkum, gulal, turmeric, etc., but today the use of chemical colors is rampant. These chemicals cause adverse reactions on the skin and therefore one should avoid them. In case someone throws chemical colors on you, apply a mixture of gram flour, wheat flour, milk, turmeric and oil and wash it off quickly. If lemon juice is rubbed on the affected parts before applying this mixture, it helps remove the stains more quickly and properly.

Gulab Phool

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