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Curcuma Amada,Mango Ginger,Ambahaldi


Amba haldi is an aromatic stimulant, tonic and carminative. It protects skin from atmospheric pollution, wrinkles and bacteria. It imparts resistance against allergies of throat, nose and trachiobranchital passage. Haldi is commonly used in skincare preparations and treats pimples, acne and black heads. It helps prevent and slow the growth of unwanted superfluous hair. Both Haldi (Turmeric) and Kali Haldi (Black Zeodary) are used by the traditional healers in treatment of hydrocele (A pathological accumulation of serous fluid in a bodily cavity, especially in the scrotal pouch). Both are used externally.

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The Dry Amla, offered by us, is widely demanded for its use in different medical preparations as well as food stuffs. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the Dry Amlas hygienically packed free from artificial additives.



Ashwagandha, also known as "Winter Cherry, "that helps to improve the body's ability to maintain physical effort and helps the body to tackle various types of stress. Perhaps the most famous Ayurvedic immune booster herb that is used in many tonics and formulas, Ashwagandha is known as a revitalizing herb that maintains proper nourishment of the tissues, particularly muscles and bones, while supporting the proper function of the adrenals and reproductive system.



Mace known as Jaipatri in India is a lacy reddish  covering of the ‘Nutmeg’ and on drying turns yellow and brittle.

Most of the supply comes from the Banda Islands by way of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia.

The medicinal properties resemble those of nutmeg, but it is principally used as a condiment.  Mace is often preferred in light dishes for the bright orange, saffron - like hue it imparts. Both Mace and Nutmeg help digestion.

Maiphalmy Phal


With the aim to satisfactorily cater to the diverse requirements of our clients, we are offering a wide range of raw herbs that are extensively used in making high quality herbal based products.

Niranjan Phal


This is like a beetle nut. When soaked overnight in a cup of water, it swells. Crush it and squeeze its juice and drink on empty stomach first thing in the morning. The blood issuing through uterus, piles, ulcers or nose, all discharges reduce slowly with this. This juice extraction can be repeated in the evening also. If the fibroids are not malignant, this treatment will take care of bleeding and pain.

Vavding / Vidang


This invigorating herb improves the activity of digestive enzymes that ensure proper processing of food and metabolic waste products.  Vavding stimulates fat metabolism while serving as a mild laxative.  Together these actions help regulate and reduce weight without causing fatigue. Vavding is used in the form of powder and paste to treat worms, heart-diseases, skin diseases, pollution of earth, headache, jaundice, poisoning and as rejuvinative

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