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Commercial Products


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We are engaged in manufacturing and installing an exquisite range of Claddings, which are made of optimum quality material. These claddings are highly attractive and provide a classic finish to the exterior of the buildings' walls. Clients appreciate our range for ease of installation and durability. These highly attractive claddings offer durable solutions to the clients by providing a classic finish to the exterior walls. These maintenance-free claddings are used in both commercial and domestic buildings. We offer most economic solution to the clients.

Structural Glazing

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Our clients from multiplexes, malls and shopping complexes can avail high quality Structural Glazings from us. Fabricated using the finest quality of aluminum, silicon sealant and brackets, these glazings are appreciated for longevity and durability. The use of aluminum components in the process offers high strength and rigidity to the structure. These structural glazings ensure the stability of the frames under normal loads.

Glass Balustrade

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We offer a range of Glass Balustrade, which is highly demanded by our clients. Mostly used in commercial buildings and offices, these glass balustrades are manufactured using top quality glass. Our craftsmen specialize in designing and engraving text on these. Our clients can avail from us these glass balustrades at reasonable prices.

Shop Front

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Our clients can avail our services for manufacturing, commissioning and installing Glass Shop Fronts. Widely used in malls, departmental stores and other kinds of shops, these shop fronts are made of high quality glass material. These are appreciated by the clients as these not only protect the shop from dust and rain, but also help in branding and advertising the products. Clients can avail shop fronts in varying thicknesses of raw glass at pocket-friendly prices.

Glass Facade

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We have the state-of-the-art facility for manufacturing, erecting, and commissioning a wide range of Glass Facade. High quality glass of various colors is used to manufacture these facades. Appreciated for unique and innovative designs, our range comprises frameless glass facades, which are hugely demanded by the clients for their easy maintenance, extraordinary designs and cost effectiveness.

Spider Glazing

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We are a reliable manufacturer and fabrication service provider for Spider Glazings. Clients can easily avail from us the glass partitions and spider glazings, which are made of high quality glass and strong aluminum frames respectively. Designed to last for a longer time period, these spider glazings along with glass partitions find application in offices, complexes and malls.

Glass Canopies

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We provide manufacturing and installation services of a wide range of Glass Canopies. These canopies block the sun-rays and rain from entering inside, so as to serve the function of protecting the visitors. These glass canopies are placed at the entrance and don't get much heat up to allow only natural light inside. Clients can avail our services at highly competitive price.

Glass Cladding

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Assisted by a prolific team designers, engineers and technocrats, we are able to manufacture and install a wide range of Glass Claddings. These claddings are made of quality colored glass of various sizes and shapes. We have the facility to offer comprehensive solutions with an array of customization features. Clients can avail these services at industry leading prices.

Curtain Walling (Structural Glazing)

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Structural glazing comprises glazing in which each glazing unit is supported by point fixings, normally bolted connections.The glazing units may be supported Individually from a separate framed structure similar to that shown or a stick construction curtain wall. Walls of this type are frequently called "Planar" walls although "Planar" Is a brand name and other products exist.In true structural glazing the glass components transfer load. It may comprise glazing units suspended one from another or glazing units supported from glass fins or portals.

Structural sealant glazing Is a method of bonding the glazing units to a frame. This has the advantage that the glazing appears from the outside to be frameless.

In practice the glazing la bonded to a carrier frame that Is bolted to a framing system such as that for a stick construction curtain wall.The glazing may be bonded on two edges (and framed on the other two) or It may be bonded on four edges. In the latter case small clips may be provided to provide mechanical retention.

Bespoke or standard design:

Although two building envelopes are seldom the same they are equally unlikely to be entirely bespoke. Most building envelopes are constructed from systems of components. These offer benefits over bespoke design but are unable to deliver a completely unique construction. Some of the benefits to consider are:

Benefits of standard systems


Snorter design and manufacturing period Familiarity of construction

Benefits of bespoke design

  • Appearance
  • Greater structural capablites
  • More advanced shading devices

Aluminum Windows & Doors

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Aluminium: Give me two good reasons.

Aluminium can be the perfect choice for windows and doors for two very good reasons. It's strong and it's light. So your doors and windows can be barely there, nice and slim or they can be a stunning feature, big and chunky. Aluminium gives you both. We use powder coated or anodised finishes on our aluminium so that you'll never have to think about a paintbrush. We have all the usual colours and the unusual ones too. Our glazing bars are mounted onto the face of the glass as standard, making for a better finish and a better performing window.



At Tropical Aluminium we strive to provide the most innovative aluminium window and door systems to make lifestyles more comfortable and living ti your home more enjoyable.

Tropical Aluminium has a large range of window and door systems that can be Incorporated into almost any design. Add style to the design with a choice of colours, hardware and glass options.

Whatever your project, be it building a new home or renovating an existing one, Tropical Aluminium can provide a complete range of window and door products to complement any design and style of living, ranee and Hinged

The ninged patio door Is becoming a serious design item. An aluminium hinged door with windows (o match can make a bold statement. Or It can be quite discreet. We have hinged doors to suit your bold, unobtrusive or In-between requirements, and Stacker.

Ordinary was definitely not on our agenda when we designed our aluminium sliding door. We were committed to creating a long lasting, weather-resistant sliding door that would glide smoothly and quietly for years. We started by developing a full Interlocking system between the door panels for Increased weather protection and greater security and then we perfected an adjustable nylon roller system for the glide. We have a huge range of sliding door configurations Including a three or six door stacking version.

Windows Sliding

The aluminium sliding window is whisper quiet because it glides on adjustable nylon rollers. Its matching durable fly screens are powder coated for a more seamless effect. After all, fly screens are there to repel bugs, not upstage your windows.

Awning The aluminium awning windows have a pleasant slimline architectural appearance, which make them one of the more discreet window types available.

Often chosen because of their functional design, awning windows are Ideal In situations where furniture or kitchen benches prevent easy access to the window. The unique chain winder allows easy operation without Interfering with insect or security screens.

Another feature of the awning window Is that It can be left partly open during Inclement weather to allow continuous ventilation, while at the same time not letting in any of nature's undesirable elements.


Office Partition

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We are specialists In the supply and Installation of office and glass partitions. We provide a high quality service that offers free Initial advice, free quotations and site surveys.We are specialists in the supply and installation of office and glass partitions. . We provide a high quality service met offers free initial advice, free quotations and site surveys.There are many Afferent types and styles of partisans, but general* the following diagram shows the common elevations used tor most systems.

Both single and double doom generally lend to be either solid or glazed above Glazing can be used above doors in solid partitions, for borrowed light, whilst still maintaining privacy.

Display Cabinets

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Our display cabinets am suitable for a wide range of applications and can be found in all kinds of small end large retail outlets, company showrooms, as club or school trophy cabinets, exhibitions, museums, reception areas and galleries.

The Type of products that are often displayed include memorabilia, giftware. home ware, automotive accesso­ries, crystal, electronic products, jewellery, fashion accessories, beauty products, souvenirs and trophies, - the list is Simply endless.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

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Modern dropped ceilings are gaining increased popularity, mainly in commercial and industrial settings where obscuring fittings above the celling is deemed necessary, with ease of use for access at any time Of course these ceilings may also be used in setting where obscuring fittings or the wanting to hide problems, such as structural damage.As a renovation tool, dropped ceilings are a quick and inexpensive way to repair a celling.

Wiring and piping Installed behind traditional plaster or wan board ceilings is extremely difficult to modify once the finished ceiling is in place. Wires mutt either be fished through hollow spaces In the wait behind the finished celling, or the celling must be demolished m order for wiring or piping changes to be made In contrast toe tiles and other parts of a suspended ceding are easily removed to allow access to the area above the grid to do any necessary wiring or plumbing modificaitons.In the event of remodeling, nearly allcomponents the grid can be dismentaled and reassembled somewhere else.

Alucobond (Aluminium Composite Panels)

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Alucobond is a light weight composite material consisting of two pre finished 0.02' (0.5mm) thick aluminium cover sheets heat-bonded (laminated) to a core made of polyethylene plastic.ALUCOBOND a versatile aluminium decorative panel for interior and exteriour use.ALUCOBOND is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a plastic of high mineral filled core.


The advantages:

  • ALUCOBOND is approved in building applications. That means no restrictions in design and construction Fire classfication approved for most building application in many countries
  • Lightness extreme rigidity and a flat surace. Mean low cost for supporting structures and fsteners.
  • Avaliblale in many standard colours, special colours on request.
  • Weather resistant surfaces, supplied ready to install.
  • Dampens vibration so no additional sound deadening is necessary.
  • Can easily be folded and shaped using simple, conventional tools.
  • Large panel sizes mean fast installation, short construction times, lower costs and the ability to meet completiondeadines.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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What Is a perfect kitchen? One that Is functional, durable and good looking. Right?\With Tropical Aluminium, your kitchen can be perfect too.The sleek Industrial feel of metal has become Increasingly popular In high-end kitchens. Many homeowners want the look and functionality of a professional kitchen.

Our systems are available In flexible units to suit Individual requirements They are anti-corrosive,. insect-resistant, waterproof and fireproof Aluminum cabinets can oiler the Ultimate dean, sleek kitchen design. The operate soundlessly Durable and easy to maintain, these systems are available in a range of colours and styles to match your decor and ere priced to suit every budget.

Blinds (Venetian And Vertical)

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Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds ere the perfect choice to complement the design and lee*rig of your surroundings, while providing an Impressive light controlling action. Versa tie. practical and good looking, they make a bold fashion statement They ere easy to dean and are well suited to the humidity In the kitchen or bathroom Choose from a rainbow selection of designer colours, modem metallics and realistic wood effects In a range of surface treat­ments.

Vertical blinds

Vertical Bands are great for their practicality . They block light effectively. are amazingly durable and Insulate well against heat and co-d They're Ideal for sliding doom where large expenses of glass can otherwise reduce you' home's energy efficiency We offer a range that elevates vertical blinds to a new level of home fashion by featuring a wide range of colours, textures and Panama to enhance any decor.

Counter Cabinets

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Make your businesses reception area shin with one of our fantastic reception desks! The look of your front lobby says much to your business partners and customers that are visiting, make it look great!

Your reception area is the first part of your company that visitors, including potential customers see and this is where they wal get their fret impression of your company.

Try looking at your reception desk / reception counter from a customer visitors perspective what do you see? Is this the first impression you want to give or is your reception desk letting you down.

Whatever your budget, we are sure to have a reception desk or reception counter that win create the right first impression for you. We can offer our customers an affordable "budget to bespoke' recaption desk or reception counter to sun their needs.

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