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Honey is made by bees from the nectar they collect from flowers. Viscous and fragrant, it's a natural sweetener and can be used just as it is to spread on bread or toast, or added to sweet and savoury dishes. Wholesome food preserves health and likewise prevents or aids the cure of a disease. The advantages attributed to honey as an aliment apply as well to its medicinal properties. The rapid assimilation of invert sugars which honey contains makes it, for instance, a desirable source of quick energy, a practical food and, at the same time, an effective heart stimulant.

Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe vera juice is a product containing high content of essential amino acids i.e. 18/21 and vitamins for health and beauty. Our aloevera juice especially contains plenty of pulp, so it is a healthy drink that has special effect on followings: constipation, fatigue recovery, effective skin nurturing supplement, , improves metabolic function.

Specially helpfull in regulating periods in females and a powerfull antioxidant which manages cholestrol, obesity, immunity in very effective way. last but not the least it is also of great help to cancer patients.

  • Liver problem,menstural disorder
  • Diabieties
  • Reduse Cholestrol
  • Weight reduction
  • constripitation cure, cancer treatment

Wheat Grass Powder

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Wheat grass is grown all year round in shade net houses for 7 days & then harvested at the 'jointing stage1 when the maximum nutrition content is 'stored' in its tender blades of Wheatgrass.



Diet occupies an important place during sickness and healthy condition. The father of modern medical science and the great Greek philosopher Hippocrates rightly said "Let thy food be thy medicine". Our body has the inbuilt ability to heal itself if provided proper nutrition, environment and exercise.


Wheatgrass is renowned for its therapeutic value since ancient times. It is represented in Naturopathy, the ancient art of healing, also referred to as 'drugless therapy'. Dr. Ann Wigmore (1909-1994) is considered the chief exponent of Wheatgrass responsible for popularizing its usage in modern times. She is the founder of 'Hippocrates Institute, Boston, USA' and has done extensive research and experiments to explore the therapeutic value of Wheatgrass. She has hailed Wheatgrass as 'A complete natural food' providing all the necessary nutrition.


Wheat grass is a part of our rich cultural heritage and its importance is reflected in various rituals. Hindus offer 'Durva' (green grass) to the elephant God Ganesha and worship Wheatgrass grown for nine days during 'Navratri (Mahalaxmi) festival every year. Dr. Ann Wigmore has mentioned the Biblical story about Babylonian King Nebuchandnezzar who spent seven years, insane, living like a wild animal eating the grass of the fields and got cured.

The common observation that dogs and cats nibble on grass, presumably when ill, strengthens our belief in the healing power of grasses.

To,Tulsi Holistic

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