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Aqua Safe

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Store and drink water the healthy way!

 Storing & carrying water was never so easy and stylish!

  • Can be used while on-the-go in additional to home / refrigerator usage.
  • Store not just water, but also your favourite juice or lime water.
  • Comes in four exciting and soothing colours of aqua blue and aqua green.

Clear 'N' Pure

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Clear ‘n’ pure range is made of polycarbonate which is virtually unbreakable, light weight, refrigerator safe and can be used for reheating in microwave (without seal).

Dry Storage

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Tupperware's Modular Mates were created to organise your kitchen for space and convenience, while ensuring that your food stays fresh. They are a complete modular storage solution for your kitchen. Over a prolonged period of time, cereals and pulses face deterioration from infestation and molding. The modular mates prevent this and keep cereals and pulses fresh.

Production Capacity: 200ml to 25ltr

Food Preparation

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Take away stress and tension from everyday

Simplify food preparation with our smart kitchen tools.

Freezer Mate & FridgeSmart

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Fridge smart range has a unique venting system to regulate the amount od air flowing through the container. This ensure fruits and vegetables have the perfect environment to stay freash and hence, more nutritious.

Production Capacity: 100 ml to 4.6 ltr

Lunch ' N' Outdoor

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Pack a complete balanced meal consisting of carbohydrates (roti, rice & brad), proteins (dal, kadi & soya), fat, fibre with vitamins and minerals (salad, fruits) as well as water content (lassi, buttermilk) in our exciting range of lunch ‘n’ outdoor containers and see the difference in your health!!!

Microwave Container

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Cooking in the microwave using the Tupperware is beneficial:


  • Nutrient Retention: Vitamins and minerals are preserved since food’s exposure to heat and water is short.
  • Natural Flavours & Texture: Food is cooked in its own moisture and hence the natural flavours and texture is retained
  • Weight Watchers Delight: Use of less fat and therefore food is lighter
  • Energy Saving: Food gets cooked in about 1/4th of the time required on a gas burner.

Production Capacity: 600ml t 3.3ltr


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Careful storage of food in the refrigerator reduces the chances of food getting contaminated with harmful bacteria. Choose Tupperware to store your food in the refrigerator and remember:

  • Store food as soon as possible to minimize the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Storing food in Tupperware’s covered containers minimizes the chances of cross contamination i.e. bacteria passing from one food item to another.
  • Proper storage in the refrigerator ensures that food retains Vitamin C, vital for children
  • Stock food which require lower temperatures on the higher shelves


Production Capacity: 100ml to 2.7 ltr

Store All Canisters

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A versatile collection of kitchen and storage essentials. These canisters with virtual airtight and liquid tight seals are perfect for storage. Now you can buy in bulk and keep everything fresh for longer

Production Capacity: 600 ml to 5ltr

Microwave Oven


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