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Bore Pile


  • Bored pile is another type of reinforced concrete pile which is used to support high building which has heavy vertical load. Bored pile is a cast-in-place concrete pile where the bored piles have to be cast on construction site.
  • Bored piling is cast by using bored piling machine which has specially designed drilling tools, buckets and grabs, it’s used to remove the soil and rock.
  • Normally it can drill into 50metres depth of soil.
  • T he advantage of bored piling is its’ drilling method, little vibration and lower noise level.

Load Testing


  • To obtain back-figured soil data that will enable other piles to be designed.
  • To confirm pile lengths and hence contract costs before the client is committed to overall job costs.
  • To counter-check results from geotechnical and pile driving formulae
  • To determine the load-settlement behavior of a pile, especially in the region of the anticipated working load that the data can be used in prediction of group settlement.
  • To verify structural soundness of the pile.

Touch Pile


  • Touch piles is a temporary or permanent retaining wall commonly used for excavations in urban areas.
  • Touch piles are most suitable in conditions where well constructed walls will not result in subsidence such as over-consolidated clays, soils above the water table if they have some cohesion, and free draining soils which can be effectively dewatered, like sands.
  • They consist of multiples piles spaced apart from each other to support a change of elevation.
  • Touch pile Shoring is very versatile because the size of the piles and the spacing between them can be adjusted to site soil conditions.

Under Reamed Piles


  • Under reamed piles have mechanically formed enlarged bases that have been as much as 6 m in diameter. The form is that of an inverted cone and can only be formed in stable soils. In such conditions they allow very high load bearing capacities.
  • In its closed position, the under reamer fits inside the straight section of a pile shaft, and can be expanded at the base of the pile to produce the enlarged base.
  • The cost advantages of under-reamed piles are due to the reduced pile shaft diameter, resulting in less concrete needed to replace the excavated material

Sand & Lime Pipe


  • We undertake sand piling projects for commercial as well as residential construction areas.
  • We have gained a very good reputation by providing high quality service at competitive prices.
  • We have completed en-number of projects in successful manner.
  • We undertake lime piling works for residential and commercial constructions.
  • We have completed number of projects and given them thriving end.

In-Situ Cast Under Reamed Piles


This type of pile installation is used to replace soil removed by drilling rather than occupying the space of displaced soil as in driven piles and thus, it mostly relies on end-bearing capacity of the earth layer at the drilled depth.

Precast Under Reamed Piles

Precast piles require specialized pile driving equipments. They are advantageous over in-situ cast pile because they don’t need holes to be bored and the pile is already cast complete with the reinforcing steel in place.

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