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Water Treatement Plants

Packaged Drinking Water Plant

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We are proficient in fabricating and trading in a variety of Packaged Drinking Water Plant on Turn-Key basis. Our products are made as per strict guidelines and adhere to the BIS standards. For this, we employ latest technologies such as RO, UV, Ozanization and other processes. We have set up requisite labs and commence training modules for proper operations of the plants. The wide variety of equipment offered by us under the scheme includes:

  • Filter Assembly (Sand/Carbon/Cartridge/Bag Filter)
  • High Pressure Pump Membrane with housings storage tank
  • Other customized plants as per customer’s specifications

Swimming Pool Filter

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We are a known and reputed swimming pool water filter supplier in India. Our swimming pool filtration systems have proven to be one of the best and reliable purification options available in the industry. The system is highly effective in filtering dirty water in the pool and providing crystal clear water that is safe to swim in.

The prime features of our filters making it the best solution are:

  • Ability to remove all insoluble impurities such as debris, sediments and other unwanted elements
  • Cleans and purifies the water swiftly and regularly
  • They are built in a very user friendly manner and are handy to use
  • Consumes relatively less electricity, providing a cost-effective filtration solution
  • Highly durable and resistant to harmful conditions

Sewage Treatment Plant

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We provide an effectual range of Sewage Treatment Plants which helps us in waste water recycling. The comprehensive treatment solution works at various levels and involves various physical, chemical, biological and membrane/ion-exchange processes. These products are extensively used for removal water treatment and helps in removal of large array of unwanted elements from water, such as:

  • Suspended Elements
  • Colloidal Impurities
  • Chemical Contaminants
  • Bio-Chemical Adulterants

Water Softener

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We are proficient in providing a large variety of water softeners. These employ highly acidic cation exchanger which eliminates calcium and magnesium ions from the water to remove the hardness from the water. The products are very robustly built making them suitable for heavy usage in medium scale industries and other commercial industries. These are able to process large quantities of water for longer period at low costs. Further, our entire range has counter current regeneration with up flow rate along with co-current regeneration with down flow rate. All the raw materials used in these products are of best qualities giving the final product a long functional life.

Hydro Pneumatic System

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We offer a comprehensive range of Hydro Pneumatic Systems which are appreciated for their excellent performance and durability. The systems are highly dynamic and are can function both with and without the overhead tank. The capability of swapping the overhead tank provides continuous power availability. These systems offer continuous water pressure at all floors, in addition to the showers, bath tubs, dishwasher and garden hose.

Waste Water Treatment

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We provide various options for Water Treatment Plants. These are manufactured using prime quality raw materials with to ensure optimum performance and high functionality from the product. The plants are of high quality and are designed and created using advanced hi-tech technologies. Our systems for waste water are highly efficient in eliminating all types of colors, odors and impurities in the water. The underlying technology focuses on the fluctuation load in water parameter and operating conditions


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