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Electronic Waste Management

Electronic Waste Collection


We have proper resources and facilities that help us in Collection of Electronic Waste. From the clients' site, our professional experts timely collect the electronic scrap and non-usable items. Most responsible services can be availed from us at reasonable charge.


We offer:

  • Cost-effective handling of obsolete electronics in compliance with the laws is assured by our consulting services for companies to design a cradle-to-grave asset management system
  • To ensure that sensitive information on hard drives is protected against identity theft, we provide data destruction and/or DOD wipe services
  • Certification is provided for ensuring that the clients' organization is operating in compliance with the laws regulating e-waste disposal/recycling
  • Proper handling, disposal and/or recycling of e-waste, which includes: Computer recycling, monitor disposal, television disposal, identity theft prevention via data destruction and/or DOD wipe of hard drives, and all other forms of electronic disposal

EWaste Management


We have years of experience in providing compelling services for Waste Management, which include collection, processing, recycling, transport and monitoring of waste products. Various kind of waste products including the industrial and electronic waste are treated by us for reducing their effect on health, environment & aesthetics. We also do management of solid, liquid & gaseous wastes so that various resources can be recovered from it. Separate methods of waste management are practiced by us, which differ for urban and rural areas and also for industrial or residential producers.

Authorised E-Waste Recyclers


Avail from us, most exemplary Recycling Services for assembling and developing new products from waste material. Clients appreciate our services for reducing litter and the excess cost that goes into waste disposal.


We do:

  • The waste is then segregated into categories like PCBs, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic
  • Inspection of material by the customers following a re-check that is done by our own experts
  • Packaging the segregate material for global export
  • Collection of e-waste material from the clients' premises and safe transportation to our factory
  • Our custom-built crushers do the weight ascertainment and destruct the waste into non-recoverable pieces of 5-10mm bits

Electronic & Electrical Scrap


We provide services for waste treatment and recycling of Plastic. With the help of advanced machinery and techniques, our professionals recycle the waste plastic to generate new products, plastic of similar or lower grade. Plastic containers, bottles and jars are efficiently recycled by us.

Electronic Waste Disposal


Apart from electronic items and plastic products, we also do effectual recycling for Ferrous iron. Iron with carbon content or alloys of iron including steel are recycled by us at our own premises using high end machinery and technology. We have the capacity to recycle huge quantity of iron and recycle tonnes of iron annually at our unit.

E-Waste Recyclers


We hold expertise in providing effective waste management and recycling services for all kinds of metals including the Non-Ferrous alloys. Clients can contact us for availing effective services for recycling non-ferrous material in tonnes. Quality testing the material on the basis of grade of alloys, our professionals segregate similar kind of alloys before initiating the recycling process.

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