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Rolling mill and Steel Plant Installations

Steel has always been one of the main building blocks of infrastructure development and thus its production process has been the main area for technological improvement. We have started our journey to make our presence in the field of steel production and rolling mills and thus serve the needs in the relevant industries. Unimeec Engineers is one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and traders of a wide range of Rolling Mills, Control Panels, Induction Furnaces, and Electric Panels. We also offer consultancy services for installation right from designing to commissioning in the steel plants and rolling mills.

We have successfully commissioned fully automatic, semi automatic and manual rolling mills up to 3.5 lacs MT/year TMT steel bars from 6 mm to 32 mm and steel plants up to 40 MT induction furnaces and also commissioned structure mill of 30 MT/hour and wire rod mill.


Our fields of expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Commissioning and manufacturing of fully automatic, semi automatic and manual rolling mills up to 350K MT/year TMT steel bars from 6 mm to 32 mm. 
  • Commissioning of induction furnaces up to 40 MT/hr. 
  • Commissioning and manufacturing of structure mill up to 30 MT/hr and wire rod mill. 
  • Commissioning and manufacturing of thermally mechanized treating process, both Thermax and Tempcore. 
  • Commissioning and manufacturing of Sheet Mill (up to 500 mm width), Tube mill (up to 12 inch Diameter), Extrusion mill (piercing mill)

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TMT quality related machines

The process: Thermo-Mechnical treatment (TMT) is a process that combines controlled thermal and deformation treatments to obtain the following synergistic effects.

  1. Higher yields strengthens
  2. Improved toughness
  3. Improved weld ability
  4. Higher resistance to brittle cleavage
  5. Higher resistance to high energy ductile fractures
  6. Lower impact – transition temperature
  7. Improved cold forming , particularly by bending
  8. Lower costs by using hot – rolled instead of heat treated sections.

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Steel Production Mill Stands

Unimeec provides a complete mill stands for the rolling of wire rods / TMT / Light Section / Medium Section & Heavy Sections / Sheet mill.

Technicalities of our mill stands are as follows:



4Hi, 3Hi & 2Hi Horizontal Stands, 2Hi Vertical Stands, Edger mill stands. 


Housing Material

Steel Casting / Cast Iron / Steel Fabricated 



6"- 24" i.e. from 150mm PCD to 750mm PCD Mill


Bearing Type 

Antifriction Spherical Roller Bearing / Multi Row Bearing / Fibre Bearing / Gun Metal Bush 

Our Complete Mill Stand includes the following accessories as and where required:

  • Pressure Bolts with Worm Wheel Arrangement on top( Horizontal stands) and on side (vertical stands).
  • Steel Fabricated Rest Bars & Side Bars.
  • Adjustment Screws and L-Keys.
  • Wear & tear Plate on the inside of Mill Stands for Long Life.
  • Bearing Chocks / Forged Steel Chocks with One Set of Roller Bearings / Fibre Bearings.
  • Universal Couplings / Cast Iron Couplings, Star Grove / Key type to suit.
  • Spindles manufactured out of Forged Steel, Star / Key type.
  • Tie Rods with Nuts & Spacers.
  • C.I. Foundation Rails along with Foundation Bolts with Nuts & Spacers.
  • Tee Bolts with Nuts & Spacers.

flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that is used to store rotational energy. Flywheels have a significant moment of inertia, and thus resist changes in rotational speed. As Steel Rolling mill is a process which is at any time of rolling undergoes change in load demand, hence flywheel supply that extra energy stored in it to suppress RPM change due to change in load demand. Unimeec designed flywheel are optimally designed for specific process.

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Reduction gear boxes, in single and multiple stage

A reduction gear box consists of a connected set of rotating gears through which power is transmitted; this is to accustom high speed motors with steel mill rolling requirement in reduced RPM and enhanced torque output. Unimeec can manufacture and supply single stage, double stage or multistage gear boxes having Single and Multiple outputs as required.

Pinion for multiple outputs

Pinion is basically a multiple output gearbox, this gear box basically are of 2Hi and 3Hi. Specially designed 4Hi and 5 Hi pinions is also manufactured. Unimeec’s designed unit transfers single input shaft power to various or same speed multiple outputs.

Speed increasers

A speed increaser gear box consists of a connected set of rotating gears through which power is transmitted; this is to accustom high speed motors with steel mill rolling requirement in enhanced RPM. We can manufacture and supply single stage, double stage or multistage gear boxes having Single and Multiple outputs as required. They usually come with pinion gear box coupled in a single gear box.

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Item Code: UNI23

Conveyors fixed type and automated type (y-table, centre line conveyor, transfer table)

These units are specially customised to the steel mill requirements and can be simple on off type or sensor actuated automated. They consist of sets of rollers, chain sprocket of belt pulley driven, with a complete set of electrification required to operate these units. Unimeec designs are designed with high precision and are with very high reliability and durability.

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 Hot Shears (Flying shear, rotary shear, fixed rotary shear, continuous shear, cobble or eccentric shear).

These Shearing machines differs from each other in design & working and are used in different intermediate processes of a steel rolling mills .These machines are supplied with their sophisticated electrical automation and all the actuators and sensors required for their working. Unimeec machines are designed and programme to shear light to heavy sizes with their line speed varying from 1 to 35 m/s.

Pinch rolls (stand and suspended roll type)

These are units with rugged mechanical design and pneumatically operated for repeated action required during the process. Unimeec supply them with their electrical panels which enable them to run on variable speeds.

Cold Shear (eccentric linkage operated and hydraulic operated) for bars, angels, channels.

These shears are basically used in post rolling material handling. These machines are supplied with rugged and heavy steel fabrication as they operate on cold steel and hence there linkages give a slow output with extreme output power. Some places where much higher power output is required, we supply hydraulic solution in it which has more power output.

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Reheating furnace related equipments like Pusher (motor operated & Hydraulic operated), Ejector (semi of fully motor controlled).

These units, as the name itself suggests, Pusher, loads the reheating furnace with Raw material (i.e Billets, ingots, scrap plates) and Ejector, which ejects out the heated the raw material to the material handling conveyors and the mill. These units can be manufactured with various ways of mechanically or electrically inputs.

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