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Electrical Maintenance Services

Transformer Oil Filtration Services

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Transformer oil filtration is carried out with oil filter machine of adequate capacity. Our mobile oil filtration plant is designed to remove dissolved moisture, dirt, air and other gases from the transformer oil. This two stage plant operates on the principle of low temperature and high vacuum. Unfiltered oil is taken in to the system through the inlet valve. Then the oil is pumped to the system through positive displacement pump. Preliminary filters protect the pump by entering solid and magnetic particles upto 1 mm size. The oil is heated up to 60°C. After heating the oil passes through the cartridge filters where the particles up to 5 Microns are filtered. Then the oil is passed through a specially designed vacuum chamber, where the moisture, air and other gases are extracted from the oil. The vacuum chamber is designed in such a way that the oil is spread out and is allowed to fall by gravity over the media inside, forming a thin film of oil providing a large surface area exposed to vacuum. With this exposure, the dissolved moisture and gases are evacuated to improve the insulating properties of transformer oil.


On site repair & overhauling of power & special transformers: This includes replacement of gasket sealing and removal of moisture. Such repairs/overhauling is carried out at site where adequate lifting and handling facility is available


Overhauling and repair of on load tap changers: On load tap changer is the most important device of transformer which needs special attention. We keep required spares for repair and maintenance of on load tap changers.


Erection, testing and commissioning of new transformers: Unique has extensive experience in erection and commissioning of all types of transformers. Combination of highly skilled site technicians and handling equipments enhances the speed and efficiency of this vital operation which includes erection of fittings and accessories, transformer oil filtration, transformer protection control circuit wiring & designing and pre-commissioning tests of transformer.


Transformer oil testing: Transformer oil is tested for parameter as per recommendations of relevant is such as:


  • Specific resistance (resistivity)

  • Dielectric dissipation factor (tan delta)

  • Neutralization value (acidity)

  • Water content (ppm)

  • Dissolved gas analysis (dga)

  • Dielectric strength (bdv)

Switchgear Services

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We offer wide range of services to power/distribution transformers & switchgear in electrical power system. Services offered for MV switchgear & substation. Indoor & outdoor type of Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 36KV.


  • Air Break Load Break Switch panels (LBS) 11/22/33KV
  • Design & mfg. of APFCR panels for power factor improvement
  • Medium voltage HV breakers erection, testing & commissioning on site
  • Design, wiring & testing of protection circuit
  • Maintenance / servicing of HV breakers along with calibration of protection relays
  • Electrical breakdown attending of substation with proper rectification
  • Repairing & replacement of spares of MV switchgear
  • We keep spares of switchgear such as HT fuses, closing / tripping coils, insulators, contacts etc.
  • Relay Testing & calibration of Energy meters Earth pit testing, renovation work & installation of new earthing system
  • Annual preventive maintenance of H. T. switchyard.
  • We accept Annual Maintenance Contractual agreement to provide continuous services if required. 


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