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Manufacturer & Exporter of Energy Saving Equipment & A.C.Power Saver. Our product range also comprises of Commercial RO Systems, Domestic Water Purifiers and Gas Saver Device.

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A.C.Power Saver

Working Principle ?We all know that if we supply heat to water, the temperature of the water starts rising. It rises till 100 C after which even if we continue to supply heat to the water, the temperature does not rise further. Whatever heat is supplies to the water after this point is wasted. This is Thermal Saturation Point. If we chill water, it turns into ICE at 0 C and whatever energy is supplied to it after that does not cool the ICE further but it remains at 0 C. Energy Supplied to ICE after this point is wasted. This too is Thermal Saturation Point. Similarly, the compressor of the Air Conditioner cannot cool the cooling tube of the Air Conditioner below a certain temperature. And whatever energy the compressor uses to cool the tube after this thermal saturation point occurs is wasted!!! You may hardly find any air-conditioners that detect this thermal saturation point of the AC tube. All air conditioners sense room temperature and do not consider thermal saturation point. Our Power saver for Air Conditioner prevents occurrence of thermal saturation point thereby saving a sufficiently good amount of energy.

Benefits of A.C.Power Saver
* Microcontroller & software based online Electrical Safety Unit.* Protection (270V) with Automatic Restart.* Overload & short circuit protection as per IS 8828-78.* 100% safety from fire.* Protection from “POWER ON” spikes & surges.* Saving mode 10% to 40% selecting mode.* High/low voltage with auto start, Digital ammeter & voltmeter.* Improve power factor in –house.* Easy wiring & installation,* Save electrical bill upto 40%* .

Frequently Asked Questions:
 How does it protect my Air Conditioner? Many a times, if the thermostat fails, there is no indication for its failure. Even in such cases the compressor is bound to continuously operate without stopping. But now you don't have a reason to worry! The Microelectronics Power Saver for Air conditioner will take good care of your air conditioner and your pockets too!!!Will I feel uncomfortable or get less cooling after installing this power saver? No. While the Power Saver is working, the copper tubings are at 100C & remain cool for few minutes even if the compressor shuts for sometime. Hence cool air keeps coming out of the Air Conditioner vent even when the compressor is shut for few mins to avoid thermal saturation point.Is this Device Legal? Yes its absolutely legal, as we are saving power and not stealing power!How many devices will I require if I have many air-conditioners? You will require one device per air conditioner, so if you have 5 air conditioners then you will require 5 devices.What is the highest tonnage capacity of air conditioner that the power saver can control? The Power Saver for Air conditioner is designed to work with Air conditioner upto 2 Tonne capacity.Will the unit work for window and split unit both? Yes the unit is compatible with both, window as well as for split units.What is the warranty that comes along with the power saver? The unit comes with a warranty of 2 years against mal function or any manufacturing defect.How many Months will it take for me to get back the invested money? For regular users like in offices the return of investment normally takes 6 - 8 months depending upon the usage. If the Air conditioner usage time is high the R.O.I . is even faster.Does it require any Installation? Yes , it does require installation. Our technician will do that for you.Does the unit itself consume any power ? If yes how much? The unit hardly consumes ½ to 1 watt of energy, that's Rs 25 pr year !, but saves in thousands!Whats different between the power savers available in the market and Microelectronic Power Saver Quality, Cost, Reliability, Durability, Assurance of Energy Saving, … Other power savers for air conditioners completely turn off the Air Conditioner to save energy.

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