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Modular Operation Theaters

Laminar Airflow

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Laminar airflow is designed to move particle free air over the aseptic operating field in one direction. It can be designed to flow vertically or horizontally and is usually combined with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. HEPA filters remove particles > 0.3 micron in diameter with an efficiency of 99.97%.

Fields of application

  • In all the hospital fields
  • OT departments
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Computer tomography
  • MR therapy
  • Pharmacies
  • Laundries
  • Clean Rooms
  • Anatomies / Pathologies
  • Hospital air conditioning for medical cellular designed centers (buildings)
Advantages of the Our Laminar Air Flow system

  • Gauging heads for measuring test aerosol in unconditioned air positioned in clear view and centrally
  • Variable frame system with maximum dimensional stability
  • Can be integrated into clean room type, flush “wall to wall” system.
  • Can provide from class 100000 to class 100

We offer both Indian and Imported systems, Our Imported system comes from Weiss, Germany which is the world wide leader in Hospital Air-conditioning with more than 7000 installations worldwide.

Media Bridge

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We bring you the latest technology in the form of a media bridge. Media bridge is a replacement for pendants. It is not only better ergonomically by providing 360 degree access but it also helps in maintaining the class of clean room specified as there is no obstruction in the laminar flow of air. We offer media bridge from module-technique Germany. For more information please visit their. Please check the following link to better understand the advantages of media bridge.

Digital X-Ray Viewing Screens

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ViewingScreen is made up high quality opaque acrylic sheet and electrolyzed steel with powder coated material that displays a magnified image. These viewing screen are very useful in viewing the image in hospital like ultrasound, radiology etc. These are very hygienic and very easy to clean. These are available in single, double, three and four plate models. We distribute and wholesale viewing screen in a wide range for all the customers in a very reasonable prices.


Features of X-Ray Viewing Screen

  • Flicker free Luminance

  • Hygienic and easy to clean

  • High frequency florescent lamps

  • Made of high quality opaque acrylic sheet

  • Built by electrolyzed steel with powder coated

  • Available as single, double, three, four plate models.

Control Panel

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We offer indigenous control panel as well as imported. Our control panel indicates the following :

  1. Time Day Clock
  2. Time Elapsed Clock
  3. General Lighting System
  4. Medical Gas Alarm Panel
  5. Hands Free Telephony set with memory
  6. Temperature and humidity indicator with controller
  7. HEPA filter status module
  8. Room Pressure indicator

OT Storage Unit

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The storage unit is ergonomically designed made with 1.50 mm thick E.G.P. Zinc coated steel panels homogeneously filled with poly urethane foam. The doors of the storage cabinet house vacuum insulated glass, these doors are installed on the storage units with the help of imported fittings allowing an opening allowance of 160 degree. The storage unit is divided in 2 equal parts and each part having individual doors with locking system. Each part is provided with steel racks which is completely detachable type.

Hatch Box

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A hatch is provided in each operation theater to remove waste materials from the operation theater to dirty linen area just adjacent to operation theater. Each hatch is equipped with two doors and the doors is electronically interlocked i. E. The hatch is designed in such a way that only one door is opened at one time. The uv light is installed that it is kept on while both the doors are closed. This uv light has to be automatically turned off in case of opening of either of the doors. There shall be indicators on both sides of the ot so that the door open / close status can be monitored from both ends.

Wall Panel

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The wall and ceiling panel can be made out of following material as per customer requirement.

  1. 1.6mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12mm thick Gypsum.
  2. Stainless steel SS202 or SS304 panels.
  3. High-pressure Laminate panels as per EN standard.
  4. PUF sandwiched panel.

The room wall will have two independent surfaces with a minimum opening in between. The external walls of the room will be constructed with solid bricks with cement plastering.  The inner surfaces walls will be constructed with 1.60mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12-mm gypsum board (India gypsum make) these panels will have flame resistance to BS1142 part 3.


The inner surface walls will be fixed to the bricks wall with essential supports. There will be minimum possible cavity/gap in between the solid and steel walls.  The total distance between the inside and outside surfaces of the operating room will be variable to suit the architect’s layout, but will be sufficient for the flush mounting of equipments. The individual wall panels will be spot welded together at equal intervals to render equal support to the panels. Spot welding will be properly grinded to make the surface leveled. All joints will be filled with metal filler and sanded flush on site ready to receive the plastic finish. Wall panel’s joints will be invisible after the final wall coating is applied. The cavity between the inner and outer walls will be left with minimum obstruction for the possible addition of equipment at a later date and to enable services, pipes, conduits etc. to be run within the cavity. All wall mounted equipment will be flush mounted and sealed into theater.

The wall panels design and construction will allow for the installation and support of all equipment and the provision of opening required for the installation, with out affecting rigidity and strength. Access boxes will be fitted to the rear of all wall mounted equipment to enable maintenance to be carried out from outside the operating room. All the sharp edges and corners will be in radius to avoid bacteria contamination. The internal surfaces of the room walls will be sprayed with water based liquid plastic, wall glaze or equivalent, approved by the architect to a minimum dry film thickness of 300 microns. The plastic coating will overlap the floor covering, ceiling system and door frames by 25 microns.  The  plastic  coating  will overlap the floor covering ceiling system and door frames by 25mm to provide a continuous sealed surface. The plastic coating will be non - reflective and the color will be as required.


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We offer a wide range of pendants also from module-technique Germany. We recommend pendants in an operation theater where budget and space is a concern. We also offer indigenous pendants, where budget is a constraint. Please see our modular ICU section for details on pendants.

Hermetics Doors

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HermeticDoors are suitable for hospitals, operating theater, food processing and other environments which need to be hygienically clean. This is not only secure but also protect against anti air pressure, fire, dust and radiation. The hermetic doors are available in different colors like white or grey. These doors are very easy to clean and stylishly designed with double glazed vision panel. We distribute all the hermetic doors for the customers which provide full security.

X-Ray Viewing Screen

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Features of X-Ray Viewing Screen :-

  • Flicker free Luminance
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • High frequency florescent lamps
  • Made of high quality opaque acrylic sheet
  • Built by electrolyzed steel with powder coated
  • Available as single, double, three, four plate models

Modular Operation Theaters

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ModularOperationTheaters are made of high quality material and excellent finish look. These operation theaters are made in keeping the things in mind that the patients visiting the hospitals should be secure and protected and other people should not get infected while taking care of the person.These Operation theaters are durable & flexible and long lasting for future use and take very low maintenance. We wholesale and distribute all the operation theaters for the customers in wide range.

Ceiling Construction And Wall Panel

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We offer high quality Ceiling Construction and wall panel services.We have extensive industry knowledge in this domain and have been offering high quality Wall Ceiling Panel.The services we provide is superior in quality, these are attractive and stylish in look and add a touch of sophistication to your decor. These are available in various sizes and specifications.
* Excellent quality
* Robust construction
* Customized make

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