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VOCO Indirect Temporaries



Light-curing temporary filling material


Temporary fillings

Temporary sealing of cavities, especially in inlay/onlay technique

  • Easy to place – easy to remove in one piece
  • No damage to preparation boundaries
  • Time-saving and economical
  • Tight margins and durable
  • Specifically useful in inlay/onlay technique



Proven Provicol in handmix version


Temporary luting of inlays, onlays, crowns, partial crowns, bridges, attachments and posts

Temporary filling of small cavities


Provical, Provical C

  • Semi-elastic properties for safe adhesion of the temporary
  • Eugenol-free, thus low allergy potential
  • Calcium hydroxide
    – supports the formation of secondary dentine
    – bacteriostatic
  • Ideal before adhesive luting with resin cements

Provical QM

  • In Quick Mix syringes with small mixing tips
  • Fast application without mixing
  • Bubble-free perfect mixing
  • Direct application
  • Further advantages: see Provicol C

Structur 2 QM


Self-curing temporary material for single crowns, in- and onlays in the QuickMix syringe

Indications Fabrication of aesthetic temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays Advantages
  • Simple and fast working steps
  • Less than 1 minute setting time in the mouth
  • Easy to shape and polish
  • Available in 4 shades for natural aesthetics
  • Long-lasting temporaries
  • High stability of shape and shade
  • Very economical



Cold-curing composite material for the fabrication of provisional crowns and bridges

Indications Fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and temporary posts

Fabrication of long-term temporaries

Lining of pre-fabricated temporary crowns made from composite materials, polycarbonate or metal

  • Processing

        - Quick, simple and reliable thanks to the 1:1 cartridge system

        - Short setting time

        - Elastic phase allows simple removal from the prepared tooth

        - Gloss without polishing - only requires removal from the inhibition layer

  • Aesthetics

        - Natural gloss and fluorescence

        - Available in eight shades

  • Durability

        - High compressive strength

        - Excellent fracture resistance

Structur Premium


Highly aesthetic self-curing temporary crown and bridge material in cartridges


Universal use for highly aesthetic temporary crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays for the most ambitious demands

  • Aesthetic like porcelain
  • High stability of shape and shade
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Brilliant gloss
  • As hard as enamel
  • Extremely high fracture resistance
  • Perfect handling
  • Convenient work steps, easy to trim and polish
  • Long-term use of temporary possible
  • Very economical mixing tips
  • Special incisal shade facilitates the fabrication of temporaries in two-layer technique

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