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E Governance

State Wide Area Network

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First statewide network in the country providing Voice Video and
Data services.Conceived and implemented by UTL in a record time
The Network connected the State Secretariat at Hyderabad with the
Other Govtoffiecs across the state using leased lines.

The details are as follows

  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 1999 Executed under BOO Model
     with the duration of 5+ years
  2.  Extension of period of operation:11 years 7 months
  3.  2 Mbps back bone connectivity to the AP Govt. catering the data, voice & video services simultaneously
  4.  Connects all the District collectorates to the State Secretariat
  5.  Value Of Contract: USD 10 Million
  6.  OEM Partners: Tellabs , Cisco, Alcatel and Lucent
  7.  Built in record time of 4 months

Jharkhand State Wide Area Network

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UTL has implementedThe State wide area network project for
Jharkhand where the Govt offices in the districts, Sub Divisional
Headquarters and the Blocks are networked with the State Headquarters
at Ranchi for providing Voice, Video and Data Services . The Network made
extensive use of Wireless Infrastructure as well as Optical fiber to connect to
remote office apart from the traditional Leased Lines.

  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2005
  2.  Executed under BOOT Model with the duration of 5 years
  3.  Connecting 22 districts, 35 Sub Divisional Headquarters and 212
     Blocks and about 4000 Horizontal offices
  4.  Interconnecting bandwidth of 2 MBPS at all levels
  5.  Value Of Contract: USD 40 Million
  6.  OEM Partners: Cisco, Telemart, HP and Carrier..

Wide Area Network

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This is the first end-to-end IP network andthe largest network in the
Asia Pacific region at the time of its implementation. This connects the
State Secretariat in Gandhinagar the Capital of Gujarat with other
Govt offices across the state on Leased Lines.


  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2001
  2.  Executed under BOOT Model with the duration of 8 years
  3.  Connecting all the 25 District Collectorates and 237 Talukas to the
     State headquarter
  4.  End to-end IP network for Triple play – Voice, Video and Data
  5.  Value Of Contract: USD 14 Million
  6.  OEM Partners: Cisco, Polycom, APC, Emerson, Nortel, Nomus and

Wide Area Network

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UTL has implemented state wide network for Kerala where the Govt
offices in the districts and Blocks as also other remote offices are
connected to the State Network Operations Centre in the State Capital,
for providing Voice, Video and Data services. This is the first Network
with virtual Wireless only connectivity for Remote offices across the state.


  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2007
  2.  Executed under BOOT Model with the duration of 5 years
  3.  Connecting 14 districts and 152 Blocks as also 1600 remote offices
     to the State Capital
  4.  Interconnecting bandwidth of 2 MBPS at all levels
  5.  Value Of Contract: USD 22 Million
  6.  OEM Partners: Cisco, CA, Telemart, HP and Carrier

Broadband Network

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GBBN is the Next Generation Network (NGN) project, which is unique
and the first of its kind in India. This is also the first fully fiber based
network in the country . GBBN, the Gigabit scale Next Generation Convergence
Network is a “Quadruple Play” providing convergence of Broadband, telephony,
data and Television. GBBN also involves deployment of most modern networking
technologies like Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON), Fiber to Home (FTTH)
and Fiber to Business (FTTB) technologies.


  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2006
  2.  Executed under BOOT Model with the duration of 5 years
  3.  Connecting the State Headquarters. District Head Quarter with all
     11 Talukas, Village Panchayats, Households, institution across the
      State with high speed OFC link
  4.  Value Of Contract: USD 70 Million
  5.  OEM Partners: Cisco, UTStarcom and Polycom

Karnataka State Wide Area Network

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UTL has implemented State wide network in Karnataka.
As a part of the network all the Govt offices in the districts, theTalukas,
are connected to the State Network Operations Centres, for providing
Triple play services. This network also uses variety of technologies for
remote office connectivity including Wireless, Leased Line, LAN extenders etc.


  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2008
  2.  Executed under BOOT Model with the duration of 5 years
  3.  Conneting 27 districts, 48 Talukas, 29 Non-Pop Talukas, several
     remote locations and 177 Govt Business Centres to the State
  4.  Value Of Contract: USD 45 Million
  5.  OEM Partners: Cisco, CA, Telemart, HP and Carrier

E-Seva Centers

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UTL pioneered in offering G2C (Government-to-Citizen) initiatives in the
E-Governance space. UTL has established several e-Sevacentres and
District Data Centres in AP and provided citizen services in more than
23 municipalities . The services offered include e Utility Bill / Tax Payments,
Certificates, Permits/Licenses, Facilitation, Information, etc. Currently, these
centreshandled about 8 lakh transactions per month.


  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2003
  2.  Set-up 29 e-Seva centers (with 290 service counters)
  3.  5 Lakhs transaction per months across these centers
  4.  Services include : Utility Bill/Tax payments, Certificates, Permits,
     Licenses, Facilitation services and Information services

Citizen Service Centers

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State of Jharkhand, India: Jharkhand Common Service Centers:
We are setting up 2943 Common Service Centres (CSCs) in the divisions
of Ranchi (703), Hazaribagh (1657) &Kolhan (583) for a period of 4 years.
AllCSCs in the villages will be broadband Internet enabled and would offer
a basket of Government-to-Citizen (G2C) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) services.


  1.  CSCs are poised to become a significant tool for Financial
     Inclusion in rural areas by playing the role of Business
     Correspondents (BCs) for the bank
  2. Jharkhand is amongst the first few states to aggressively implement this
    • Mandatory for banks to have presence in each panchayat
    • Appointing CSCs as BC has been called out as a priority item
    • District Collectors directed to ensure that Banks use the CSCs for disbursal of Government benefits and wages (including NREGS wages)
  3.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2007
  4.  BOOT – 4 years
  5.  2943 Common Service Centres (CSCs) in the districts of Ranchi,
     Hazaribagh and Kolhan
  6.  Each CSC has a networked kiosk offering various G2C and B2C
     services – run by a village level entrepreneur
  7.  Services envisaged include e-government services, education,
     health and tele-medicine, financial, entertainment and others

Smart Card Based Solutions

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UTL is offering smart card based solutions specifically for issuing
Driving licenses , Learners permits and RC Books. Presently in
Maharashtra, and Pondichery UTL is issuing 2.0 million driving licenses
per annum and the potential is 30 million for the period of 10 years extendable to 15 years.


  1.  Contract awarded to UTL in 2004
  2.  BOO – 10 years, extendable to 15 years
  3.  Issue smart card based driving license with biometrics
     (Photograph, Signature and Fingerprints)
  4.  Processor based SCOSTA compliant Smart Cards with 4KB user
  5.  SARATHI software of NIC for backend database
  6.  UTL issues 2 Million smart card based driving licenses per annum

Infrastructure Services

The critical success factor for E-governance projects is connectivity. The span of connectivity in the state is addressed in two dimensions: Vertical and Horizontal.

Vertical Connectivity refers to the multi-tier architecture and Horizontal connectivity refers to connectivity of horizontal offices across the state. The Vertical dimension of connectivity is achieved by providing accessibility across the centre (state capital), district (district HQ), block/taluka (block HQ) and villages; the network addresses the fluidity of G2G (government to government) and G2C (government to citizen) transactions.

According to the NeGP (National E-Governance Plan), the State-Wide Area Networks salient features are:

  • To provide reliable, vertical and horizontal connectivity within the state administration to make the Government more productive
  • To increase the efficiency of Government delivery mechanism and to optimize performance
  • Provide a secure backbone for encouraging electronic transactions between Government Departments at all levels within the States/UTs.
  • Providing Data, Voice and Video connectivity to more than 1 lakh Govt offices
  • Provision for quarterly payment based on performance.


UTL was awarded India’s first State-wide Area Network project way back in 1999 for the state of Andhra Pradesh. This captured the interest of the nation, India’s vision towards E-governance changed. In May 2006, Government of India approved a flagship e-governance programme, the National E-Governance Plan(NeGP). After the successful implementation in Andhra Pradesh, the impact it had on state governance left a lasting impression on very visiting delegate that came to see a state of the art network (for its time). Soon state governments were vying with each other to ensure their states had similar infrastructure. The demand for such a network was so intense that the center took heed and made it a matter of National importance, making policies to the effect that every state must have a State-Wide Area Network. The state governments have followed through with the mandate by awarding Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) projects to deserving vendors. These are capital-intensive projects with quarterly guaranteed payments dispersed after ensuring the stringent SLA’s are met with and penalties levied for deviations.

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