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Car Polish

Car Cleaner Polish


Auto guard
Auto cleaner polish
A) Features and benefits:1)description: Auto guard is a hi-tech formulation with power full cleaning agents with polymer additives to clean and shine and provide protection to your car's paint work.It is waterless cleaner can be used anywhere. One-Step clean and polish wipes on and off quickly and easily removes tar, grease smudges,streaks and other road grime to reveal a glossy shine.Best of all,while you buff it simultaneously applies a protective coating to shield out the harmful effects of weather,sun and harsh detergents and gives deep protective glaze.It is safe,fast and easy and quite simply the most effective way possible to clean,polish and protect your vehicles.

* Waterless cleaner
*Can be used anywhere
*One- step clean and polish
*Glides on easily and buffs off effortlessly
*Removes corrosion and stains
*Provides maximum durability and brilliant gloss to vehicle finishes
*Creats a hard shell finish that resists time,weather,detergents and automatic car wash
*Effective against Corrosion,Weather,Sunlight & Detergents.
*0% Voc product
*100% Biodegradable
*Eco friendly

B)Properties: Appearance:White Liquid

C)Application:Car,Bykes,Scooters,Buses,Trucks and all vehicles.Auto Finishes, Stainless Steel, Aluminum,Chrome,fiberglass & other metals.

Directions: For good results,apply the product in circles.Do one section at a time.When Haze appears buff with a soft and clean cloth or cotton

Why just wash your car? Washing has gone for decades--Why Keep doing it?Washing requires various stage of Wetting,Soaping,Rinsing,Drying,Cooling and Polishing and when car dries it never looks clean.Even worse,washing with soap leaves an oil residue on your car which damage car surface and finish.Auto Guard is the answer to the problems of washing a car. Auto Guard
is extremely mild and gentle to your vehicles finish that is Ultra-Clean,Well protected and looking like New.

Safety:Auto Guard is non-toxic,non-flammable,non-caustic and may be easily used by all operating personnel.No special precautionary measures need be employed.

Rubbing Compound


-Fast cut auto rubbing compound & scratch remover


Description: auto rub-maxcut ,a fast cutting,clean working compound designed to remove up to 1500 grit sand paper marks and oxidation. Contains no wax or silicones. Body shop safe. Quick and easy clean up. Autorub=maxcut rubbing compound,is used for removing surface paint scratches,swril marks,oxidation and brightening colours. This auto rubbing compound contains no hard abrasives which
makes cleaning your paint clear coat safe and easy. Great for cleaning rough surfaces and removing scratches and stains. Provides smooth,shiny surface,ready for waxing. If your paint is discoloured by
sunlight autorub will bring your original colour back to life. This rubbing compound is easy to use and results are amazing.

* fast acting formula
*provides smooth shiny surface
*easy to use by hand or with machine
*does not contain hard abrasives
*does not contains waxes & silicones
* extremely mild & gentle

physical and chemical properties:

1)physical state:creamy grey/white thick liquid
3)odour:pine odour
4)specific gravity:0. 998-0. 999
5)evaporation rate:3. 40(ether:1)
6)volatile fraction by wt:60%
7)boiling point(degree c):112 .
8)viscosity(@25 deg. C):17000-19000 cps
9)ph:7. 45-8. 45
12)eco friendly

Directions:apply rubbing compound with a clean cloth or with an applicator pad on your buffer. Buff with a white wool pad using moderate pressure at 1400 to 2300 rpms. Reduce the pressure once the product begins to dry. Work the product in a 2' into 2'area. Clean the pad frequently. Work in circular motion for removing minor surface paint scratches,swril marks,oxidation and brightning colours.
the paste form of this product makes it easy to use by hand or with a machine. Auto rub does not contains waxes & silicone and is enviromentally safe. It is safe to use in a body shop and paintbale.

Safety precautions:if in eyes flush with large amounts of water. Get medical attention. Use niosh approved respirators. Avoid skin contact. Flush skin with large amount of water. Get medical attention. Keep away from heat and flame. Close container after use. Do not transfer contains to unlabeled bottles or containers. Use only with adequate ventilation. Keep ot of reach of childern/refer msds/non photochemically reactive.

Packing:50 kg in hdpe container.

To,Usha Chemical Company

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