Vaccine House
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Anti-Rabies Vaccines


As a leading and prominent manufacturer in the fields of various medical vaccines, we are providing a wide array of Anti-Rabies Vaccines. Our products are very effective and widely used in various medical hospitals and laboratories. These products are stored below zero degrees Celsius to maintain the vaccines proactive. Ranges of vaccines exclusive available are:  Rabipur, Verorab, Indirab,       

Speeda, Rabivax (HDVC). 

Rabipur Injection


We are the renowned manufacturer and are engaged in manufacturing and supplying the high quality and effective range of Rabipur Injection (Anti-rabies vaccines). Our products are providing under the leading company name so called as Novartis. These products are manufactured by our highly proficient pharmaceuticals engineers who work round the years. Our products are highly demanded in various hospitals and primary health center and also exclusively available in 1×0.1ml.


Verorab Injection


Our array of products includes Verorab Injection (Anti-rabies vaccines) which are manufactured and supplies under superlative laboratorial condition by our high qualified team of bio-chemist. These vaccines are manufactured under Sanofi Company. During the manufacturing process we check the quality of the products so that we supply the high quality of products. We offer these assortments at reasonable prices and available in 1×0.5ml.


Indirab Vaccine


Being a manufacturer and supplier in the various fields of Anti-rabies Indirab Vaccine, we are engaged in manufacturing the most effective and well known Indirab vaccines provide under BBIL Company. These vaccines are specially premeditated by our pharmaceutical engineers under a quality assured research labs. We provide these products at small container so that our clients can easily carry in case of emergency. We are presenting these products at competitive prices in the market and exclusively available in 1x0.5ml.


Anti-Rabies Vaccines


We provide a wide assortment of Anti-rabies Vaccines which include Speeda vaccines provides under Gen Bio Company. Our products are manufactured under a quality assured laboratories by our highly expert team of pharmaceutical engineers. These products are available in standard sizes and are supplying in the most competitive prices. These products are exclusively available in 1x0.5ml.


Rabivax HDCV


?Rabivax is Human Deployed Cell anti Rabies Vaccine Our Product management and Cold Chain expert teams are engaged in the high quality and most effective Anti- rabies Vaccine called Rabivax (HDVC) provides under Serum Institute of lndia Company. Our products are stored 2 to 8 degrees Celsius to maintain the vaccines proactive. These products are highly demanded in various hospitals and regional health center. ? ?

DU-RIG Human Rabies Iminoglobulin


?DU-RIG is Human Rabies Iminoglobulin Beings the traders and supplier of different kind of Anti-Rabies (Immunoglobuline), we also offer a wide range of human vaccines against hydrophobia diseases. These vaccines are manufactured under a quality assured laboratory by our highly expert team of bio-chemist who works round the years to produce quality products that are highly effective. These products are produce under the Duraent Biologicals company area available in 200 IU. ?