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Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Dtp Hib Combination Vaccine


The Dtp Hib Combination Vaccine Vaccine is a series of combination vaccine being marketed by us for dual use and we have found from the market pulse that the vaccine is very effective. The vaccine under this collection is being produced by some of the leading names in the business and they have their recognition because of their quality product at a very affordable price.

Tetract Hib Vaccine


We provide Tetract hib vaccine under the company name Sanofi pas and is available in 1x0.5ml.


  • Tetr-Act-Hib
  • Company : Sanofi pas.
  • Available in 1x0.5ml

Quadrovax Vaccine


Clients can avail from us Quadrovax Vaccine, which is sold under the company name Serum & is available in 1x0.5ml.


  • Qudravax
  • Company: Serum
  • Available in 1x0.5ml

Pentaxim Vaccine


Clients can avail from us Pentaxim Vaccine which is sold under company name Sanofi and is avalible in 1x0.5ml.


  • Pantaxim
  • Company : Sanofi
  • Available in 1x0.5ml