Vaccine House
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Pantavalent Vaccine


The Pantavalent Vaccine (HB, DTP, and HIB) is an excellent vaccine and is again has a multiple use for three diseases. This vaccine is also being manufactured by different reputed labs under different brand names which we are marketing at this moment and there is a wide acceptance of these different brands. The manufacturing in each lab is done under the supervision of experts and are very affordable. 

Pentavac MD Vaccines


The clients can avail from us Pentavac MD Vaccines, these vaccines are provided under the brand name Serum in 5ml capacity.


  • Pentavac MD
  • Company : Serum
  • Available in 5ml

Pentavac SD Vaccine


Cients can avail from us Pentavac Sd Vaccine in liquid form Pentavac SD (Liquid) under the company name Serum they are available in 0.5ml.


  • Company : Serum
  • Available in 0.5ml

Comvac-5 vaccine


We provide Comvac-5 vaccine under the brand name BBIL which are available in 0.5ml.


  • Comvac-5
  • Company : BBIL
  • Available in 0.5ml