Vaccine House
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Vaccine House


Appreciated in the industry for quality products, we have emerged as the leading company involved in Trading and supplying of a wide range of Anti Snake Venom, Hepatitis B Immunoglobuline, Vaccines, Oncology, Blood-Sears and life saving drugs, Infertility, Hormones, Hepatitis-B Vaccine, Vacuna Hepatitis B Multidosis, Hepatitis-A Vaccine, Hepatitis-B Combination Vaccine, Hemophilus type b Conjugate Vaccine, Dtp Hib Combination Vaccine, Pantavalent Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccines, Rota Virus and few Pharmaceuticals Products.

Hepatitis B Immunoglobuline


Hepatitis-B Vaccine


Hepatitis-B Combination Vaccine


Hemophilus type b Conjugate Vaccine


Typhoid Vaccines


Hepatitis-A Vaccine


Pantavalent Vaccine


Measles Mums Rubella (MMR) Vaccines


Polio Vaccine Oral/Injectable


Rota Virus


A-Celluler Vaccine (DTAP)


Dipthiria Tetanus & Pertussis Vaccine


Anti-Rabies Vaccines


Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine




Anti-Rabies ( Immunoglobuline )


Dipthiria Anti-Toxin


Human Normal(Immunoglobuline)


Tetnus Immunoglobuline




Human Albutin 20%