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Supplier & Distributor of a wide range of products which include Vaccines such as Varivax Vaccine, Me-Glob, T D Vaccine, Havrix 1440 Vaccine, Pentavac MD Vaccines, Surventa Vaccine and many more items.











Haemophilus Inufluenzae Type B




Typhoid Vaccine












B.C.G. 20 Doses




Oral Polio 20 Dose




Injectable Polio




TRipacel (D.T.A.P.)




Pneumoccal Conjugate








Meningococal (P.F.S.)




Pneumococcal polysaccharide




Yellow Fever








Anti Rabies Vacc. for Human








Varivax Vaccine


We are the trader and supplier of chickenpox vaccines that include Varivax Vaccine, which is upgraded from the finest quality that is procured from the authentic sources. These products are highly trusted vaccine consumed for preventing from chickenpox disease. the vaccine are made in sophisticated and hygienic microbiological laboratories under the guidelines of highly qualified professionals.



We hold expertise in trading and supplying of Me-Glob Human Normal (Immunoglobuline) vaccines. These products are manufacturer by highly magnificent team of pharmaceutical scientist. These products are imported and marketed in india by Synergy Dignostics pvt. Ltd. and are available in 50ml/2.5gm & 100ml/5gm. We also offer these products at genuine prices in the market. ?

T D Vaccine


Being the highly acclaimed stockiest and leading supplier of life saving vaccines, we stock serum?s t d vaccine which is the heavily consumed vaccine to prevent from diphtheria and peruses diseases. This vaccine is especially manufactured for adults to protect them from fatal diseases and is able to achieve international standards. We made these vaccines available at very low costs in the market.

Havrix 1440 Vaccine


The Harvix-1440 is another vaccine being manufactured by Glaxo, a leading name globally in medicine, for the Hepatitis-A, and is highly competent in preventing the disease by immunizing the body against it through its amazing composition. The vaccine is known for its no side effects and today it sells like hotcake for its unique qualities. The wonderful vaccine is not very costly and comes in 0.5 PFS. ?

Pentavac MD Vaccines


The clients can avail from us Pentavac MD Vaccines, these vaccines are provided under the brand name Serum in 5ml capacity. Specification: Pentavac MD Company : SerumAvailable in 5ml



The wide range of Human Virus Vaccines which are manufactured by MSD Pharmaceuticals includes the top quality vaccines called Gardacil manufacture under the M.S.D Company. company is prominent supplier in the fields of HPV vaccines which protect against cervical cancer and genital warts. These products are available in 0.5ml and also offering in genuine prices in the market.? ?



The wide range of Human Normal (Immunoglobuline) which are manufactured by Bharat Serum & Vaccine Limited includes Bharglob-16.5% which known especially for tremendous effect against the curing of various common viral disease. These products are manufacture under B.S.V Company by highly talent team of expert who work round the year to produced quality Immunoglobuline . products is exclusively available in 1ml.?

Nasovac- s 'seasonal flu with H1N1'


? We are engaged in trading and supplying Nasovac Flu-vaccines, which specially designed and supplied under superlative laboratorial condition by Compay's high qualified team of pharmaceutical engineers. These products are highly demanded in various medical hospital and primary health unit for treatment against the viral influenza. These vaccines are produce under the Serum Institute of lndia and are also available in 0.5ml.?& 2.5 ml ?



? Being a traders and supplier of Human papilloma virus Vaccine, we also offering a wide range of Cervarix vaccines manufactured under the esteemed vision of Glaxo Company. Our products are highly demanded as it works tremendous effect against the genital cancer and other related diseases. Our products are supplied in various hospitals and health care unit. These products are exclusively available in 0.5ml.? ?

Tetglob, Human Tetanus Immunoglobuline


We offer a wide range of Tetglob Tetanus Immunoglobuline vaccines that helps to cure against the diseases occurred by the Clostridium tetani an anaerobic bacterium. These immunoglobulin are used and highly demanded across the country for its unique features like highly effective and are available in low cost. Produce under the B.S.V company these products is exclusively available in 250, 500 & 1000 I.U.

Typhim -Vi Vaccine


Clients can avail from us Typhim -Vi Vaccine under the company name Avntis & are Available in 1x0.5ml. Features: Typhim-viCompany : AvntisAvailable in 1x0.5ml

Biovac-A 1 ML


We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Biovac-A 1 ML.

Vaxigrip 0.5ml


? Our wide range of Human papilloma virus vaccines (HPV) having there applicability in curing of cervical cancer and genital warts in modern medical treatment includes Vaxigrip vaccines. These vaccines are precisely manufactured by Sonofi Company so as to suits the growing demands to treat various genital cancer and warts. Our ranges of these products are exclusively available in 1x0.5ml.? ?

Vaxigrip Ju. 0.25 ml


? Being the leading name in manufacturing and supplying various Flu-Vaccines, we offer a wide range of Vaxigrip-p that meet the varied requirements for treatment of highly variable influenza in modern medical industries. Our products are manufactured under the esteemed vision sanofi Company. Our ranges of these products are exclusively available in 1x0.25ml.

Revac-B MCF Vaccine


The Revac-B MFC (P. free) is the last vaccine in the series of Revac-B Vaccine we have and this is also very helpful in fighting and foiling the proliferation of Hepatitis-B and this is very safe to use without having any real side effects to the user. Manufactured by the BBIL this vaccine comes in 0.5 ml ampoules for the buyer and this dependable vaccine is not very costly and also very reliable. ?



The Q-Vac is another wonder vaccine in this collection of vaccines and this is being manufactured by Serum lab and we are marketing it. This excellent vaccine has a good market presence for its quality. It gets produced in one of the most sophisticated laboratory under one of the most stringent quality control rules under the watchful eyes of experts to ensure excellence of the product. This has no side effect and it is available in 0.5 ml ampoule which does not cost much. ?



The last vaccine in the collection is Comvac-4 which is being made by BBIL lab which is a very famous name in the field of vaccine production and has a long standing reputation of its own. The vaccine which is being marketed by us in this collection is very reliable as it is being made under very tough conditions of quality control. This has absolutely no side effects and is available in 0.5 ml ampoule in the market. This vaccine is very reasonably priced. ?

Engerix B Vaccine


We provide Engerix B Vaccine vaccines which are provided under the company name Glaxo they available in 1ml. Features: Engerix-B :Company: GlaxoAvailable 1ml

HibPro Vaccines


We provide our clients Hiv Pro vaccines, these vaccines are provided under company Serum. Specification: HibPro vaccinesCompany : SerumAvailable in 0.5ml



We are the prominent stockiest and authorized supplier of serum?s M-Vac vaccine that is fabricated from the highly purified and reliable material. These vaccines are well-known for their superior services to mankind and contain no side effects. Our team of skilled employees makes these drugs accessible at very reasonable prices from all major and minor drug stores.

Quadrovax Vaccine


Clients can avail from us Quadrovax Vaccine, which is sold under the company name Serum & is available in 1x0.5ml. Features: Qudravax Company: SerumAvailable in 1x0.5ml

Comvac-5 Vaccine


We provide Comvac-5 vaccine under the brand name BBIL which are available in 0.5ml. Features: Comvac-5 Company : BBILAvailable in 0.5ml

Pentavac SD Vaccine


Cients can avail from us Pentavac Sd Vaccine in liquid form Pentavac SD (Liquid) under the company name Serum they are available in 0.5ml. Features: Company : Serum Available in 0.5ml

Hepatitis B Immunoglobulines


Brand Name : 1. ProHBIG I.M. ,1ML 2. DU-HEP I.M., 1ML 3. Hepabig I.M., 0.5 ML

Boostrix Vaccine


Aiming at seeing healthy tomorrow of India, we supply and stock Glaxo?s Boostrix Vaccine. This vaccine is capable of preventing the customers from the infectious diseases like diphtheria, tetanus toxiod and a cellular peruses with utmost perfection. We made these vaccines accessible for our clients in all hospitals and chemist stores. Our experts formulate these vaccines from the richly purified substances in the highly sophisticated laboratories in time.

Rotateq Oral Vaccine


Aiming at making healthy tomorrow, we offer M.S.D?s Rotateq Oral Vaccine, which is most trusted vaccine that protects infants from diarrhea and vomiting caused due to Rota virus. This vaccine helps to produce the antibodies inside our body to with stand the attack of rota virus. These vaccines can be give orally with ease and are made available in the all the medical store at reasonable prices.

Surventa Vaccine


The wide range of Surfectin Vaccines which are manufactured by abbott India limited includes Surventa which known especially for tremendous effect against the curing of various common disease. These products are manufacture under Abbott Company by highly talent team of expert who work round the year to produced quality. The products are exclusively available in 4ml & 8ml.



Human Normal Immunoglobulin (IVIG),GLOBUCEL 5gm , 100ml